Karen Daly buried herself in Kevin Kyle’s arms, and her warm tears stained his thin, white shirt. “Hey, Little Karen knows that crying will make you ugly. Don’t you know that too?” Kevin Kyle’s gentle teasing voice disrupted Karen Daly’s thoughts. She wanted to pinch him, but she couldn’t do anything since her hand was on his waist. He was still sick, so how could she pinch him… Karen Daly tried to wipe her tears on Kevin Kyle’s shirt. Then, she looked up and wiped the sweat on his forehead. “First things first, let’s go to the hospital now.” “No.” Kevin Kyle kissed her on the face and said willfully. “The smell of medicine in the hospital is too strong. I don’t like it.” Karen Daly’s face turned red. She touched her face and said, “What are you? A child? You’re sick! How can you not go to the hospital?” Karen Daly was blushing, and it got Kevin Kyle in a good mood. “I am indeed a child, is that okay?” “Wow.” Karen Daly pinched his face gently and said softly, “Little kid, if you are sick, you’ll have to see a doctor. You’ll have to be a good child and listen to me.” “I won’t.” “You should.” “If you hug me, I will be fine soon.” Kevin Kyle felt physically weak, which explained why he was behaving so childishly. Karen Daly was stressing over Kevin Kyle’s situation, but she was helpless. She stood beside him and hugged him. “Kevin, you can’t scare me like this anymore, do you understand?” He had fainted out of the blue… At that time, she felt that the sky above her had collapsed. Her world turned dark and she could not find a way out of the darkness. And in the end, he came to support her to bravely fight against Old Master Kyle when she wanted to protect him. “It’s my fault,” Kevin Kyle said. He was too careless, so he didn’t realize that Amelia Gray, who had been by his side all this time, was actually the Old Master’s confidant. As early as a few months ago, Amelia Gray began to poison his food and drinks, but he didn’t notice it at all. Then, he had suddenly fainted that fateful day. He thought that it was because he had drunk the Old Master’s cup of tea. Later, he learned that it was probably just a coincidence. Fortunately, the doctors around him were helpful. They used several medications to help detoxify his body so that he could recover quicker. However, it would take some time for the poison in his body to be completely broken down. Karen Daly sniffled and said, “It’s not your fault at all. Please.” Kevin Kyle pulled her to sit on his lap. He chuckled and said, “Big Karen, I really want you now. What should I do?” “You..” This man was still so weak, how could he think about things like that? “Okay, let me hug you again.” Kevin Kyle held her in his arms and hugged her tight as he breathed in her fragrance. “Director Kevin..” Nick Black entered the meeting room without knocking on the door. He saw that they were hugging each other and he immediately turned around. “Come back… Kevin Kyle let go of Karen Daly. He then straightened himself up and spoke sternly, “You know what to do next. Those who secretly betrayed me should not remain on the board of directors.” The man who was as capricious as a child earlier had become the cold blooded head of Rovio in a blink of an eye he was superior and firm. “Yes.” Nick Black nodded respectfully and responded, “I have already followed your instructions. First we treat them to a nice meal tonight, and then I’ll discuss their part of the shares with them.” “Very good!” Kevin Kyle nodded, showing appreciation for Nick Black’s capability to handle affairs. “Kevin, you said that you transferred the shares to me just to annoy the Old Master, right?” As they were talking about shares, Karen Daly thought of what had happened earlier. “What’s mine is yours, and what’s yours is mine. Do we have to split the shares?” Kevin Kyle gave Karen Daly an ambiguous answer. Kevin Kyle spoke so cheekily in front of others. Karen Daly’s face turned red. She secretly glared at him, warning him to restrain himself. “Is there anything else?” Kevin Kyle asked Nick Black. This man was too oblivious. What was he still doing here? Nick Black responded, “Sebastian Spencer is still waiting outside. He wants to speak to Mrs. Kyle.” Kevin Kyle frowned and said discontentedly, “What does he have to say? We don’t want to see him.” “How do you know he has nothing to say to me?” Karen Daly glared at Kevin Kyle and said, “I’ll go right away.” Kevin Kyle, “..” He couldn’t persuade her to stay and he had to watch her go off with another man. In a small conference room in Rovio Corporation Inc, Sebastian Spencer looked at Karen Daly, who was dressed up formally in a white blouse and black skirt. They hadn’t seen each other for many years. Sebastian Spencer thought that Karen Daly’s face did not change much over the years, but she presented herself more elegantly today. After a long time, he took a deep breath and said, “Karen, I’m sorry!” He wanted to apologize to Karen Daly for more than three years already If it weren’t for his selfishness at that time, Karen Daly might not have experienced the tragedy. She would not have her baby taken away from her and having disappeared for so long “Sebastian Spencer, don’t be stupid. In fact, I should be the one saying sorry.” Faye Reed and Sebastian Spencer were amongst the last people on earth that should take the blame over what happened 3 years ago. Instead, they should be mad at Karen Daly. If it weren’t for her, Faye Reed wouldn’t have been burnt by the fire. The scars on her body were still present until today. After regaining her memory, Karen Daly had wanted to speak to Faye Reed many times. However, every time she thought of the pain Faye Reed suffered on her behalf, she would retreat. She was so afraid that Faye Reed would get hurt again. “Karen.” Sebastian Spencer could not move on from his guilt over allowing Karen Daly to go to the hospital that day. He had never even told Faye Reed about this. Knowing Faye Reed, if Faye knew that Sebastian Spencer had been threatened that day and told Karen Daly that she had been admitted to the hospital, she would not forgive him. If Faye Reed was conscious and awake at that time, she would rather die than persuade Karen Daly to go to the hospital for her. Karen Daly patted Sebastian Spencer on the shoulder and said with a smile, “Sebastian, forget about it. It’s not your fault. And you don’t need to tell Faye that too, i’d want you both to live happily for each other.” “Karen.” “Sebastian, we are old classmates. You don’t need to be so courteous with me, okay? If Faye’s happy, I will be happy too.” What a long-winded man. If it was Kevin Kyle, she would have shut him up already. When they were studying together, Sebastian Spencer was quite a straightforward person. Would people become more and more dull as they grew up? She now understood why Faye Reed always said that Sebastian Spencer was an idiot.

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