My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 348

“Kevin.” Karen Daly pulled Kevin Kyle, who was about to turn around and leave, and said, “You told me that no matter what happens, we’ll face it together.” “Alright.” Kevin Kyle rubbed her head and smiled gently. “Just go to bed first.” “Kevin-“Karen Daly still wanted to say something, but when she saw the pain and reluctance in his eyes, she swallowed her words back. For him, it was painful to be hurt by his own grandfather. His grandfather, who used to love him so much, had been secretly replaced by a stranger for more than 20 years. No one knows whether he was alive or dead at all. If his grandfather was still alive, how did he spend the past 20 years? If he were dead.. In the past 20 years, Kevin Kyle had treated his enemy like his own grandfather. How painful and angry would his grandfather be, watching this from Heaven? Karen could only imagine his pain. This kind of pain, along with deep guilt and anger, was like venomous fangs of a poisonous snake, which could bite one’s heart and rotten one’s bones. It was really hard to imagine how Kevin must be feeling, After handing over the recording incriminating the Old Master Kyle to Kevin, Karen did not feel relieved. Instead, she was anxious and could not sit still. Last night, after he received the recording pen, he went to the study room for a while. She didn’t know what he was doing. He was away for a long time before he came back to the bedroom and went out early again this morning. Looking at Little Karen, who was holding a brush and drawing carefully in front of her, Karen reached out to pinch her chubby face and said softly, “Little Karen, my baby, 1 want to hug you.” She thought that maybe if she hugged Little Karen in her arms, she would not be so worried and uneasy. Little Karen threw the brush away and threw herself into her mother’s arms. She snuggled up to Karen Daly and said softly and sweetly, “Mom, I’m drawing daddy, you, Brother Lionel and Momo…” It turned out that she drew it so seriously because she wanted to draw her family well, with Brother Lionel and Momo too. But the drawing was too messy that no one could tell that which figure was Brother Lionel and Momo. However, the most important thing in educating a child was to build confidence. Even if Little Karen’s drawing didn’t look nice at all, Karen Daly still nodded and gave her a thumbs-up. “You’re so great! The drawing is really beautiful!” “Mom, I’ll give this to Brother Lionel!” Little Karen grabbed the drawing that she had just drawn. It was obviously a mess but she felt very satisfied after her mom’s compliment, as if she had drawn the most beautiful art in the world. “You want to give it to Brother Lionel because you like him?” Karen Daly then glanced at Lionel who was standing by the side like a statue. Little Karen nodded vigorously. Then she said loudly. “Brother Lionel, I’ll give this to you.” Little Karen grabbed the drawing that she had casually drawn and waved it in the air. Lionel quickly came over to take it. He smiled at Little Karen, rubbed her head, and left quietly. Karen Daly saw how Little Karen’s facial expression changed when she saw Lionel, so she knew that she wanted to play with her Brother Lionel. “A mother can never hold her daughter back!” Karen Daly thought She helped Little Karen up and tidied up her clothes. Then she kissed her and said, “Go and play with Brother Lionel.” “Okay.” With her mother’s permission, Little Karen ran to her Brother Lionel again. Looking at Little Karen and Lionel’s back, Karen Daly couldn’t help smiling. What’s wrong with her? Little Karen was so young, yet she was worried about her love life. Little Karen was Kevin Kyle’s daughter, the daughter of the majestic Rovio Corp. She was sure that there will be many people from rich families who would woo her in the future. However, it was not easy to find a person who will be genuinely good to her. Karen Daly really hoped that Lionel could stay by Little Karen’s side for the rest of her life and give her love. The notification of the new messages on her phone interrupted Karen Daly’s thoughts. She picked up the phone and saw a photo of Faye Reed. In the photo, Faye’s smile was very bright, but it made people her uneasy… Karen Daly immediately called Faye on the phone. After the call was connected, she heard a cold and familiar male voice, “Miss Daly, nice to meet you!” As soon as he heard this familiar yet disgusting male voice, Karen Daly immediately went ballistic. She shouted, ” What the f*ck do you want, Hart? If you dare to touch her, I will let you die a miserable death!” “Ah-” Before Karen Daly could finish her words, she heard Faye Reed’s screams. “Don’t touch her, I’ll give you whatever you want!” Faye Reed was in their hands, so Karen couldn’t pretend to be tough anymore Assistant Hart responded annoyingly, “You finally know how to say nice things now don’t you? Where was the commanding woman who warned me earlier? Did I miss her? “It’s my fault. I’ll give you whatever you want. Please don’t touch her. Faye had already been hurt before because of her. She could not let history repeat itself. “Ah “Ah-” Faye’s scream came from the phone again. Karen was so distressed that her heart was almost numb, and she panicked. “Faye..” Karen Daly bit her lips and clenched her fists, “Hart, if you stop hurting her, everything can be negotiated. If anything happens to her, I will take you down with me.” “Miss Daly, you are a person who values relationships!” Assistant Hart smiled gloomily. “At present, Miss Reed is good. We only gave her a few slaps. Nothing else will happen.” “I’ll give you whatever you want.” “Miss Daly, tragedy is bound to happen the moment you gave that to Kevin Kyle.” Upon hearing what Assistant Hart said, Karen Daly felt chills running down her spine. She just handed the recording to Kevin Kyle last night, and Hart already knew it about it early this morning. Did it mean that there were spies around her and Kevin? If there was, who could this person be? The voice of Assistant Hart came again. “However, I’m in a good mood today. I don’t really want to hurt anyone. Your friend just has a swollen face.” Karen Daly gritted her teeth and asked, “What do you want?” “What do I want? Let me think about it.” Assistant Hart surely and slowly. “I want your daughter in exchange for her.” “Don’t don’t think about it..” Assistant Hart smiled again and threatened, “Since you want to play hard to get, I can’t guarantee what will happen to Miss Reed and the baby in her belly.”.

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