Spies, fake evidences, and redemption… These words kept going around in Kevin Kyle’s mind. His thoughts were getting clearer, and he was getting closer to the truth. Twenty years ago, Mia Kyle’s birth parents suddenly disappeared. This was because Herbert Ken had accused them of being military spies who had stolen confidential documents from the military region of Chatterton Town. Now, they were trying to find out if Mia Kyle’s parents had been framed by Herbert Ken. Besides, they needed to know the Old Master’s role in the incident, and the relationship between the Old Master and Mia Kyle’s biological parents. This incident involved his own grandfather, Karen Daly’s father, the Brown family, and Mia’s parents. To Kevin Kyle, these people were all closely related to him… It doesn’t matter if Herbert Ken did frame Mia Kyle’s biological parents, or if Mia’s biological parents were indeed spies, Kevin just had to give Karen a sense of closure with a proper explanation. However, Kevin Kyle was unaware that after he left the room, Karen Daly had been woken up by a phone call. It was the Old Master’s assistant, Assistant Hart. “Miss Daly, good evening.” After Karen Daly answered, Assistant Hart greeted her politely. Karen Daly was very familiar with his disguise. Three years ago, when they sent her to the abyss of hell, Assistant Hart spoke to her in such a hypocritical manner too Karen recalled the situation that day. She remembered how she was too weak to resist them and had to protect her child. Suddenly, she broke out in a cold sweat. She thought of Kevin Kyle. When she turned around, she saw that Karen Joy Kyle was still lying beside her, but Kevin was gone. When she noticed that Kevin Kyle was not around, Karen Daly’s heart skipped a beat. Before she could speak, Assistant Hart spoke again. “Miss Daly, you’re really lucky. As the saying goes, good blessings will come after a great disaster. I think you’ll have a good life in the future. Oh, I almost forgot that you have a daughter… Such a lovely child will grow up well, right? It’s a pity if she doesn’t.” Assistant Hart’s ghost-like voice reached Karen Daly’s spine. She became fully awake. Karen clenched her mobile phone tightly, gritted her teeth, and said calmly, “Assistant Hart, please let your Old Master know this. If he would like for me to stay still and not expose certain matters, then please watch your steps. Anyone who hurts my daughter answers directly to me.” “Are you implying that you know what we want?” Assistant Hart let out a cold laugh. “Yes.” Karen Daly answered with certainty. If they knew that there were important evidences of them in her hands, maybe they would be gentler with their tricks. However, she also understood that her plan might backfire. “Hand over the things to us and don’t tell Kevin Kyle a single word. Then, we will not interfere with each other anymore in the future. Let’s pretend that nothing has happened.” He added. “Pretend that nothing has never happened?” Karen Daly asked. This was probably the funniest line she had ever heard in her life. Did they understand that they attacked her first? She was a victim and it was not up to them to have the final say. “Miss Daly, you are a smart person. You should know your place and your boundaries. Before anything bad happens, everything’s up for discussion. If not, then the consequences are absolutely not what you can bear.” The voice of Assistant Hart was the same as that of the disgusting voice in Karen Daly’s memory. It sounded polite and calm, but it was also particularly irritating. Karen Daly certainly knew that this was not a trivial matter, and she also knew that there was no way to confirm the real identity of Old Master Kyle only through the incomplete and blurry voice recording, In addition, the recording also couldn’t prove that he had killed someone before. It’s been many years since the time of the recording. Old Master Kyle was getting old now so his voice would naturally change… Thinking of this, she felt a little powerless, but she didn’t intend to give up. At present, only George Ken and Karen Daly had heard the recording. The Old Master did not know that the recording was not complete, so she could use this opportunity to take advantage of them. Karen Daly continued, “Assistant Hart, you’re much smarter than me actually. So I believe you’re clearer about your place and your boundaries.” “Karen Daly, how was the Kyle family before and after you came? Don’t destroy the entire Kyle family for your own sake.” This time, it was Old Master Kyle who spoke. Karen snorted coldly and said, “No need to pull the emotions card if you can’t threaten me.” She spoke the last line and hung up the phone immediately “Damned old man, do you think I’m so stupid and easily fooled?” She turned off the phone and threw it aside. Karen Daly held Little Karen into her arms gently and looked at her chubby face. It had been such a long time since their reunion, but every time she saw Little Karen, she felt that her heart was melting. Little Karen was her baby. Karen would definitely protect her and have her grow up safe. When she grows up one day, she would marry a good husband as excellent as her father and have her own family in peace. “Why aren’t you asleep?” Kevin Kyle returned to the room and saw Karen Daly’s widely opened eyes staring into space. “I’m thinking… Karen Daly took a deep breath and smiled. “Let’s not have Karen go to kindergarten during this period of time. She can stay at home. I’ll teach her whatever she needs to learn.” The words of Assistant Hart earlier frightened Karen Daly and she was afraid that they would do something to Little Karen.. So Karen Daly wanted to keep her safe at home. The security in Secret Garden was tight. With Lionel by her side all the time, the child would be in much safer hands. “What has happened?” Kevin Kyle walked over and rubbed her head. “Don’t hide it in your heart. Tell me.” “I stay at home every day. I want Little Karen to stay with me at home too.” Karen Daly did not want to tell Kevin Kyle about the phone call earlier. In fact, Old Master Kyle’s last words made her feel sad. Kevin Kyle had his loving parents, and his sister. Every one of them in the Kyle family was very good and kind to her. If she exposed Old Master Kyle, she would be breaking up the Kyle family. Let’s wait a little longer. She thought. When she was absolutely sure that the Old Master was not Kevin’s grandfather, she would tell him and let him make the decision “Huh?” Obviously, Kevin Kyle did not believe Karen Daly’s words. “Where did you go earlier?” Karen Daly remembered that Kevin was asleep before she fell asleep. Why was he awake?

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