“I called Neil Brown to tell him that George Ken will direct Amelia Gray over to him and he can deal with her.” Kevin Kyle did not hide the truth from Karen Daly, but he just did not tell her every single detail. Karen nodded and said, “Well, that’s good. Leave it to him. You have to rest well.” Kevin lay beside Karen and held her in his arms, saying, “I’m not as weak as you think.” Karen Daly grabbed his naughty hands, and said helplessly, “Kevin, don’t fool around. You should rest so that you can recover quickly.” “Karen.” “Hmm?” “Are you really not going to tell me?” He knew that she was hiding something. It was up to her if she’d like to share with him, but he just hoped that she could rely on him and trust him more. “I’m worried that someone will hurt our child… I thought of Little Karen getting hurt, so I..” Just the thought of Little Karen getting hurt scared her so much. Kevin Kyle patted Karen Daly on her back and comforted her, “I have arranged for someone to take care of Little Karen. She will be fine. If you are worried, I will let her stay at home and not go to kindergarten for the time being.” Karen did not mention the reason, but Kevin had probably guessed that someone must have threatened her with Little Karen. He really couldn’t think of anyone other than Old Master Kyle who would threaten her. The matter with Herbert Ken had passed for so many years, and Old Master Kyle was still thinking of ways to get rid of Karen Daly quickly. What did he want from her? He would know the answer soon. July and August brought the season with frequent typhoons. The weather forecasters had announced warning signals of typhoons every day, which showed how bad the weather was. It was stormy outside. The sky was dark, but it didn’t affect the residents in Secret Garden at all. Kevin Kyle had not fully recovered yet, so Karen Daly didn’t allow him to go to work. She gave him two hours per day to work from home. As soon as the time was up, Karen Daly would take away all his devices. She was really strict. At this time, Kevin Kyle was busy in his study room, and Karen was playing with Little Karen in the children’s room. Little Karen did not go to kindergarten. So Karen took up the role of a teacher and was responsible for teaching her how to read. However, Little Karen was much smarter than Karen Daly had imagined. She was less than four years old, but she knew a lot of words already. Karen Daly was impressed at Little Karen for being so smart and clever. She must have inherited Kevin Kyle’s powerful genes. “Mom, why is my younger sister different from Marius younger sister?” Little Karen asked softly. She couldn’t figure it out. Marius’ sister was a little girl, and her sister was a puppy. They were all “sisters” but why did they look different? “Because they were not given birth by the same mother. Of course, they look different. Marius’ younger sister was born and raised by his mom, but your younger sister was born and raised by her mother.” Little Karen looked innocently at Karen Daly, Karen Daly couldn’t resist hugging her and pinching her a little. “Mom…” Little Karen was swiftly carried over by her mother. She fixed her hair quickly, looking lovely and very cute. Karen Daly laughed at her. After seeing Little Karen rolled her eyes, she felt that Little Karen seemed to have disliked her all of a sudden. I don’t want to play with you anymore, I want to play with Brother Lionel.” Little Karen didn’t want to stay with mommy anymore and asked for Lionel instead. While they were playing in the children’s room, Lionel stood by the door without saying a word. His eyes were fixed on Little Karen, he didn’t even look away for a second. Little Karen was running towards Brother Lionel. Karen Daly noticed that his expression immediately softened a lot. He opened his arms, picked up Little Karen, and gently pinched her face. He moved carefully, as if he was taking care of a rare treasure. The boy was tall and thin, and he also had a good-looking face. However, he often kept a straight face and never talked to others, so everyone didn’t speak about his good appearance. People could only remember his coldness. Karen Daly had returned to Secret Garden for such a long time. Apart from Little Karen, she had not seen Lionel spoken to anyone else. “You are so focused, what are you looking at?” Kevin had been sitting beside Karen for quite a long time. He raised his hand and waved it in front of her, but she did not notice his existence. “Kevin, how much older is Lionel than Little Karen?” As a mother, she was always worried. Her daughter was only less than four years old, and she was already keeping an eye for her daughter’s future boyfriend. “About twelve years?” Kevin Kyle promised to not to investigate Lionel’s past. So he kept to his promise. He didn’t even ask about Lionel’s age. The only thing he knew was his name. “Twelve years is not too big of an age gap.” Karen Daly nodded and said to herself, and Kevin got confused. “What on earth are you thinking about?” Kevin frowned slightly next to her, but he was ignored by her. This wasn’t a good sign. “I’m thinking about something good.” Karen snuggled into Kevin’s arms with a smile and touched his chest. “What do you think of Lionel?” “What do you mean?” “How does he fare as a husband?” “Karen, you’re married with a child. Don’t keep thinking about nonsensical matters, or i’ll kill him.” Kevin Kyle was stern. “Kevin, what the hell is in your mind?” “Aren’t you wondering how Lionel would be as a husband?” Kevin asked. “Go away, don’t let me see you in the next half an hour.” Karen shouted. She was really annoyed by him. What was this man thinking? “Then what the hell are you thinking about?” “I just think that Little Karen is too lonely. Fortunately, she is accompanied by Lionel, so she won’t be so bored.” If it weren’t for Little Karen’s annoyance for younger siblings, Karen would really want to have more kids to keep Little Karen company In the future, Kevin and her would grow old, and there would be more siblings by Little Karen’s side, so she would not be lonely. Karen had this idea many times, but she would remember how Little Karen was crying and asking for her mother few months ago. She was afraid that daddy will not love her anymore after having a baby. As she recalled that scene, Karen Daly would always feel distressed for her precious daughter… “Little Karen is lonely. Why don’t we adopt a few more children? Let her have a few more playmates at home in the future.” Kevin Kyle suggested. “Why are we adopting? If we really want more children, isn’t it better for us to give birth to them?” “You’re not going to give birth anymore.” Kevin Kyle witnessed how much Karen suffered was when she was pregnant for the first time. He had long kept the thought of never letting her suffer again in his mind.

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