My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 345

From her words, Karen Daly could tell that Amelia Gray knew that there was a plan to hurt them, but she and Kevin Kyle didn’t know what it was at the moment. Since she could interpret this information from their conversation, she believed that Kevin Kyle and Neil Brown should understand the same. Karen Daly continued, “Amelia, you don’t have to think about anyone else. You better focus on yourself and think about your situation now.” “Speaking of which, you’re not old. You’re only a few years older than Kevin. You’re educated and talented. It’s a pity…” Karen Daly shook her head. “It’s a pity that you don’t know how to cherish your life and no one can help you.” “Ugh..” Amelia Gray was increasingly agitated. The fact that she could betray Kevin Kyle, meant that she had already gone beyond her limits. Death was really not so terrible to her at this moment. Karen Daly continued, “Life is short, and life is fragile. If it’s gone, it will never come back. You’re putting your life in danger to work for someone else, but does that person really care about your life?” Amelia Gray merely snorted, she closed her eyes and said nothing Her response made Karen understand that she was really not afraid of death. Karen was also determined. She was not ready to step down. She suddenly moved closer to Amelia Gray and whispered in a voice that only the two of them could hear, “The Old Master now is not the real Grandpa Kyle at all. If I tell this news to Kevin Kyle, what do you think will happen?” Her voice was low and cunning, like a poisonous arrow, piercing into Amelia Gray’s pain point. “What, what are you talking about…” Amelia Gray clenched her fists and her expression changed. She didn’t know whether it was because she was angry or because Karen got it right, but her head was trembling. “Karen Daly, do you think that anyone will believe you if you make up such a story?” “Oh?” Karen smiled disapprovingly and then said, “You are from Country A, and Assistant Hart is from Country A. All of you work for the fake Old Master Kyle, so can I infer that the current Old Master Kyle is also from Country A?” Amelia Gray gritted her teeth and stared at Karen fiercely for a long time. In the end, she looked away and did not want to further interact with her. However, Karen suddenly realized that she had gotten the information she wanted from Amelia Gray’s facial expression. The moment that she said that the Old Master was from Country A, a disdainful smile flashed through Amelia Gray’s eyes and disappeared instantly. Humans couldn’t hide their emotions completely, such as Amelia Gray who couldn’t hide how happy she was that Karen Daly guessed wrongly. Karen Daly smiled. She knew that she had guessed wrongly. She continued, “Oh, thank you for telling me that the Old Master is not from Country A.” As soon as she finished speaking, Amelia Gray, suddenly turned her head again and looked at Karen Daly fiercely. The hatred and shock in her eyes were like the surging tide and the sharp teeth of wild beasts. Karen Daly looked at Amelia Gray’s reaction and confirmed her own hypothesis. She gave Amelia Gray a look of approval and satisfaction. “If the Old Master is not from Country A, why are you giving so much up for him?” The Old Master of the Kyle Family was not from Country A, but there were so many people from Country A around him who worked hard for him. What was going on? Who did her father, Herbert Ken, kill back then? Who was the person who was very important to the current Old Master Kyle? Amelia Gray was almost furious to death by Karen Daly’s gaze. She just wanted to tear Karen Daly apart. Since she couldn’t move at all, she could only howl, “Karen, I want you to go to hell!” “It doesn’t matter if you don’t answer me. I have evidence to prove that the Old Master is not Kevin’s real grandfather.. Amelia, your life belongs to you. You have a choice. You can choose whether you want to live or not. It’s all in your hands.” “I want to see Director Kevin.” Amelia Gray was very agitated. “He won’t see you. If you have anything to say, just tell me, it’s the same.” “If I can’t see Director Kevin, don’t even think of getting any information from me. “What can you do if you see him? You’ve been with him for so many years, you should know his temper better than me. What will he do to the ones who betrayed him?” Both of them lowered their voices in their last conversation. Kevin Kyle and Neil Brown, who were in the monitoring room, could not hear clearly. Neil Brown’s eyes moved from the monitor to Kevin Kyle. “Matthew, I thought your wife was just a little sheep. Now it seems that I made a mistake.” Kevin Kyle squinted his eyes hard at the monitor. Her change of character was so great that he was shocked for a moment. He didn’t hear what Neil Brown said at all. Unable to his answer, Neil Brown slapped on Kevin Kyle’s shoulder again. “Matthew, what did she say to Amelia earlier?” Kevin answered calmly, “She said it in such a low voice. Obviously, she didn’t want us to hear her. Why are you still asking about this?” Hearing Kevin Kyle’s words, Neil Brown only felt that there were thousands of horses running across in his heart… How could this man pamper his wife like this? Neil thought, if Kevin’s wife cheated on him in the future, he could still smile and say, “It’s fine. If you like that man, you can go after him. I’ll support you.” He glared at Kevin Kyle and said discontentedly, “I didn’t expect you, Matthew, to be such a person.” “Uncle, this world is too complicated. There are so many unexpected things.” Just as he had never thought that his own grandfather would get someone to poison him, he didn’t expect that the person who had worked with him for more than ten years was a traitor. Kevin Kyle still remembered his grandfather’s teachings since he was a child. He remembered the life philosophy that his grandfather taught him… In the end, none of them worked. Within the business industry, he had his principles of dealing with people, and he had his methods for work. He also had his skills and abilities when socializing with others. “I want to see Director Kevin. Have him meet me!” Amelia Gray’s scream came to their ears again. Neil Brown leaned against the wall and teased, “Matthew, 1 didn’t expect that you, such a cold person, could be so attractive. Why don’t you see her and fulfil her wishes?” Kevin Kyle suddenly got up and strode to the next door. He appeared at the door where Amelia Gray was locked up. He just stood there under the dim light..

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