Kevin Kyle’s pace seemed to be the same as usual, at least in the eyes of other people, but Karen Daly could see that his steps were a little stiff. Yes, they were stiff. The poison in his body must have not been completely expelled yet. He was holding on so that no one would see through it. Karen Daly’s heart ached for him and tears welled up in her eyes. In front of Old Master Kyle and the many shareholders, she did not back down, nor was she afraid, or think about crying. However, knowing that Kevin Kyle was still weak and recovering from the poison, but had rushed there for her while she faced these challenges, she could not hold back her emotions. Karen Daly pursed her lips. It took a lot of effort to suppress her worry for Kevin Kyle. When he came over to her, she did not care about what the others might think. She reached out and put her arms around his waist, hoping to give him some strength. “I’m fine.” Kevin Kyle stood by her and gave her a reassuring smile. Then he slowly looked at other people in the meeting room. Everyone in the room avoided eye contact with him and lowered their heads in silence. “Matthew, you… It’s good that you’re alright.” Old Master Kyle smiled and said, “Since you’re alright, then let’s continue with today’s meeting. Let’s hear everyone’s opinions.” “Before that, I also have something to announce.” Kevin Kyle looked at the Old Master and took a document from Sebastian Spencer’s hand. “All the shares of Rovio Corporation Inc under my name have been transferred to Karen Daly. From this day onwards, she is the biggest shareholder of the company, and I am just working for her.” “Matthew, have you gone insane?” Old Master Kyle cried out angrily, “You have worked so hard for Rovio Corporation Inc. How can you give everything away so easily?” “It’s all up to me!” It was the first time, and perhaps the only time, that Kevin Kyle spoke to his elder from the Kyle Family and also the major shareholders of Rovio Corporation Inc, in such a wayward tone. As soon as Kevin Kyle said those words, everyone’s eyes fell on him again. However, unlike their looks of surprise earlier, most of them were now looks of dissatisfaction. Under their angered gazes, Kevin Kyle continued, “Nick Black, distribute a copy of this document to everyone here. I’d like to see who has an opinion against my wife’s participation in all board meetings in the future.” “Kevin Kyle, you, you-” Old Master Kyle covered his chest, but could not finish his words. He fell backwards and almost fainted in anger. “Young Master, Rovio’s business had been built by the Old Master with great efforts. How can you do this?” Assistant Hart spoke, as he reached out to support the Old Master from falling to the ground. Kevin Kyle ignored Assistant Hart’s words and continued to speak, “Nick Black, you may ask the directors if they have any other opinions. Would they still want to continue voting for a new leader today?” “Matthew, since you are fine now, you are naturally in charge of Rovio Corporation Inc. We will only be reassured when you are in charge. Don’t we all think so?” The first director who stood out to speak for Old Master Kyle earlier, now showed support for Kevin Kyle. Another person continued, “Everyone knows that Matthew has been managing the company for more than ten years. The profits of the company and all the subsidiary companies in Rovio Corporation Inc have multiplied throughout this time. I’m afraid that no one can reach such an achievement except for him.” As soon as Kevin Kyle arrived, those people who had been bribed by Old Master Kyle immediately turned to be on Kevin Kyle’s side instead. They were all wise people, and they knew very well to follow behind the most powerful individual in the room. Old Master Kyle was so angry that he wanted to refute Kevin Kyle’s words, but he couldn’t. He could only hold his breath and glare at those who turned away from him so quickly. Kevin Kyle added, “Nick Black, I would like to treat all the shareholders to dinner tonight. Please request for the secretary to arrange for this. Everyone, please have a good meal before you leave.” Some shareholders rejected out of politeness, “Director Kevin, there’s no need for that.” Kevin Kyle said, “Everyone of you came from all around the world to Chatterton Town for this meeting. It’s been hard on you! I’m only treating you to a meal. It’s my obligation.” Kevin Kyle’s tone sounded a little forceful. Everyone felt obligated to accept his invitation and attend the dinner. Would Kevin Kyle use the opportunity to pick his fight with them? They thought amongst themselves. They didn’t know what to do about it. The shareholders were definitely not prepared for this plot twist. After everyone left the room, Kevin Kyle sat down slowly. “Kevin-” Karen Daly looked at him worriedly. There were a lot of things she wanted to say, but she didn’t know what to say first, Kevin Kyle patted her and comforted her, “Sit with me for a while.” “Okay.” Karen Daly sat down obediently. She was as gentle as a little sheep, and the courageous wolf she was earlier, when she confronted Old Master Kyle, was nowhere to be seen. Old Master Kyle patted his chest, and he finally calmed down. He then said, “Matthew, now that we’re alone, please explain what the hell you want!” Kevin Kyle sneered and said, “Old Master Kyle, shouldn’t ! ask you this instead? What on earth are you trying to do?” Old Master Kyle responded angrily, “Rovio belongs to the Kyle family. How can you hand it over to some random woman?” “She is my wife, and also Karen Joy Kyle’s mother. How is she “some random woman”?” Kevin Kyle refuted confidently, “I have transferred all my shares to her. As for yours, my parents’ and Mia Kyle’s, the shares remain untouched.” Old Master Kyle, “You, you…” Kevin Kyle ignored him and looked at Nick Black. “Nick Black, ask your men to work smarter and harder. How many times do I have to tell you this? The Old Master is getting old and it’s not suitable for him to be walking around like this. If something like this happens again in the future, please take some action.” “Yes, Director Kevin.” Nick Black nodded and looked at Old Master Kyle again. “Old Master Kyle, the air conditioning in the offices at Rovio is rather cold. It’s easy to catch a cold if you stay here for a long time. Let me escort you back.” “Young Master, is this how your employee treats the Old Master?” Assistant Hart defended Old Master Kyle angrily. “Old Master Kyle, please come this way!” Nick Black continued Old Master Kyle stood up with his cane and said, “Matthew, if you refuse to listen to my words, then one day, you will be turned into nothing by this woman.” As he spoke, Kevin Kyle glanced at Karen Daly, who was sitting next to him silently, and smiled. “Even if there is such a day, I am willing.” “Well, let’s wait for the day to come.” After saying that, the Old Master left in a fit of anger. After Old Master Kyle left, Kevin Kyle’s face became extremely pale, and his forehead was covered in sweat. Looking at him, Karen Daly was worried. Just as she was about to say something, she was pulled into his arms. His voice sounded above her head. “Karen, don’t move. Let me hug you.” Karen Daly lay in his arms and allowed him to hold her. Her tears rolled down from her eyes like beads from a broken necklace This man… She didn’t know what to say. Why did he always only think for her, and why couldn’t he prioritize himself for once? It would be good if he did so, even just for once!

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