Perhaps having noticed Karen Daly’s gaze, Old Master Kyle looked at Karen Daly with disdain and ridicule. Karen Daly knew that in the eyes of the Old Master, she was not enough to pose a threat to him, so he could ignore her and ridicule her Karen Daly retracted her gaze and focused on the document that Nick Black passed to her. On the first page, she saw the name of an elderly figure – Old Mr. Pierson. If he appeared on the first page of the documents, he must be of an important status, but there was no detailed introduction about him. Karen Daly had to ask Nick Black, “Assistant Black, who is this Old Mr. Pierson?” Nick Black replied, “Old Mr. Pierson is about the same age as the Old Master. He’s a senior who worked by the Old Master’s side when they were building up the company. He is regarded as the major shareholder amongst the shareholders. However, he didn’t have any children, so the shares in his hands have always been taken care of by Director Kevin. The annual dividends will be transferred to his account on time every year.” Karen Daly asked again, “How is his relationship with Kevin?” Nick Black said, “Director Kevin has always been very respectful to these elders. He takes care of them.” “Old Mr. Pierson is easy to get along with, and he treats Director Kevin like his grandson. When he was in America, Director Kevin would take time to play chess with him every week. After coming to Chatterton Town, he didn’t have much time to accompany the old man, so he only calls Old Mr. Pierson once or twice a week.” Regarding his work, Karen Daly did not know much about Kevin Kyle. She was relieved that she could get a glimpse of his work through Nick Black’s words. She continued to ask, “Old Mr. Pierson is not in the attendee list for this meeting?” Nick Black nodded and said, “Yes, he’s not here.” It seemed that anyone who was on Kevin Kyle’s side and could not be bribed would be excluded from the list by Old Master Kyle. The people who came to the board meeting today had either been bribed by Old Master Kyle or were his loyal supporters. In the world of business, Kevin Kyle had built a good reputation because of his excellent abilities in work and dealing with people He also came from a good family background. He had a wide network of connections and won the people’s support, It was certainly not easy for Old Master Kyle to take over his place So the old man wanted to poison Kevin Kyle so that he was forced to step down. Then, he could collude with the board of directors to regain control of Rovio. No matter what his plans were, Karen Daly would definitely not let him succeed… “Mrs. Kyle, let’s go to the meeting room to prepare.” Nick Black proposed again. “Okay.” She had no experience in participating in such a board meeting, but Nick Black had more than a decade’s worth of experience with Kevin Kyle. She had to trust Nick Black today. The conference room at the Rovio headquarters was spacious and bright. It was much more luxurious than the space at Innovative Tech, where Karen Daly used to work. In the large conference room, staff members had arranged the meeting room promptly and placed seating cards all around. Those who did not have any of Rovio Corporation Inc’s shares were not qualified to attend today’s meeting, but today, Karen Daly came here as Kevin Kyle’s wife. Kevin Kyle was unconscious, lying in a coma, and his child was still too young. As his spouse, Karen Daly could naturally take his place. When Karen Daly and Nick Black entered the meeting room, there was no one in the meeting room. It was empty. Nick Black pointed to the main seat and said, “Mrs. Kyle, that’s Director Kevin’s seat.” “Okay.” Karen Daly nodded and looked up. She seemed to envision Kevin Kyle sitting there. He was wearing his signature silver-gray custom made suit and his pair of glasses with golden rims. He looked like a king and everyone’s eyes were fixed on him. No one could question him Kevin Kyle was really outstanding, as he was able to lead Rovio forward and established its name internationally at such a young age. “Mrs. Kyle.” Seeing Karen Daly in a daze, Nick Black reminded her, “Please take a seat, and I’ll need to brief you the details.” It was really difficult for her, an outsider, to preside over today’s meeting. Many people wouldn’t have the courage. Karen Daly suddenly thought of something and asked, “Assistant Black, there’s a staff member named Sebastian Spencer in Rovio Corporation Inc. Is he qualified to attend this meeting?” Nick Black thought for a moment and said, “You mean Faye Reed’s husband, Sebastian Spencer?” Karen Daly nodded. “That’s him.” “He is the head of the tech department…” Nick Black immediately turned over the information sheet in his hand. “Well, he could attend, but this time, he is not on the list.” “Find a way to get in touch with him. He is someone we can trust.” Karen Daly understood that she needed to compete with popularity for this meeting. Every vote would play a key role. If there was one more person on her side, she would take any chance. “Mrs. Kyle, you trust him?” Nick Black seldom communicated with Sebastian Spencer, so he didn’t know him very well. Would it be risky to draw him over at such a critical moment? “I believe in him.” Karen Daly did not believe in Sebastian Spencer entirely, but she believed in Faye Reed. Faye Reed was her best friend, and Faye had been burned in a fire because of Karen previously. However, Faye Reed never complained a word, and instead she felt guilty and sad for what happened to Karen Daly. Faye Reed was so good and trustworthy, so her taste in men could not be that bad. Her husband must be trustworthy. Since Karen Daly was so sure, Nick Black no longer doubted her. He immediately took out his mobile phone and made a phone call, and then he said, “Mrs. Kyle, I’ve already arranged for him to come over.” Karen Daly walked to Kevin Kyle’s seat and sat down. He took a deep breath and said, “No matter what, we can’t let the Old Master Kyle’s plot succeed.” Nick Black said, “Director Kevin has been in charge of Rovio Corporation Inc. for so many years. It’s not easy for them to take or decide whatever they want. Many of the board members of the company will not make a decision harshly.” This truth was easy to understand, but if Old Master Kyle was brave enough to hold this meeting, he must be very confident. She was afraid that all the directors had been bribed by him. At this time, some people had already entered the conference room. Karen Daly turned on the computer to look at some materials. Nick Black lowered his head beside her ear and introduced the people. When everyone was seated, Old Master Kyle slowly came in with his crutch-like walking stick. As he was a very prestigious member of Rovio, when he arrived, everyone stood up to welcome him. To blend in, Karen Daly also stood up to greet him and nodded at him with everyone else. Old Master Kyle’s dark eyes fell on Karen Daly again. With one glance, he could terrify. Karen Daly looked at him with no fear, and even gave him a polite smile. The smile was a little cold, but he didn’t notice it at all.

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