Kevin Kyle did not want to go for a hospital check-up, and he had been rushing through his delayed work at Rovio Incorporation Inc. Karen Daly was furious at his behavior. She knew she had to find a way to have him rest more at home. “Give me half an hour.” Looking at Karen’s angry face, Kevin shook his head and responded helplessly. Karen bit her lips and glared at him angrily. If he did not go home soon, she would be very angry. “Alright, don’t be angry. I will delegate some work and go home with you.” Kevin Kyle picked up the phone and called for his young and beautiful secretary to come in. “Please pass these work over to the Vice General Manager, Sam Those that needs my correspondence, you may ask Assistant Black to send it to my house.” “Okay, Director Kevin.” The beautiful secretary took the documents and left politely. Before leaving, she took a quick glance at Karen Daly. Everyone in Rovio knew that their president was married and his child was also over three years old. However, no one had seen the president’s wife before. There was a rumor in the company that their president’s wife died in labour, so Director Kevin became a single parent and raised their child alone. Before Karen Joy Kyle went to kindergarten, their president would bring his baby to work daily. Whenever Director Kevin held a meeting, he would take small breaks in between to change the diaper for the child and feed her milk… The president’s cold and stern image instantly switched to a loving father who cared for his daughter. The company’s employees drew their speculation based on their observations. After the wife’s death, their president devoted all his love for his wife onto his daughter But today, Nick Black brought a person with him, whom he claimed was their acting president. There was a big commotion amongst the employees. Everyone was guessing that this acting president should be the new girlfriend of Director Kevin. No one thought that she was his wife instead. Their president was charming, attractive, and competent. He was every woman’s dream man. There was a long line of women who would love to be with him. However, their aloof president had never looked at these women. Many women left, dejected. There was a popular star who graduated from a famous drama school and was managed by Rovio Entertainment. She had just started her career and took on many great movie roles. She became famous internationally quickly and garnered a popular reputation. During the company’s annual party the previous year, that famous female celebrity attended the party too. She found her way to get nearer to Kevin Kyle through her connections. She was well-educated, beautiful, and has great physique. She was dressed in seductive clothes during the party that night and had her hair and makeup were perfect. As soon as she walked into the party she attracted the attention of many people. Many men took the initiative to talk to her, but she did not reciprocate their attention. Everyone thought that she was not in the mood to socialize, but she was actually fixated on their president. She tried her best to get close to the president and wanted to propose a toast to him. However, their president did not entertain her at all. He politely rejected the offer to drink with her and did not even take a second look at her. Instead, their president just walked away and minded his own business for the rest of the night. It was rumoured that the female star almost committed suicide after the humiliating incident. Director Kevin had never been attracted to any other woman after his wife’s death. Everyone guessed that their president must have suffered a lot from his wife’s death, so he vowed to keep his loyalty. Hence, when Nick Black suddenly brought a woman to the office and said that she was the wife of the president, everyone was so shocked. They were so shocked over that news that they didn’t care about Kevin Kyle’s health condition. Instead, they were all mostly talking about the president’s wife. How did the she manage to attract their president’s attention? She did look very pretty, and she presented herself elegantly… She also looked very much like Karen Joy Kyle, especially with their big eyes. Everyone thought that their president was attracted to her because she probably reminded him of his late wife. Surprisingly, their president returned to the office too. When the employees saw their president and his wife coming out of the meeting room together, they witnessed their sweet and loving interaction with one another. This was exactly how he treated his precious daughter too. Karen Daly watched the young and beautiful secretary leave the room. Then she whispered to herself, “There are several beautiful secretaries around you, and you’re telling me that you have been missing me for three years. Who would believe it? I don’t trust you!” “What?” Kevin Kyle didn’t hear her learly. I said that you seemed to be surrounded by a lot of girls. You have so many secretaries and personal assistants around you, and most of them are pretty young things!” Karen admitted that she was jealous. “Well they are young, but are they pretty?” He was doubting her taste. How could she compare herself to them? Karen Daly,”…” “Forget it. This is his workplace. I’d better not provoke him.” “Let’s go home.” Kevin Kyle turned off his laptop and got up. However, as soon as he tried to stand, he fell back to his seat feebly. Karen Daly immediately rushed over and supported him. “Kevin, what’s wrong?” Kevin grabbed her hand and chuckled, “Do you still want to ignore me?” There was sweat on his forehead again. It was clear that his body could not support him anymore, so he could not stand straight. Instead of making her worry for him, he forced himself to make a joke. Karen Daly was very distressed and shouted at him, “Kevin, if you insist on behaving this way, I will take Little Karen away, and you won’t be able to find us anywhere.” Kevin took her words seriously. He responded, “Karen, if you say that again, I will tie you up.” “Okay, I’m sorry, but we need to go to the hospital.” Karen apologised and defused the situation. “No, I don’t want to go. If I don’t want to go, then I won’t go.” Kevin Kyle said willfully, and he was also a little angry. “You… Well, let’s go home then.” Karen Daly could not force him. However, thinking about it carefully, their house was spacious and they had a lot of help and support. He would be more comfortable there than being in the hospital. Perhaps, this could help him recover sooner.

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