In a remote place. The scenery was picturesque, and the the weather was cool and pleasant. Living here, it was like living in a paradise. Mia Kyle had been here for several days now. She was living in a log cabin. At night, she could hear the clear and serene sounds of spring water flowing and insects. It was very peaceful. After staying here for so many days, Mia Kyle didn’t even think much about Neil Brown. She was still angry with him. She was mad at him for scolding her. She was even angrier at the fact that even when she was naked, her advances were still rejected by him. He was clearly a hooligan. He had behaved ruthlessly before. He had taught her a lot of naughty tricks in the past, but now he pretended to be a saint. “Pooh-” She wished that she could blow him up into pieces so she wouldn’t have to face him anymore. Thinking of Neil Brown, Mia Kyle was so angry that she slapped the man in front of her. She scolded, “Stupid men, why don’t you like me? If you don’t like me, well, then I won’t like you too.” “Cut The director stopped the scene, and some crew members began to applaud. Then, the director said, “Polaris, that was good. Everyone, get ready, we’ll film the next scene in 5 minutes.” Well, she was filming a scene, in which the male supporting role, who was also the ex boyfriend of the main character, was proposing to break up with her. She vented all her resentment towards Neil Brown, to this actor who was portraying her ex. Although it was normal to really hit the actor during filming, there were not many actresses who were as fierce as she was. Her slap marks could be seen on the male supporting actor’s face. Mia Kyle felt bad that she hit him too hard. She immediately went to the actor and apologized, “I slapped you too hard earlier. I’m sorry!” The actor smiled and said, “It’s okay. As long as you are happy.” This show was produced by Rovio Entertainment, and everyone in the industry knew that Mia Kyle was an artist from Rovio Entertainment. Cindy, who was the top artists’ manager of Rovio Entertainment, only had her as her client. She knew the significance of Polaris in Rovio Entertainment as she witnessed how quick rumours or scandals about her would dissipate even if she did not intervene. Mia Kyle was confused… What did he mean by “as long as she was happy”? Was he implying that she deliberately bullied people? Well, she did deliberately bully people before. Five minutes later, there was another scene between Mia Kyle and the actor earlier. Their acting skills were reputable in the industry. They didn’t need much retakes as they were professionals and understood the director’s instructions. As soon as they were done filming, Mia Kyle heard someone shouting, “Polaris, your boyfriend is here to visit you.” “Her boyfriend is here to see her?” Mia Kyle was delighted. “Did Neil Brown suddenly come to his senses?” “Why did he come to visit me as a boyfriend? Did he come to give such a big surprise?” Mia Kyle asked excitedly, “Where is he?” “In the first resting room.” “Okay, thank you!” Mia Kyle was so happy that she was talking while running, “I’ll treat you all to a meal tonight. Let me know where do you guys want to go. We’ll meet at night after work.” All the crew members were looking at Mia Kyle as she was running excitedly. Everyone thought the scandals surrounding her a few days ago were fake. However, judging from her excitement, it seemed that she liked the man very much. Mia Kyle rushed into the first resting room as fast as she could. Before she could see clearly, she pounced and hugged the man from behind. “You bastard, Neil Brown. You’re a b*stard. I didn’t call you, but yet you knew that you should come.” Mia Kyle was really excited. But when she saw the man clearly, she kicked at him. “Perth, how dare you pose as my boyfriend? Do you want me to kill you?” Mia Kyle kicked him but Master Perth did not dodge. He stood still However, he was not angry. Instead, he said with a grinning look, “Miss Kyle, have you forgotten that I’m your boyfriend, not Neil Brown?” “You’d want me to be your girlfriend?” Mia Kyle looked at him and said, if you have Neil Brown’s body, his appearance, and his physical strength, I may only begin to consider you “Really?” “Actually, no.” How could he compare himself with Neil Brown? “Mia, what would you do if you can’t get Neil Brown?” Master Perth suddenly asked with a serious look. “I will die!” Mia Kyle blurted out without thinking. Although Neil Brown had not accepted her yet, she knew that he would come to his senses sooner or later, so she would wait patiently for him. Master Perth added, “Mia, your life is much more precious than you think. Don’t sell yourself short. “Do you think I’m stupid? If Neil Brown marries another woman, I’ll kill him and marry another man who is more handsome. Then, I’ll start a family and live happy.” Mia Kyle had a strong personality. She would never show her weakness in front of others. She only showed her strong side. In reality, she could not imagine what it would be like if she really lost Neil Brown. “The scenery here is so beautiful. Come with me. I’ve brought you some good news.” “I’m not interested.” Mia said bluntly. “I am a man. Men know men better. I can help you analyze Neil Brown and give you some tips.” “Then let’s go, what are we waiting for?” Mia Kyle didn’t want to miss the opportunity to learn ways to get to Neil Brown. They were walking along a forest trail, and there were very few tourists. Mia Kyle was increasingly impatient, “Quick, help me analyze Neil Brown. My time is very precious, and I don’t have much time to accompany you.” Master Perth stood still and looked at Mia Kyle. “You’re filming in this remote area. Did you even bother reading the news lately?” “I don’t want to.” The news she wanted to know wasn’t available online. She’s not interested in other news. Master Perth added, “Then you probably don’t know that something happened to your brother, do you?” Mia Kyle raised her eyebrows and asked, “What’s the matter? What about my sister-in-law?” Master Perth said, “Your sister-in-law is fine. I just heard that your brother was poisoned and he’s dying.” “Bullshit!” Mia Kyle was not willing to believe it, but she still took out her mobile phone and called home to check on them. When the call was connected, Mia Kyle asked in a hurry, “Brother, are you okay?”

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