Kevin Kyle didn’t want to have more children because he didn’t want Karen Daly to suffer anymore. But Karen didn’t know this. She thought that he also didn’t want Little Karen to be unhappy. Karen always wanted to have a lot of children. The house would be more lively with more children, and they would be able to share the burden of Kevin’s work in the future. Little Karen was worried that her parents would not love her anymore if she had a younger sibling. Karen Daly, thinking on Little Karen’s behalf, would not get pregnant for the time being. They had Little Karen as their only child, so they had to be more careful when choosing a son-in-law. She would observe Lionel for Little Karen’s sake. Thinking of Lionel, Karen Daly’s eyes lit up again, and she began to ignore Kevin who was sitting next to her again. “Karen!’ This woman really needed to be taught a lesson. How dare she think about another man? “Why are you bothered?” Karen Daly glanced at him with dissatisfaction. “I’m thinking about Little Karen’s future. You, as a father, shouldn’t make a fuss.” Kevin said discontentedly, “Little Karen’s future is up to her to decide. You just need to take care of yourself. Don’t worry about it.” Karen snapped back, “That’s my daughter. It’s normal for me to plan for her her future. Why shouldn’t I be worried about her? “So, Mrs. Kyle, you’d want to quarrel with me now?” Kevin Kyle suddenly said gently. The tense atmosphere was suddenly disrupted by Kevin Kyle’s gentle tone. He looked at her, pinched her nose and smiled gently. “Who wants to quarrel with you?” Karen Daly turned her head and did not want to look at this enchanting man. “After the weather gets better, let’s take Little Karen out for a walk.” “Well, I thought of that too.” As soon as Karen Daly said the last word, Kevin Kyle suddenly kissed her slowly and passionately. Karen blinked her eyes, looked at the handsome face in front of her, and embraces him entirely. Her hands gently wrapped around his waist as she reciprocated his kiss. Don’t think about Little Karen, and don’t think about what Old Master Kyle would do. Karen told herself. At this moment, they could only see each other in their eyes. They only had each other in their hearts, and their bodies could only feel each other.. After the typhoon, the weather was indescribably refreshing. The air was extremely fresh. It was not long after Karen Daly got up that she received a phone call from Faye Reed, who asked her out for shopping. Karen hadn’t met Faye since her memory returned. She had a lot of things to say to Faye, but had not found the right opportunity. Hence, she would take advantage of today’s meet up. The place that they were meeting was the shopping mall where they often went shopping. When Karen Daly arrived, Faye Reed was already waiting at the entrance of the shopping mall. There was not only Faye, but Sebastian Spencer was standing beside her too. Karen Daly waved her hand at Faye. “Faye…” “Karen, you’re here.” Seeing Karen, Faye wanted to run to her, but she was stopped by Sebastian Spencer. Sebastian said with a straight face, “The doctor said that you can’t run around during this period. Be careful.” “Sebastian, I beg you, can you go away?” Faye Reed glared at him and said, “If you keep annoying me, I’ll leave you. I’ll do what I said. Don’t think I’m joking with you.” “Faye, listen to me, okay? We have to listen to the doctor. You can’t be careless.” With Faye, Sebastian Spencer was always the one who was being bullied. He will always listen to his wife. But it was different now. She just got pregnant, and the doctor said that the first three months of the pregnancy was a risky period. A pregnant woman must act very carefully. “Sebastian Spencer, go to work!” Faye Reed was about to scream. “If you continue to pester me, i’ll go to the hospital tomorrow to abort the child.” “What kind of nonsense are you talking about!” Sebastian Spencer responded in a deep voice. His tone was a little fierce. It was the first time that he spoke to Faye Reed in such a serious tone, which really surprised her. “Faye, are you bullying Sebastian again?” At a distance, Karen heard them quarrelling. It seemed that they were arguing very fiercely. “What do you mean that I am bullying him? He was the one who made me angry, okay?” Faye Reed shook off Sebastian Spencer’s hand and whispered to him, “If I knew earlier that giving birth to a child would be so troublesome, I wouldn’t have wanted kids. Since you shouted at me, I shall deal with you later.” “I wasn’t shouting. I’m worried about you.” Sebastian Spencer was helpless, Faye Reed was very impatient. She acted careless as if she didn’t care about anything. In fact, she prioritized their relationship very much, but she didn’t want to admit it. Sebastian Spencer knew that Faye Reed cared about their child very much They had been married for a few years. They never used any contraceptive methods, but they had never been pregnant. Recently, they just found out that they were pregnant with their first child. Faye must be very happy deep down in her heart. The thing she said earlier, it was all because she wanted to make him angry. Seeing his depressed face, Faye Reed felt a little satisfied. She pushed him and said, “You can return to work. I will be fine, your child will be fine too.” “You two are so sweet. You have been married for so long, and you are still so clingy.” Karen Daly finally walked to their side and teased them. “Hi Karen.” Sebastian Spencer nodded at her to greet her. “You accompanied Faye to come shopping, are you worried that i’ll take her away?” Karen Daly said with a smile. Sebastian continued, “You girls can take your time then. Karen, please take care of her for me. Don’t let her run around.” “Don’t worry. She won’t listen to others, but she will listen to me.” Karen Daly said. After giving his orders, Sebastian turned around and left. As soon as he left, Faye Reed rolled her eyes and said, “That silly man, usually he won’t care about me so much, but when he knew I was pregnant, his worried look… would make me angry.” “Faye, you’re pregnant?” Karen Daly asked excitedly. She hurriedly held Faye Reed at the same time, which was no different from Sebastian Spencer’s cautious look. Faye Reed shouted, “Oh dear Karen, you’re a mother too. Don’t be so neurotic, okay?” Karen Daly replied, “I don’t care. Anyway, you really have to be careful when you walk, and listen to me always. Otherwise, I will tie you up and take you back.” “If I had known earlier, I wouldn’t have told you.” Faye Reed couldn’t hide the news. Yesterday, when she found out that she was pregnant, she wanted to call Karen Daly and tell her. It was Sebastian Spencer who stopped her, so she didn’t make the phone call. Karen held on to Faye’s arms and said, “Let’s find a place to sit and chat today. Don’t walk too much.” Faye didn’t know what to say. It was good that they didn’t go shopping. She had a lot of things to tell Karen as well. If she didn’t say it, she would feel guilty for the rest of her life. They found a cafe and sat down. As soon as they sat down, Karen heard Faye say, “Karen, I’m sorry!”.

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