My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 342

The restaurant that Kevin Kyle booked was on a rooftop and had a view of the city. It was near Mangrove Bay. One could enjoy the magnificent night view of Joy Coast when sitting in the restaurant The scenery was beautiful, but the person sitting in front of him was even more beautiful. He understood how he would not be intoxicated by alcohol, but he would be intoxicated by this beautiful person. Beautiful scenery, delicious food, and a beautiful woman… all in front of him. He felt so blessed. The beauty of life was exactly this. Karen Daly was wearing a white knee-length dress today, which perfectly outlined her curves. Her slightly curled long hair was casually draped over her shoulders, which made her look slender and beautiful. Karen Daly’s facial features were already beautiful, and her light makeup made her look even prettier. They sat in the dining room together, and unsurprisingly, they attracted the attention of a large number of people. Kevin Kyle had gotten used to being watched by others, so he could ignore unwanted attention, but Karen Daly felt a little uncomfortable. It was not because other people were staring at her, but those women were staring at Kevin Kyle. Was there something wrong with those women’s eyes? There was already such a beautiful woman sitting with Mr. Kyle, and those women still tried to make a move. Did they want to fight? Karen Daly wished she had magic, so that she would create a barrier to hide her Mr. Kyle in a place that only she could see. The others would not have a chance to see him. However, she didn’t have magical skills, and she couldn’t fight with others, so her Mr. Kyle was being ogled at by everyone. Fortunately, Mr. Kyle did not look around at all. All he could see was her existence, as if she was the only woman left in the world. “Mrs. Kyle, you are pouting like Little Karen. Do you want to drink some milk?” Looking at Karen Daly’s angry eyes, Kevin felt it was very funny and teased her. Karen Daly rolled her eyes at him and said unhappily, “Yes I’d like some milk. Do you have any?” As soon as she said that, she saw Kevin’s eyes looking at her chest. There was an evil look flashing in his eyes. She instinctively put her hand in front of her chest and said with slight anger, “Kevin, look at my chest again and I’ll beat you up.” Could she have the cold Mr. Kyle back please? She didn’t want this shameless man in front of her anymore. Kevin Kyle lowered his head and laughed, “Silly girl, others are looking at your husband, which proves that your husband is not bad. That means that you have a good taste. You should be happy. If you keep being angry, you will become ugly.” Karen said, “No matter how ugly I am, I am still Karen Joy Kyle’s mother. If you dislike me one day, we won’t want you anymore too.” “Karen, what did I tell you two days ago?” Kevin Kyle’s face darkened and he said coldly, “If you continue to talk nonsense, I will beat you up.” “Are you willing to do that?” Karen Daly asked in a low voice. In fact, she was just joking. How could she afford to abandon him? Without him, would her life be bright again? It definitely wouldn’t Kevin Kyle originally wanted to book the entire restaurant, but he decided to take Karen Daly on a date like a normal couple, so he didn’t do it. Unexpectedly, this little woman was jealous so easily. If other women looked at him more, she would be so jealous. Kevin Kyle felt happy knowing that. Kevin sighed and said, “Little fool, let’s go soon. We’ll go for a walk somewhere after we finish eating.” Karen Daly picked some food and put them on Kevin’s plate, “Your body hasn’t recovered yet. Eat more.” “I really want to be sick all the time.” It was good to be able to enjoy her meticulous care and occasionally be childish in front of her “What nonsense are you talking about? I’ll beat you up too.” Karen Daly glared at him viciously. “Why was this man so stupid?” “Are you willing to do that?” He mimicked her response earlier. “Yes, of course.” If she beat him up, it will hurt both his body and her heart. There’s nothing for her to lose. They finished the meal while teasing each other. They didn’t feel the typical romance of an ordinary couple. Kevin Kyle began to doubt his choices. But he didn’t want to end their alone time yet, so he dragged Karen Daly to walk along the beach near Mangrove Bay. Kevin Kyle held Karen Daly’s hand. She leaned on his side as if she was a little bird. Finally! It was a long time since he experienced the romance of being a couple. After walking through a long path with many surrounding trees, the view became increasingly beautiful. The sound of waves could be heard, they could also see the sea view with the help of the moonlight. Kevin Kyle stood still while stroking Karen Daly’s forehead, and said softly, “Karen, do you still remember that we have walked through this path together?” She nodded Of course she remembered, at that time, she took a walk in order to avoid him. But she didn’t know that this man was not sensible at all. However, the couple was able to take their walk together after and chat after dinner for the first time. They walked this path together. Kevin remembered it, and Karen remembered it too. She still remembered that she wanted to build an Ocean Paradise by the bay one day. Thinking of this, Karen looked up and found that the natural reserve by the bay had already been set up with all kinds of frames. It should be under some sort of construction. “Kevin, didn’t you say that the bay is a natural reserve area? Why was there construction? Did the construction unit get the government’s approval?” The place where she dreamed of building an Ocean Paradise was developed by others already. She felt as if a piece of her heart had been cut off. Kevin responded, “Well, I’m not sure about that.” If Karen Daly looked more carefully, she would definitely see a flash of smile in Kevin Kyle’s eyes, but she missed it because she was in a hurry. “How can the government do that? It’s a natural reserve area. Can it be developed?” In Karen Daly’s mind, if this bay had remained unexploited, she could still have a room for imagination. But now that it’s under development, her dream was shattered. Kevin Kyle hugged her. She was unexpectedly furious, so he comforted her, “Little fool, just let it be. Maybe it’s something unexpectedly good.” “I am not Little Karen. Don’t coax me with that tone.” He was not her, so he certainly could not understand her feelings. “Karen, you promised to eat with me and take a walk with me today, but do you know that you have been destroying our date?” This woman was less romantic than him, he wanted to abandon her and find another one who was smarter and more beautiful than her. “You’re the one who pissed me off.” Karen retorted. “… well, well, well, it’s my fault. I shouldn’t have made you angry.” Karen Daly spoke confidently, “it’s good that you know you’re wrong.” Kevin Kyle: “.” Sure enough, don’t reason with women. You would never know what they are thinking about. No matter whose fault was it, Kevin Kyle remembered that as long as he apologised, everything would be fine. When he was about to go home with her, he unexpectedly received a phone call from Neil Brown. Karen Daly didn’t know what Neil said on the phone, but she saw Kevin’s facial expression changed all of a sudden. He then said, “Karen, I’ll send you home, and then I’ll have to go to the military region of Chatterton Town.”.

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