After everyone was seated, the moderator for the meeting spoke first. “The current head of Rovio Corporation Inc’s, Leo Kyle, is seriously ill and unable to manage the businesses at Rovio Corporation Inc for the time being. All major shareholders are gathered here for this emergency meeting to vote for a suitable candidate to take charge of Rovio Corporation Inc in the interim.” As soon as the moderator was done speaking, Director A immediately said, “Director Kevin is sick. Fortunately, the Old Master is in Chatterton Town. Then let’s nominate the Old Master for this. He can manage the business on behalf of Director Kevin for the time being.” After the first person spoke, many people echoed his words, they were agreeing to nominate the Old Master to take charge on a temporary basis. Old Master Kyle waved his hand and motioned for everyone to be quiet. He cleared his throat and said kindly, with a smile, “Thank you for looking highly upon me, especially nominating me, an old man, to help out when Rovio Corporation Inc is in such a critical situation.” “Matthew is the current head of Rovio Corporation Inc. After everything had been passed to him, he was always the main person in charge. Logically speaking, I shouldn’t get involved anymore. However, given the sudden circumstances, an exception must be made. He was a healthy young man, with no prior medical conditions, yet still he has fallen so ill.” “We didn’t think that someone targeted him on purpose, but the diagnosis results were very surprising. Someone had poisoned him! Someone tampered with his food! The poisonous drug’s action is slow, so this must mean that he consumed quite a high dosage of the drug.” As he said this, the old man looked at Karen Daly, intending to draw everyone’s speculation to her. “He used to be alright. It was during this half a year that someone tampered with his food. But now, I haven’t found any concrete evidence. When I have the evidence and discover the culprit, I will definitely make sure justice is served.” Hearing the Old Master’s words, everyone turned their eyes to Karen Daly, as if she was the culprit who poisoned him. The Old Master added, “Since all of you would like for me take charge of the company, then I’d better obey your requests.” “All of us? Have you asked for my opinion?” Karen Daly stood up slowly under everyone’s questioning gaze. She was sitting in Kevin Kyle’s seat, but had been overlooked by everyone else earlier. It was not until Old Master subtly pointed out that she was the culprit, that everyone began to notice her presence. However, she couldn’t stay silent just because she had been ignored, or that most people took the Old Master’s side. She had to stand up and defend Kevin Kyle. He couldn’t attend today’s board meeting. She showed on his behalf as his wife, so she would share the same rights as he usually did “You?” Unexpectedly, Old Master Kyle’s assistant, Assistant Hart, spoke up. “This meeting is for the board of directors. Why are you, an outsider, even speaking?” “It’s nice of you to acknowledge that this is a meeting for the board of directors.” Karen Daly sneered, and she looked at all the directors sitting around the conference table. “The directors haven’t even spoken yet. Do you have the right to speak? Where are you from? What is your position in the company? Are you qualified to appear in this meeting?” Karen Daly shot out her questions. She did not give Assistant Hart any chance to interrupt. His face reddened with anger, and he responded after some time, “I’m the Old Master’s assistant.” “The Old Master has already resigned from all executive matters at Rovio and had not taken up any positions since If the directors didn’t ask for him to come back, he wouldn’t be qualified to even participate in this meeting. So what about you?” Karen Daly’s tone was aggressive, but she was reasonable, so everyone else kept quiet. They widened their eyes and looked at the seemingly weak woman in front of them. They were surprised by her courage and confidence. After a long time, there was a sudden applause. It came from Old Master Kyle. His face seemed to be full of kindness, but the fierceness in his eyes could not be concealed. He said, “What a good speech. I haven’t even begun to investigate how you managed to poison Matthew. How dare you appear here to cause more trouble?” “Who was the one who poisoned him? When he wakes up. you’ll have your answers.” Karen replied bluntly. Another blame game! She was getting pretty tired of their tricks. The Old Master added, “As long as he’s still under your care, would you wake him up?” Karen Daly explained, “The reason why I came here on behalf of Kevin Kyle today was to let everyone know that he is in a temporary coma but he will wake up soon. His condition was not as bad as the rumours suggested. I’m humbly requesting that all directors and shareholders reconsider their decisions to have Old Master Kyle take over Rovio’s businesses. As for what Old Master Kyle is implying, who is the culprit behind the poisoning? As long as Kevin Kyle returns, the truth will naturally be out in the open!” “Who are you to speak? What rights do you have to stand here and speak for Kevin Kyle?” He had to admit that this woman was more difficult to deal with than he had expected. “I am the mother of his child, and his legal wife. Is that not enough?” Karen replied. “That is ridiculous. Three years ago, his wife has died! He buried her in the grave. Now you’re claiming that you are his wife. Do you treat us as fools?” “Of course you are not a fool! You are just trying to get rid of the head of Rovio and take his place. Are you trying to do the same to me?” “You… When it came to this matter, the Old Master could not keep his cool anymore. He raised his voice, “You said that you are Matthew’s wife. Who can prove it?” “I can!” A deep voice came from the door of the conference room. Everyone looked back at the same time and saw Kevin Kyle in a white shirt and black trousers. He stood tall by the door. There was another person following behind him. He was Sebastian Spencer, the head of the technology department at Rovio Corporation Inc. “Director Kevin…” Everyone was shocked and stood up at the same time, as they stared at Kevin Kyle. They couldn’t believe it. A man who was rumoured to be dying, suddenly appearing in front of them. He looked energetic and had high spirits. He didn’t look sick at all. However, Kevin’s eyes were only focused on Karen Daly. In fact, he had been standing at the door for a while and watched her confront the Old Master with a straight face. She was calm and composed. Every time she uttered a word, no one could fault her! He had never known that his Karen Daly was this brilliant. She was so confident that it was hard to ignore her. Similarly, Karen Daly’s gaze was also on Kevin Kyle. However, she remained in disbelief that he appeared. She thought that she was just hallucinating. Whenever she was in trouble, Kevin Kyle would always appear beside her in time and pull her back from places of despair. He fixed his gaze on her and walked gracefully towards her, right in front of everybody.

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