My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 347

On the way home, Karen Daly could only think about Amelia Gray’s words. She was worrying about Kevin Kyle’s health. After a long while, Karen’s thoughts strayed to her conversation with Amelia on the real identity of Old Master Kyle. Assistant Hart was from Country A, and Amelia Gray was from Country A. They all worked hard for Old Master Kyle. If the Old Master was not from Country A, then what was his true identity? Despite thinking for a long time, Karen Daly still couldn’t think of an answer. The current Old Master Kyle was the biggest threat to Kevin Kyle. She could not sit and just let the danger slide by without informing Kevin Kyle. She could not allow Kevin to unknowingly present himself to this huge threat. Karen kept thinking, then she at Kevin. She asked seriously, “Kevin, when you were young, who loved you the most in your family?” “My grandfather.” Grandpa Kyle was the first person that came to Kevin’s mind. Kevin Kyle had always remembered, his parents loved each other very much, his father spent a lot of time caring for his mother. His mother had fallen ill when she gave birth to him, and she was always in poor health. Since then, his father used all his time and effort to take care of his mother, so he naturally became the neglected one. But he had his grandfather. His grandfather had always given lot of attention to him and taught him all kinds of life lessons, he had learnt a lot from them. When he was a child, his grandfather often said to him that the men of the Kyle family had to be strong and stand up for others, to love their wives and to protect their children. Only through love and support, could they then conquer the vast universe “Then were there any… strange things that happened to Grandpa Kyle?” Karen Daly was careful about the words she used. She feared that Kevin Kyle would not understand her intentions, but she was also afraid that he would understand too well and not handle the news well. “Strange things?” Kevin Kyle frowned slightly. He did not understand why Karen was asking him this. “For example.” Karen pondered for a moment and then asked, “Did his personality change all of a sudden?” She asked very seriously and carefully. It was not difficult to see the worry in her eyes. Seeing Karen’s behavior, Kevin grew concerned too. After thinking about it carefully, he answered, “It seems that there was not much change.” Upon hearing this answer, Karen Daly felt a little disappointed “What’s wrong?” Although he answered the question, Kevin Kyle still did not understand why Karen Daly asked so. “Kevin, if, I mean if…” Karen was so nervous that she stuttered a little. She then asked cautiously, “The Grandpa Kyle that you know is not your real grandfather, what would you do?” “If he wasn’t my real grandfather? How could he not be my real grandfather?” Karen Daly’s assumption was too absurd. Kevin raised his eyebrows, but he still considered it seriously However, Kevin Kyle still couldn’t think of any responses after thinking for a long time. Karen Daly rephrased her sentence, “Did Grandpa Kyle disappear for a period of time… Then became different when he was back? Maybe it was just a little difference.” Hearing her question, Kevin Kyle suddenly had a thought. He still clearly remembered that when he was nine years old, his grandfather was in poor health and went elsewhere to receive treatment. A year later, when Grandpa Kyle came back, it was at the same time when his parents adopted Mia Kyle. At that time, Grandpa Kyle hired his new assistant, Assistant Hart, to be by his side. Since then, his grandfather’s personality had changed a little. He always avoided Kevin, unlike in the old days when he would teach him everything. But Grandpa Kyle doted on Mia Kyle, who was newly adopted. He took great care of Mia Kyle like a treasure, and protected her very well. In short, Mia Kyle became the baby that was very much loved by his family. At that time, Kevin Kyle, who was young, seemed to have been a little jealous. But he thought that Grandpa Kyle did so because he was a boy and needed to take on more responsibilities. Besides, Mia Kyle was a girl, so it was natural for her to be pampered. This idea was naturally embedded into his mind so he didn’t mind it, but today, Karen Daly put forth a possibility. Perhaps, the change in his grandfather’s attitude towards him was not because of care, but it was because his grandfather was no longer the grandfather he knew when he was young… At that time, Mia Kyle suddenly appeared, and Mia Kyle’s parents were the most important people to “Grandpa”… Could… Karen be right? Grandpa Kyle was no longer his grandfather, but Grandpa Kyle and Mia Kyle were the real…. blood relatives? Kevin was shocked by the sudden thoughts and realization. It could be possible, but he didn’t want to believe that his real Grandpa Kyle, who loved him and taught him a lot, had been secretly replaced. Kevin Kyle did not answer, but Karen Daly knew from his expression that something must have happened to Grandpa Kyle before She did not say anything else. She just held Kevin in her arms and said softly, “Kevin, no matter what happens, I will always stay with you.” “Karen, do you know something that I don’t?” Karen would never say something hypothetically, so Kevin Kyle guessed that she must have gotten some evidence that he didn’t know of. Karen nodded. “I have something related to Grandpa Kyle with me… Do you want to see it?” As soon as this thing was handed over, Kevin Kyle would lose a family member who used to be the most important one in his heart However, he didn’t hesitate at all. He nodded his head firmly. The Old Master now was not his real grandfather, so he would not feel any for Kevin. This might imply that the previous means of poisoning him might be his lightest means of hurting him. Karen Daly saw that Kevin Kyle had made up his mind, so she did not delay even for a moment. She immediately took the recording pen that she kept carefully and handed it to him. She said, “This recording was transferred from the ring that my mother gave to you before. Because it had been kept for so long, the sound is unclear and there are some defects. Kevin Kyle nodded and turned on the recording pen, quietly listening to the content of the conversation in the recording pen The content of the conversation was not very much. The first half was about ways to murder Herbert Ken, and the second half was about the real identity of the Old Master. From the conversation, it could be vaguely understood that this unidentified old man had replaced the real Grandpa Kyle, but it was not clear who he was and why did he do so from the conversation. Before he heard the recording, Kevin Kyle also had such a guess before, but it was just his own wild guess. It didn’t make sense at all. Now all the evidence was suggesting that the Old Master was not his real grandfather. This meant that his grandfather had been replaced 20 years ago, but as his grandfather’s beloved grandson, he knew nothing about it. Karen Daly tugged the corner of Kevin’s clothes carefully and said, “Kevin, this recording is incomplete. The missing part may be the most crucial thing.” Kevin clenched his fists and hid the surging emotions in his heart. He smiled at Karen and said, “I’ll handle this. Don’t think too much about it. It’s getting late. Let’s rest.”.

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