My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 349

Faye Reed was Karen Daly’s best friend and Little Karen was her only child. They were both important to Karen Daly. Karen Daly would rather exchange her own life for another person’s safety, instead of using her best friend’s and her daughter’s lives for a gamble. How could Assistant Hart, who was by the Old Master’s side and worked loyally for him, understand her pain? Karen Daly also understood that the purpose of Assistant Hart’s threat was not really Little Karen nor Faye Reed, he just wanted to take revenge on her. If she really stupidly sent Little Karen over in exchange for Faye Reed, none of them would come back safe. They kidnapped Faye Reed to threaten and take revenge on Karen Daly, in order to let her understand that she made a wrong decision from the moment she decided not to follow their instructions “Let’s take care of Miss Reed then!” From the phone, Assistant Hart spoke again, then she heard the sound of Faye Reed’s scream again. “Don’t touch her. We can talk about it.” Karen held her mobile phone tightly, gritted her teeth, and tried hard to speak in a calm voice. Ignoring Karen’s word, Assistant Hart said mercilessly. “I heard that Miss Reed is pregnant. It’s up to you to decide whether her child can stay alive.” “Just wait… Hart!” Karen bit her lips hard and said, “Don’t touch her. I’ll exchange my daughter for her safety.” “Haha..” Assistant Hart laughed sinisterly. After a long time, he stopped and said, “Miss Daly, do you really think we are fools? You are willing to exchange your daughter for this woman?” “Little Karen darling, where are you? Little Aunt is back. Don’t you want to come out to say hi?” Karen Daly was about to look for her daughter when Mia Kyle’s loud voice suddenly came from outside the room. Karen Daly and Assistant Hart heard it at the same time. “Miss Daly, we’re done for today, I’ll talk with you another day. Don’t talk about this to Miss Kyle, or you’ll have to bear the consequences.” After saying this, Assistant Hart hung up the phone. As the call was dropped, Karen Daly was so anxious that she felt like throwing out the phone in her hand. Faye Reed was in their hands, and Assistant Hart hung up the phone. Her only line to Faye Reed was broken. Just as Karen Daly was about to smash her phone, she thought of something. She thought of the last sentence Assistant Hart said earlier. “Why was Assistant Hart so worried about Mia Kyle knowing about this?” Karen Daly had just promised to exchange Little Karen for Faye Reed as a stalling tactic. She wanted to buy some time to inform Kevin Kyle as they come up with a solution. The sudden appearance of Mia Kyle made Karen Daly think of another possibility. Would all the things that Old Master Kyle was up to have something to do with Mia? Karen Daly remembered that the fake Old Master had tried his best to bring Kevin Kyle and Mia Kyle together. She still remembered Grandpa Kyle’s love for Mia, and the respectful and gentle look of Assistant Hart when he saw Mia around. Karen Daly had not been with the Kyle family for a very long time, but she could still see the dynamics of relationships between each family member. Mia Kyle had a lively personality and hated evil as if it was her enemy. They wanted Mia Kyle to live in her pure and innocent world all the time. They wanted her to live happily. They certainly didn’t want to leave such an impression of kidnapping and threatening in Mia Kyle’s memory, so they were afraid that Mia Kyle would know what they had done. According the fake Old Master’s concern for Mia Kyle, if it was confirmed that Faye Reed was in their hands, wouldn’t it be better to let Mia Kyle save her? “Little Karen darling, let me hug you. I’ve been missing you for so many days that I can’t eat anymore.” Mia Kyle cried out “Little Aunt, give me a thousand dollars for a hug then.” “My little money-minded baby, wasn’t it 500 dollars to hug you? It’s only been a few days since we last saw each other, but you’ve raised the price again. You’re getting more and smarted at making money.” The voice of Mia Kyle and Little Karen came from outside. Judging from Little Karen’s tone, Karen Daly could tell that her daughter liked this little aunt very much. Karen Daly listened to them and clenched the phone in her hand, intending to look for Mia Kyle. However, Karen Daly did not take any actions yet. She was worried if she let Mia Kyle know about the dirty truth, they would kill Faye Reed in order to cover up the traces. Just as Karen Daly was hesitating, the phone in her hand rang again. She picked it up and saw a number that she was so familiar with on the screen. Looking at this familiar mobile phone number, it seemed that she could see Kevin Kyle’s beautiful face looking at her tenderly. “Hello?” The word came out of Karen Daly’s mouth, and she found that her voice was trembling. She had lost the calmness and self-restraint that she had when she was facing Assistant Hart. won’t let anything happen to her.” “Karen, don’t be afraid. No matter what happens, you have to remember that you have me. I will handle Faye’s matter. I It was his usual words, said with his familiar deep and seductive voice. It’s almost like every time when she encountered something and did not know what to do, Kevin Kyle would appear by her side in all kinds of ways. “Kevin “Yes, I am here.” Coldness, fear, panic… When she heard Kevin Kyle’s voice, all the uneasiness left her body bit by bit. She took a deep breath, pursed her lips and said with a smile, “Kevin, thank you so much.” “I am your husband.” Kevin Kyle replied with the same answer that he had said repetitively before. After a pause, he asked, “Mia is home?” “Yes, she just arrived.” Karen Daly nodded and said, “How do you know she’s back?” After asking this question, Karen Daly realized how stupid she sounded. They had such a close relationship. It was not surprising that Kevin knew that Mia returned home. Just as Karen Daly was annoyed by her stupid question, she heard Kevin Kyle’s serious answer, “It was I who asked her to come back.” “Oh..” Karen Daly nodded to herself. “Karen..” “Hmm?” “Use your phone to call the Old Master and let Mia talk to him.” “Do you want to use Mia to help save Faye?” Karen Daly shook her head and said excitedly, “Hart warned me not to tell Mia earlier. If I asked for Mia to call them immediately, if they get angry-” “Karen, Faye will be fine. “She is pregnant and just got beaten up violently. Anything could happen to her. I will never take risks on her life.” Thinking of Faye’s dire situation, Karen got anxious again and completely forgotten what Kevin Kyle had just said to her..

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