“What are you talking about?” Karen Daly asked unhappily. “Karen, Sebastian told me everything.” Faye Reed grabbed Karen Daly’s hand and suddenly sobbed. “If you want to blame me for that, I can take it. He was selfish because of me, he didn’t intend to do so…” “Faye, stop talking nonsense. I’ll break your leg if you go on.” Karen Daly grabbed Faye’s hand. The scar from the burn many years ago was still there. Faye had endured so much for her in the past with no reason, but this silly girl still apologized to her, which made Karen feel embarrassed, “If I don’t say it, I will feel uncomfortable.” Faye Reed was such a straightforward person. “It’s clearly me who should say sorry, but I haven’t apologized to you.” After regaining her memory, the memory of the incident that got Faye Reed into trouble was like a thorn, which kept stabbing Karen Daly in her heart from time to time. When she left her family and relatives, everyone cursed her and waited to see her fail. It was Faye Reed who accompanied her to Chatterton Town for a new beginning. Every time when she was in the most difficult and helpless situation, Faye Reed would always give her strength and make her feel that there was always someone there for her. It gave her the courage to go forward. Faye raised her hand to wipe her tears, and broke into a smile, “Well, let’s not discuss about this anymore then. It’s not our fault, but the evil manipulator behind everything.” “Yes.” Karen nodded. It’s just a matter of time for the evil mastermind to get what he deserved. She would claim justice for herself, for Faye Reed, and for her father. Karen thought vehemently, Faye took out a document from her bag and handed it to Karen Daly. She said, “Karen, our wedding dress studio expanded a lot throughout these years, and Mr. Kyle even contributed a lot to it. This is the financial report. After accounting for costs and workers’ wages, we’re splitting half of the profit.” “Faye, are you out of your mind? Don’t you want to be friends with me anymore?” It was Faye who worked hard to manage the studio. She deserved all the money she earned, but she still wanted to divide the profit. Was this girl stupid? Faye Reed glared at Karen Daly and said, “We agreed to this when we opened the studio together, after deducting the costs, we can each get half of the profit. I won’t break my promise.” “How could I have met such a silly girl like you?” Karen Daly pushed the folder back to Faye. “Aren’t you pregnant? You can take the money and raise my godchild well.” “Don’t worry, Rovio gave us a lot of benefits. Sebastian’s income is quite good, and I earn quite a bit too. We have already prepared the money for the kid. If I’m having a son, I will let him go after Little Karen.” Thinking of Little Karen, Faye was envious! She really hoped that she could give birth to such a beautiful child. However, Sebastian Spencer’s genes were not good as good as Kevin Kyle’s. “I don’t want my Little Karen to have a younger boyfriend. But if they do fall in love, I wouldn’t object.” One woman was the mother of a child, and the other was a soon-to-be mom. Their topic of conversation would definitely surround children. Not only did they talk about their children’s growth, but they also talked about their children going to school. Then, they talked about the children getting married and having children… Since they started chatting, they couldn’t stop at all. Finally, it was getting late and they had to go home. Karen Daly requested the driver to send Faye Reed home first. Upon confirming that she arrived safely, Karen Daly did not leave the mall yet, but she called Kevin Kyle instead. She heard Kevin’s soothing voice through the phone, “Mrs. Kyle, you left your husband and child and went out for a date, and yet you haven’t go home?” Karen smiled and said, “Mr. Kyle, I have something to trouble you. I’m not sure if you’re willing to help?” “Well you got to promise me something first.” “What is it?” “Look back.” Karen Daly looked back. He saw Kevin Kyle’s car was parked not far behind her, and he stood at the car door, waving at her with a smile. At this time, the sky was dark, and the street lights had not yet lit up. The man in a white shirt and black trousers were standing not far away, Karen Daly suddenly thought of a phrase – In a crowd of thousands, look for the bright star shining through your dark days. When he was not around her, she always felt that her heart was empty. She felt that she was like a little bird without feet. She could only fly without stopping and did not know where to go. There was no home or a harbor to stop. But now, no matter when and where, as long as she was willing to turn back, she could see Kevin Kyle standing behind her. She had her home. Karen Daly walked towards Kevin Kyle and said, “When did you arrive? Why didn’t you tell me?” Kevin Kyle smiled and responded, “I’m here to check on you. To see if you’re dating another man behind my back.” Karen Daly walked to his side, threw herself into his arms, and said, “Mr. Kyle, I just sent the man away and you came. If you had come earlier, you might be able to catch him.” Kevin rubbed her head and said with a smile, “Good for him, or else I would’ve been able to catch him and do something to him!” “What a domineering man.” Karen Daly raised her head from his arms and suddenly said seriously, “Mr. Kyle, what do you want me to promise you?” Kevin Kyle said, “Promise me to go out to have dinner with me.” It was boring staying at home today. Kevin suddenly remembered that they had never spend much time alone. Now there was Little Karen, their alone time was even lesser, so he wanted to go out for a date with her so that they would not be disturbed by the little third-wheel at home. “That’s a rare invitation. How could I reject?” Karen Daly patted his face and deliberately imitated Little Karen’s tone, saying, “Kevin, ‘ll listen to you today, whatever you say and whatever you want.” Hearing Karen Daly’s words and different tone, Kevin Kyle was stunned and did not know how to respond. As he was speechless, Karen laughed heartily and said, “I won’t tease you anymore. Mr. Kyle, I promise to have dinner with you, and you have to promise me one thing.” “Go ahead. As long as you are not going to marry someone else, I would agree.” Kevin was a sucker for Karen. “What a joker.” Karen rolled her eyes at him and said, “A few years ago, Faye was burned by a fire because of me. I don’t want something like that to happen again. Can you help me send someone to protect her? Now that she’s pregnant, I’m worried that she’ll get hurt again.” “I’ve already arranged people to be by her side. Don’t worry about that.” Kevin Kyle had already thought of what Karen Daly could think of, and he had already made arrangements for her. He never wanted her to worry about anything,

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