My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 351

 It was very simple to verify the blood relations between Old Master Kyle with that of Kevin Kyle and Mia Kyle. Kevin Kyle had asked someone to retrieve a strain of Old Master Kyle’s hair and in the shortest time, did a DNA matching test. Now the results were already in his hands. The result was unfavorable for Kevin Kyle. This old man, who looked so much alike his grandfather, was indeed not his real grandfather. His dear grandfather was gone. The grandfather who had loved him and had taught him to be an upright person and to love his spouse. The grandfather who had advised him that in order to conquer the world, he had to hold on to what was dear at heart. It’s been more than twenty years. A whole twenty over years… But he had not even noticed the difference at all. He didn’t know if his grandfather was alive or dead now… “Grandpa-” Kevin Kyle lamented the word in voice so low that it was heartbreaking Standing at the highest point and overlooking the international metropolis of Chatterton Town, Kevin Kyle could not feel any sense of accomplishment at all. Things would soon be clear, as for him, something seemed to have collapsed in his heart. His grandfather had been replaced. As his grandfather’s most beloved grandchild, he hadn’t found anything unusual until 20 years later. He stood upright. After a long time, he suddenly moved and punched onto the glass window in front of him. He hated this old man who had pretended to be his grandfather, but he hated himself more. He hated himself for not realizing anything abnormal. He hated himself so much because he didn’t even know whether his grandfather was alive or dead. Nick Black knocked on the door and entered, he reported, “Director Kyle, everything is going according to your plan and proceeding well. Kevin Kyle still looked into a distance and said in a deep voice, “Arrange for more people on Faye Reed’s side. We must ensure her complete safety.” When he mentioned about Faye Reed, Nick Black was a little proud, because he came up with this idea, He smiled and said, “Director Kyle, don’t worry. Miss Reed has been very cooperative. She will never come out before we are done with this matter, and no one will suspect the identity of the ‘Faye Reed’ who was kidnapped.” Karen Daly thought that there was a mole around Kevin Kyle, but she was wrong. When Kevin Kyle sent people to retrieve Old Master Kyle’s hair last night, they had noticed something. Kevin Kyle suddenly sending someone to retrieve Old Master Kyle’s hair would have been an obvious sign to Old Master Kyle that Karen Daly had handed over the evidence to Kevin Kyle. At that moment, Assistant Hart once again suggested to use Faye Reed to threaten Karen Daly, and immediately informed his men to kidnap Faye Reed. The process of kidnapping Faye Reed went smoothly, so smooth that it was like a trap waiting for their people to jump into it. However, the men who captured ‘Faye Reed’ did not find anything unusual and took away the ‘Faye Reed’ that Kevin Kyle wanted them to kidnap. After listened to Nick Black’s report, Kevin Kyle was silent for a while before he said, “Have you gotten people to examine the two old rings?” Nick Black answered respectfully, “Those two rings are actually two chips. If George Ken hadn’t messed them up unknowingly, we could have read the contents of the chips a lot quicker. Now we need some time to repair them.” Kevin Kyle looked into the distance and ordered without looking back, “Hurry up and settle it. I want an answer for everything in three days.” Mia Kyle, fake old man… Kevin Kyle had asked Mia Kyle to rush back because he wanted her to do another DNA test with the fake old man. With the DNA test between Mia Kyle and the fake old man as comparison, everything should be verified. And now Kevin Kyle still needed to prove, how this fake old man could look exactly like his grandfather? Was his real identity Mia Kyle’s father, who should had been executed a long time ago? Or was he Mia Kyle’s real grandfather who still couldn’t be found? She didn’t know why, but after listening to Karen Daly’s words at noon, Mia Kyle’s heart was still unsettled. She chose to believe in Grandpa Kyle. However, she was still worried that her favorite grandfather would turn out to be a cruel person. When she thought of these matters, Mia Kyle could neither stand or sit… No matter what she did, she couldn’t calm down. Not long after staying at home, Mia Kyle decided to go to the farm to look for her grandfather. She wanted to talk to her grandfather and tell him about the interesting things that had happened recently. That would stop her from thinking too much When she arrived at the farm, Mia Kyle saw her grandfather lying on the lounge chair, resting. His eyes were closed and he was breathing calmly. He seemed to be sleeping soundly. Mia Kyle moved a stool to her grandfather’s side and fanned him gently. Grandpa’s hair had almost turned silver, the wrinkles on his face were deeper too. His voice was not as loud and powerful as it used to be. Although she often said that her grandfather looked younger by the day, she had to admit that age had left its marks on her grandfather. Her grandfather had aged so much, especially in recent years. He seemed to be have something on his mind. But as his granddaughter, she could do nothing to help him. “Mia, you are here.” Hearing Grandpa Kyle’s voice, Mia Kyle noticed that Grandpa Kyle had woken up. She had just realized that she had lost in her thoughts while watching her grandfather just now. “Grandpa, I am here to accompany you and chat with you.” Mia Kyle went over and gave Grandpa Kyle a big hug. “Mia, alright.” Old Master patted Mia Kyle on the back and smiled kindly. “Mia, when grandpa sees you, all my troubles disappear. When I see you, everything seems less important, as long as you are well and stay with Grandpa.” Mia Kyle said sweetly, “Grandpa, I will definitely spend more time with you in the future.” “Mia.” Grandpa Kyle touched Mia Kyle’s head and said softly, “I am already old. I don’t know how many years I can live. What if you haven’t found someone special when Grandpa leaves?” When it comes to this subject, the first person Mia Kyle thought of was Neil Brown. She asked in a soft voice, “Grandpa, what do you think of Neil Brown?” Grandpa Kyle thought for a moment and said, “At such a young age, Neil Brown has already taken the prime position in the Military Department of Chatterton Town. I have never doubted his capability.” Old Master’s compliments of Neil Brown made Mia Kyle very happy. She nodded excitedly and said, “Grandpa, I am of the same opinion as you. That’s why I will try my best to let Neil Brown be your grandson-in-law.” “Mia, Neil Brown can’t do!” Grandpa Kyle suddenly said in a harsh voice. Mia Kyle was taken aback. “Grandpa, are you disagreeing because he is my uncle?” Mia Kyle bit her lips and said aggrievedly, “Mama isn’t even my birth mother. have no blood relation with Neil Brown. Why can’t we be together? You used to want to match-make my cold brother and me anyway!” Grandpa Kyle said in a serious tone, “You don’t need to know the reason. As long as you know it, he can’t do. No matter how excellent he is, it cannot be him.”.

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