My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 346

Kevin Kyle looked at Amelia Gray and said coldly, “If you want to see me so badly, I’m here. I’ll give you a chance to speak.” “Director Kevin.” Amelia Gray was so excited that her voice was breaking, and her tears burst out like a waterfall. She rushed forward, but fell to the ground because she was locked to the chair. She stretched out her hand desperately, trying to touch Kevin Kyle’s trouser, but Kevin Kyle stood so far away… He was always so far away, as far as the end of the sea, and as far as being in another world. He was right beside her, but she couldn’t touch him. “Director Kevin, Director Kevin” She called Kevin Kyle again and again in an infatuated tone, as if she was calling her lover. Kevin Kyle frowned slightly and said with a serious look, “Say what you want to say.” “Director Kevin, do you know? You definitely don’t know, because I was never in your eyes. Or maybe you have never treated me as a woman before. I worked so hard and tried my best to do every task you asked me to do. But in your eyes, I didn’t even exist.” “Yes, I admit that I am older than you, but why does it matter? Don’t I have the right to pursue the man I like? You know clearly that the person I like was you, but your father, Hale Kyle, introduced me to such a useless man.” “An incompetent man who spends all his days eating, drinking, and gambling. You don’t know how it feels to be facing a man who is as excellent as a God in the daytime, but when you go home at night, you are facing such a useless bastard.” Karen Daly and Kevin Kyle looked at Amelia Gray who was wriggling on the ground, their eyes were filled with pity and disgust. One of the hardships in life was being unable to get what you want. Kevin Kyle suddenly held Karen Daly’s hand. They looked at each other. They knew that while the world was in chaos, as long as they had each other, time will be still and everything will be fine, and there was nothing else they could ask for. Amelia Gray looked up at them from the ground and watched their loving embrace. The resentment in her heart was almost tearing up her chest. She hated herself, Karen Daly, Old Master Kyle, Hale Kyle, her useless husband, everything, and even… Kevin Kyle. “Ha ha ha ha.” Amelia suddenly laughed, and there were still trace of tears on her face, looking like a madman. ” Director Kevin, do you think that the poison has been removed completely? Ha ha ha… Director Kevin, I wish you a long and healthy life!” “Did you think the poison was eliminated?” Hearing Amelia Gray’s words, Karen Daly felt a panic in her heart. There seemed to be a thunder exploding in her ear, which made her at a loss of what to do. She could only ask in a dull voice, “What do you mean?” However, Amelia Gray did not answer Karen Daly’s question. She just looked at Karen Daly and continued to laugh crazily She murmured, “Ha ha ha… long… and… years of healthy life..” The sound of laughter echoed in the small room. It was like the sharp sound of a nail rubbing against glass, making people feel uneasy and even fearful. “Amelia !” Karen Daly was so worried about Kevin Kyle that she was about to pounce on Amelia Gray, but she was stopped by him as soon as she moved. Karen Daly subconsciously wanted to shake off Kevin Kyle’s hand and demand for more answers from Amelia Gray. However, Kevin caught her so tightly that she could not move no matter how hard she struggled. Her worries about him had turned into anxiety and anger. She shouted at him, “Kevin Kyle, what are you doing? Let go of me!” However, he did not let go of her. Instead, he tightened his grip on her. Kevin didn’t let go of Karen Daly despite her struggle and resistance. Instead, he suddenly turned to look at Amelia Gray, who was laughing triumphantly. His eyes were sharp and cold. “Amelia Gray, I have given you a chance. You did not cherish it. Don’t blame me for acting mercilessly.” After speaking, Kevin Kyle left the room, all the while holding Karen Daly’s hand They kept Amelia Gray locked up there to get more information about the Old Master from her. However, Amelia’s mouth was so tight that they couldn’t get any clues from her. Then the was no need for him to waste more time on a useless person Kevin Kyle could confirm some of his suspicions based on Amelia Gray’s words earlier. He had suspected that the poison in his body had not been completely removed and his life was at risk. He felt discomfort and pain occasionally, but nothing serious had happened. Amelia Gray’s sarcasm could prove that the remaining poison in his body must be much more powerful than he had imagined However, Kevin Kyle did not want Karen Daly to worry about him. No matter how uncomfortable his body was, he would insist on being Karen Daly’s most powerful protector. “Kevin, I asked you to let me go. I wanted to get some answers before leaving.” Compared with Kevin Kyle’s nonchalant attitude, Karen Daly was so anxious that she almost burst into tears. The poison has not been completely removed! That would imply that Kevin Kyle might go into a coma again, and at anytime, he might.. Karen Daly couldn’t think about it, so she took a deep breath of cold air Kevin Kyle took her into his arms and rubbed her soft hair gently with his chin. Then he closed his eyes and called her name softly, “Karen His voice was deep and seductive; it was like a moving music that hit her heart and suppressed the uneasiness that rose abruptly Kevin Kyle lowered her head and kissed her forehead, then said, “Amelia Gray is playing mind games with you. If you really believe in what she said, you will lose.” “Are you really alright? is she really just playing psychological games with me? Did you lie to me?” Karen was wise and would always tread matters carefully, but since this had something to do with Kevin, she was triggered and affected easily. She couldn’t imagine what she would become if something happened to him again. She was sure that she would be crazier than Amelia Gray. “Idiot, when have I lied to you?” Kevin Kyle held her tightly as if he wanted to her to feel his calm heartbeat. She let out a soft sigh, but she still felt slightly uneasy. At this time, Amelia Gray’s terrible laughter came again. “Ha, ha, ha… Director Kevin, dear beloved Director Kevin. You are so good and so excellent. Why do you like such a woman?” “If you look at me with your eyes, how would I be willing to poison you at the first place? I wish you, hahaha.. I hope you can survive for at least two days longer than me.” Amelia’s crazy laughter continued, which made Karen tremble in fear. She unconsciously reached out her arms wrapped them around Kevin’s thin waist tightly. “Kevin, no matter if Amelia says is true or not, we must go to the hospital for a check-up tomorrow.” Kevin Kyle nodded and said, “Alright, I’ll see a doctor. Don’t worry about it.”.

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