My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 344

Kevin Kyle rejected without any hesitation. “No.” If there was any potential danger, he didn’t want Karen Daly to take a risk Neil Brown, however, didn’t like Kevin Kyle’s behavior of protecting his wife like she was a child. He slapped Kevin’s shoulder and said, “This is my territory. Are you worried that the woman will hurt my Karen? Karen Daly echoed, “Uncle has a point. I’m not a three-year old child. Besides, you’re all just out here. What can she do to me?” Kevin Kyle realized that he might have been overprotective. Karen was much more independent and powerful than he had imagined. He had always wanted to protect her under his wing and he ignored her strength It was impossible for him to stay by her side all the time. Take the incident from three years ago, there will always be room for mistake, so he should give her some space and let her learn to manage some things on her own. Just as Kevin Kyle was hesitating, Neil Brown gave Karen Daly a reassuring look. She immediately turned around and walked to the room where Amelia Gray was locked up in. The room where Amelia was detained was next to the monitoring room. The room was small but clean. There was only a small window on the thick wall. As Karen Daly walked in, Amelia Gray’s sad look suddenly changed, her eyes widened as she looked at Karen with a gloomy look. Karen Daly stood at the door and looked at Amelia with a smile, but in her eyes, you could see that she was determined and confident. They looked at each other, but no one spoke. There was a deadly silence in the air. After looking at each other for a long time, Amelia suddenly laughed. She was looking at the ceiling as she laughed sarcastically… When she was done laughing, she stopped, closed her eyes, continued to lean against the wall, and did not care about Karen Daly’s presence at all. As Amelia Gray was laughing, Karen was also smiling, but her smile looked warm, gentle, and beautiful. With the crazy look on Amelia Gray’s face, the difference between them was obvious. Karen Daly was definitely winning After standing for a while, Karen walked to Amelia Gray’s side and sat down. She smiled gently and said, “I heard that you are making a fuss every day about meeting my husband, Kevin. If you have anything tell him, just say it to me. I will tell him on your behalf.” Amelia Gray turned around and remained silent with her back facing Karen Daly. Amelia did not speak, but Karen was not angry. She continued slowly. “In fact, I already know what you’ve been wanting to tell him even if you don’t tell me. You are trying to tell Kevin Kyle that you like him, right?” As soon as she said this, she saw Amelia Gray clench her fists. Karen Daly simply smiled and continued, ou are married, but your eyes are on another man. This kind of behaviour is despicable.” Karen shook her head and sighed, “I pity your husband. His wife is sleeping in his arms every day, but she could only think about how to cheat on him.” “What the f*ck do you know?” Amelia turned around and glared at Karen, gnashing her teeth. “Stop talking if you don’t know anything.” Karen Daly still responded with a chuckle, “What do you mean? Can you deny the fact that you have a husband?” “I never admitted that the b*stard was my husband.” The man was a useless bastard. He was leeching off her. How did he deserve to be her husband? Neil Brown didn’t know what Amelia Gray’s weakness was, but as a woman, Karen Daly knew that there were something that couldn’t be seen on the surface easily. For example, Amelia’s weakness was her failed marriage, and this was also the last thing she wanted to mention to others. Amelia was angry. Of course, this was something that Karen Daly liked to see Karen Daly had done a simple investigation and discovered the conflict between Amelia Gray and her husband. Therefore, she used this as a bait for Amelia Gray so that she would lose her mind. At that time, it would be much easier for them to get information from her. Karen Daly said with a smile, “If you don’t like him, just file for a divorce. Why do you still have to stay with him? Or you were trying to get close to Kevin Kyle with your married status, so that he would not know that you have feelings for him?” That’s right, the marriage was a thorn in Amelia’s heart that couldn’t be removed, because it had already become rotten in her heart What really made Amelia Gray furious was that Karen had guessed correctly what she was thinking. Karen was right. She was taking advantage of her married status to stay by Kevin Kyle’s side all the time. Amelia stared at Karen, who still had a gentle smile on her face, and cried out loud, “Karen Daly, what do you think you have other than that face of yours?” She couldn’t wait to tear up Karen’s face so that she couldn’t charm Kevin Kyle with it anymore, and that she couldn’t laugh at her with such a face anymore. If it hadn’t been for Karen’s existence, things wouldn’t have turned out like this. Karen did not answer. She still looked at Amelia Gray with a smile on her face. Amelia was still willing to speak, so it’s a good thing Amelia Gray looked at Karen Daly fiercely and said, “You think you deserve to be with Director Kevin? You don’t even deserve to be his slave. How can you marry him? How can you give birth to the child of the Kyle family for him?” “He’s been in charge of Rovio at such a young age and has achieved so much, winning prizes and awards one after another. He’s a person who’s bigger than life. How can a woman like you deserve him?” “If you are smart enough to leave him, there is still a possibility for everything to be restored. If you are stubborn and still want to stay, I can tell you that you will regret it, and for sure you will regret it.” “I don’t deserve him? I will regret?” Karen Daly smiled gently and shrugged her shoulders. “But I did marry him and gave birth to his child, and he treated me so well. You are just an outsider who can’t be trusted, so you can only act crazy here, what else can you do?” Amelia Gray sneered and said, “Karen Daly, don’t be too happy yet. You will lose him, and it won’t be long ’til that happens.” I will lose him? Instantly, Karen Daly felt a cold breeze in her heart. What did Amelia Gray mean? Did the fake Old Master Kyle do something else to Kevin Kyle?” Karen Daly wanted to know, but she couldn’t ask her directly. So she had to use her own way to get it out of Amelia Gray. She needed as many clues as possible. Looking at Amelia, Karen continued to talk to her, “You have no rights to comment on what I have and what I don’t have. Whether deserve Kevin Kyle or not, it is none of your business. As for the birth of our child, it’s already set in stone. It’s impossible to change it.” Amelia Gray stared at Karen Daly coldly and smiled again. “Just wait and see. One day, you will regret it… you will definitely regret it!”.

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