When Mia Kyle called, Kevin Kyle and Karen Daly had just arrived home. Looking at the number on the phone screen, Kevin Kyle hesitated for a while before answering it. When he answered the phone, he heard Mia Kyle’s concerned voice. He softened his tone and said, “What’s in your mind? What can possibly happen to me?” “I heard that you… Are you really alright?” “Just focus on your shooting. If you don’t cause any trouble, I’ll be fine.” “Okay… then I won’t bother you and Karen.” After saying goodbye, Kevin Kyle hung up the phone. Karen Daly asked immediately. “Was that Mia?” If Mia Kyle knew that her grandfather, who had always loved her, had someone drug her brother and played tricks behind everyone’s back, she would be very heartbroken. Karen Daly really wanted to protect an lovely and optimistic girl like Mia Kyle from any harm. “Yes.” Kevin Kyle nodded. “Fortunately, she was filming in a remote area, so she doesn’t know anything about this.” “Kevin.” Karen Daly wanted to comment but she kept quiet in the end If Kevin Kyle knew that his grandfather, whom he had respected for so many years, was actually a fake, what would he do? Originally, she wanted to give the recording to Kevin Kyle when he woke up, but now she hesitated. She wanted to avenge her father and to punish Old Master Kyle, but was it really necessary for her to expose his true identity? As long as Old Master Kyle went to prison and got the punishment he deserved for the crimes he had done, did she really need to expose him? Daddy-” While Karen Daly was thinking, she heard a child’s voice. Karen Joy Kyle ran over with Lionel walking behind her. Kevin Kyle wanted to catch Little Karen in his arms, but he was blocked by Karen Daly. “You can’t carry her in your current condition. I’ll do it.” Kevin Kyle, “..” This woman was really annoying. Did she think that he was very weak? If he could carry Karen Daly, how could he not hold Little Karen? However, Karen Daly did not pay attention at Kevin Kyle’s dissatisfied look. She hugged Karen Joy Kyle and kissed her face. “Little Karen, give me a hug.” I want daddy to hug me.” Karen Joy Kyle hadn’t seen him for a few days, so she wanted to hug and kiss her father. Dad is sick, so he is weak now..” Weak? Kevin Kyle was not satisfied with Karen Daly’s response. He turned around and carried Karen Daly up, then proceeded to walk towards their living room. Kevin, don’t fool around!” Was this man crazy? If he wanted to act cool and macho, he could do it when he’s healthier and stronger. Why did he have to do play around now? The innocent Little Karen was very happy. Her father was holding her mother, and her mother was holding him too. She felt so blessed. Karen Daly didn’t know that Kevin Kyle was so childish despite knowing him for a long time. He forced himself to hold them both. In the end, his face was covered with sweat and his lips were pale. Karen Daly was increasingly annoyed. Although she was annoyed, Karen Daly still immediately assisted Kevin Kyle to sit down and took a towel to wipe his sweat. She also prepared a cup of hot tea for him. “Dad, I’ll tell you a secret.” Children are usually forgetful, however, Little Karen still remembered that she had a secret to share with her father. “Okay, what is it?” Kevin Kyle sat down on the sofa. Karen Joy Kyle climbed into his arms, and whispered in his ear. Karen Daly stood aside and looked at the sweet interaction between the father and daughter. This scene warmed her heart What a blessing it was to have a lovely family. Everyone was fine and healthy, and they enjoyed each other’s company. However, some people out there just really hate to see them happy. Old Master Kyle would definitely not let them off easily. Karen Daly only hoped that when he comes up with his tricks, she will be prepared to deal with him. She really hoped that all this will end soon. Chatterton Town was near the sea and Seaview Bay was the nearest villa to the seaside. The sea breeze was very cool and pleasant at night. After taking a short walk, they slept better than usual. Kevin Kyle bonded a lot with Little Karen that night, hence he was very tired and felt increasingly weak. He took a bath and went to put Little Karen to bed. When Karen Daly cleaned up and went back to the room, she saw the father-daughter duo lying together. She felt extremely warm in her heart. She lay on the bed next to Karen Joy Kyle. Then, she leaned over and kissed their foreheads. She whispered, “Two little babies, good night!” She closed her eyes and after a short while, she fell asleep. Kevin Kyle opened his eyes and struggled to sit up. He looked at Karen Daly and Little Karen. After making sure that they were really asleep, he got out of bed and went to his study room. He picked up his phone and dialed for someone, then spoke as quickly as possible. He said, “Amelia Gray is in your hands. Try your best to get whatever information you could from her.” “Matthew, after all, I am your uncle. Can you be more polite when you talk to me? Don’t speak to me like i’m one of your workers.” Neil Brown was not amused. “Regarding Mia’s biological parents and how the Brown family had a role in that matter… That’s settled?” Kevin Kyle ignored Neil Brown’s dissatisfaction. He knew that Neil would not be that easily offended. “Yes, that’s settled.” At this point, Neil Brown suddenly became silent. After a long time, he finally spoke up, “I have always wanted to hide this matter, but it seems that I can’t hide it anymore. Once this matter is exposed, Mia will learn her real identity. At that time.” “Since those news had already been verified, then let’s investigate if her parents were really spies? Or was it true that Herbert Ken made false evidences to frame them?” Kevin Kyle was also worried about Mia Kyle, but he was more rational than Neil was when discussing Mia’s well being and safety. If Mia’s parents had been wrongly framed at that time, they would definitely try to seek justice for her parents. If they were not, then Mia Kyle, as their child, would naturally have to bear the blame. Hiding matters from Mia would never solve the problem. Moreover, Kevin Kyle believed that Mia was brave and strong, and she would definitely cope well. “The poison’s not fully eliminated from your body yet. Please rest. I’ll check these things out.” After that, Neil hung up the phone.

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