My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 350

“Karen Daly, trust me!” Kevin Kyle said again. It was just a few simple words, but the panic in Karen Daly’s heart suddenly became less intense. “Okay.” She nodded. She believed in Kevin Kyle and his men. She believed that Faye Reed would be fine. “Sister-in-law, I’m back.” Mia Kyle ran in the room like a child. “Mia..” Karen looked at her and tried to smile. “Can you do me a favor? Mia Kyle spoke enthusiastically, “Karen, if you have anything you need, just tell me. As long as I can do it, I will do it no matter what.” Karen Daly pulled Mia over and told her about Faye Reed’s abduction. Mia Kyle could not believe what she had said. “Karen, I think you misunderstood. Grandpa will never be that kind of person.” In Mia Kyle’s eyes, Grandpa Kyle was the kindest old man in the world. She did not believe that Grandpa Kyle would kidnap others to threaten her sister-in-law. She would never believe it There was no grudge between her sister-in-law and her grandfather. How could such a kind and lovely grandfather do such a thing to her brother’s wife and the eldest daughter in-law of the Kyle family? Mia Kyle said she didn’t believe it, but she still took the mobile phone handed over by Karen Daly. She bit her lips and glanced at Karen Daly, and quickly dialled in the phone number that was firmly memorized in her mind. Regardless of the truth in Karen Daly’s words, Mia thought that she should call her grandpa to ask. She must prove his innocence and not allow anyone to slander her grandpa. The call was quickly connected. The loud and kind voice of the Old Master of the Kyle said, “Karen, I know that you are a filial child. I appreciate your sincerity. You don’t have to call me every day to greet me.” Hearing the old man’s fake words, Karen Daly pursed her lips and sneered in her heart, “He’s really a cunning old fox!” Perhaps the Old Master also knew that Mia Kyle had returned home, so he was so cautious during the phone call. Hearing Grandpa Kyle’s words, Mia let out a long sigh of relief and smiled with her tensed face. “Grandpa, It’s Mia.” “Ah.” Grandpa Kyle said in surprise, “It’s my Mia. Weren’t you filming on set? Why did you suddenly come back? Why didn’t you inform me earlier? I could’ve asked Mr. Hart to fetch you from the airport.” “I missed you, that’s why I came back early.” Mia Kyle scratched her head and said, “Grandpa, I will come over later.” “Okay, I will be waiting for you.” Old Master Kyle laughed happily and continued to say in a very kind voice, “In the Kyle family, you are still our most sensible and filial one. Every time I hear your voice, I could feel much lively.” Mia Kyle said sweetly, “Grandpa, then I will call you three times a day in the future, so that you will be younger and younger all the time.” She didn’t believe that her most respected grandfather would do the things Karen Daly said, so she didn’t intend to ask Old Master Kyle at all. If she didn’t believe in her grandfather, he would be upset. She didn’t want that. She was her grandpa’s happy pill. Her responsibility was to make her him happy. “Okay, okay, okay!” Old Master Kyle chuckled. Then he added, “Then I will ask someone to cook your favorite dishes, i’ll be waiting for you to come see me.” “Great… Grandpa, I would like to eat some desserts.” Mia Kyle smiled sweetly and continued, “I’m going to hang up first. Bye, Grandpa!” As soon as she hung up the call, Mia Kyle looked up and saw Karen Daly who was standing in front of her. She smiled apologetically and said, “Karen, I’m really sorry! Grandpa is my most respected grandfather and the most loving grandfather. I don’t believe he will do such a bad thing, so don’t want to do anything that will make him sad.” Karen Daly shook her head and smiled. “Mia, you don’t have to apologize to me. Everyone in our world has someone we want to protect. If I were you, I would make the same choice as you.” Everyone had someone they want to protect and Mia Kyle wanted to protect her grandfather who loved her very much. He didn’t hurt anyone, so why should she hurt him? Karen replied gracefully, which made Mia feel bad. She added, “Karen, Grandpa is really kind. Don’t be deceived by his strict appearance and misunderstand him.” Mia firmly believed that Karen Daly had misunderstood her grandfather. Her grandfather was so kind, how could he kidnap Faye to threaten her sister-in-law? Karen must have been mistaken. It was absolutely not her kind grandfather who would do such a crazy thing. Listening to Mia Kyle’s words, Karen Daly simply smiled without saying anything. In front of Mia, the fake Grandpa Kyle was indeed a kind old man, and a grandfather who loved his granddaughter very much Karen Daly was not surprised at all to see Mia Kyle protecting her grandfather like this. Mia Kyle wanted to explain further, but Kevin Kyle’s call came in again. She quickly handed the phone to Karen Daly and said, “Karen, my brother is looking for you. You can answer the phone first.” Karen took the phone and answered it. Then she heard Kevin Kyle’s voice, “Karen, everything will be settled soon. Stay at home with Little Karen. You can do whatever you want. Wait for my good news.” “Okay, I’ll wait for your news at home.” This time, Karen Daly did not ask anything else. All she needed to do was to trust Kevin Unconditionally, Karen Daly believed in him, but when she remembered that Faye Reed, a pregnant woman, had been kidnapped by Assistant Hart, a mad beast, she was still worried about it. However, she hid her worries in her heart and did not want to make Kevin feel more burdened. Karen Daly was worried because she didn’t know whether this was just a plot set by Kevin. A plot to lure the snake out of its hole. Faye Reed was Karen Daly’s best friend. She had been hurt because of Karen before. After that, Kevin Kyle arranged for people to protect her. When Karen Daly finally returned, there were still people who wanted to hurt her. Hence, Faye Reed might be the way to get to her If Faye got into trouble because of her, Karen would probably live in self-blame and guilt for the rest of her life. As her husband, how could Kevin Kyle let such a tragedy happen? From the conversation between Mia Kyle and the Old Master earlier, Kevin Kyle could confirm one thing. The Old Master’s love for Mia Kyle was absolutely genuine and deep in his heart, which proved that his previous hypothesis might be true. Knowing a bit more on this Old Master’s identity, Kevin Kyle had a better idea of the actual situation..

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