My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 343

“Kevin, I’ll go with you.” Karen Daly guessed that since Neil Brown called Kevin Kyle so late in the evening, it must have something to do with Amelia Gray. She wanted to follow him to see if there was anything she could help. Kevin stroked her head and said, “No, you can go home and accompany Little Karen. Karen grabbed him and did not speak. She blinked her beautiful big watery eyes and stared at him. Looking at her beautiful face, Kevin Kyle felt defeated. He reached out to grab the back of her head and pulled her to him. He leaned over and kissed her as if he was tasting the most delicious food in the world. He loved her so much that he couldn’t let her go the moment he touched her. No wonder he felt that today’s date lacked something, it’s this kiss that was missing. After kissing her for a long time, Kevin Kyle slowly let go of her. Seeing her blushing face again, he lowered his head and said with a smile, “What a lovely child.” Karen Daly blushed and muttered, “If I’m a child, how dare you still kiss me. Aren’t you ashamed?” “Yes, you’re a giant baby.” “Bastard!” Kevin took her hand and said, “Let’s go.” Karen asked, “Where are we going?” He said, “Take a guess!” Karen was speechless. It took them more than an hour, and they finally arrived at the military region of Chatterton Town. Neil Brown came out to greet them in person. He was not surprised to see Karen Daly there. Knowing Kevin Kyle’s personality of doting on his wife, it was not surprising that Karen Daly would appear with him anywhere. A few days ago, he heard that this guy had transferred all his shares in Rovio Corporation to Karen. He didn’t know whether it was true or not. While he was deep in his thoughts, he heard Kevin Kyle say, “I heard that your military squad has always been able to deal with spies who have undergone special training before. I’m sure they could work with a woman who has never been through any special training before.” Neil Brown shrugged and said with a helpless smile, “To deal with a person, you must first know her weakness. If a person has no weakness, no matter how physically weak she is, she can be very strong.” Neil Brown then turned to look at Karen Daly, who was walking next to Kevin Kyle. This woman was Kevin Kyle’s weakness. Karen Daly was very quiet. After greeting him, she followed Kevin Kyle and listened to their conversation quietly. She did not interrupt, and knew very well how to present herself well. “If there is no weakness, then find her weakness.” Kevin Kyle believed that everyone has their own weaknesses, but some people hid too well. “So I brought you here. Amelia Gray was with you for more than ten years, and you would know more about her.” Neil Brown suddenly smiled and said, “I think she betrayed you because of her love for you.” “Don’t talk nonsense.” Kevin Kyle looked at Neil Brown with a gloomy face. Karen Daly, who was extremely jealous, was still here. She would overthink after this. Sure enough, as soon as he turned around, he received a dissatisfied look from Karen Daly. As Neil Brown was with them, Karen Daly refrained herself from lashing out at him. Otherwise, she would have already hit him. “A woman who has been by a man’s side for more than a decade, waiting for such a long time. If she didn’t have some feelings about this man, what else could it be?” Neil said. He deliberately exaggerated his words playfully, as if he was enjoying causing this rift between Kevin and Karen. Karen Daly gave Neil Brown a proper smile and said, “Uncle, what you say is definitely possible. Besides, even the women we saw when we went out for dinner would have a crush on your nephew too. But it doesn’t matter. Your nephew is already married, and I believe in him.” Look, how generous Karen Daly was! But Kevin Kyle was still worried, why did she secretly pinch him? If every woman was as sensible as you, then it’s a good news for any men in the world.” This couple would not fight, and Neil Brown was not happy at all. While they were talking, they had already walked to the place where Amelia Gray was locked up. For those who were loyal to him, Kevin Kyle would never treat them badly. But he would never forgive those who betrayed him. Neil Brown led them to the monitoring room. He pointed to the woman on the screen and said, “After she was locked in here, she sat in that corner and didn’t move a muscle. Of course, except when my people were interrogating her. Kevin Kyle also looked at Amelia Gray on the screen and asked, “What did your people ask?” Neil Brown sighed and said, “She didn’t say a word two days ago. Today, she only said one sentence. She said she wanted to see you.” Kevin Kyle raised his eyebrows and asked, “Have you found out her real identity?” “She is also from Country A.” Neil Brown looked at Kevin Kyle and said, “The people around Old Master Kyle are all from Country A. If he wasn’t your grandfather, I would have doubted his identity too.” Hearing the words of Neil Brown, Karen Daly felt chills rushing from the soles of her feet to her brain. She was so scared that she was numb all over. Judging from the incomplete recording, Old Master Kyle should not be Kevin Kyle’s real grandfather, so could this imposter really be from Country A too? What on earth did he want to do by sneaking into the Kyle Family and taking the place of Grandpa Kyle? Did he plan to rob Rovio Corporation Inc from the Kyle Family? Or was there any other reason? No, no, she couldn’t hide it from Kevin Kyle anymore. She would give the recording to Kevin Kyle as soon as she reached home. She couldn’t let him be in danger, and she couldn’t let the Kyle family be in danger. Papa Kyle, Mama Kyle, and Mia Kyle. They were all filial to Grandpa Kyle now and would be easily deceived. “It’s exactly because he’s my real grandfather…” If it weren’t for their family ties, Kevin Kyle would not be so easy on him. Because he was his family, his mentor, and the fact that Grandpa Kyle was an elder of the Kyle family, Kevin Kyle’s every move on his grandfather was not as cruel. If Old Master Kyle was willing to stop, if he was willing to put everything on the table, and if the old man knew to repent, then Kevin Kyle would still send him back to the United States in peace and wish him well. Neil Brown added, “Amelia Gray’s mouth is tight, and I don’t want to torture a woman, so I’ll leave it to you guys. Who’s going to set her up?” Karen Daly stepped forward and said, “I’ll go.” Kevin held her back and said with a slight dissatisfaction, “Don’t cause trouble. Just wait for me here.” Karen said firmly. “We are both women. I know how a woman thinks better than you do. Maybe I can get some unexpected answers.”.

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