My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 352

“Grandpa -” Mia Kyle bit her pink lips, both angry and aggrieved. “I can obey whatever you say, but this is a matter of my lifetime happiness. I won’t listen to you on this.” She is a stubborn person. When her mind was set, she would be determined to do. Neil Brown was the man she had made up her mind to marry when she was very young. If she had decided that she wanted to marry him, she had to get him. No matter what others thought, as long as Neil Brown accepted her. No, even if Neil Brown didn’t accept her, she would continue to pursue him until he marries her. “Mia, Grandpa can let you do whatever you want to do, but not this one…” Grandpa Kyle suddenly coughed. He seemed to be angry and sad too. In an instant, he looked much older. “Grandpa, why?” In the past, when she said she wanted to be an actress, Grandpa also opposed her. But when she insisted, Grandpa gave in to her. Grandpa always said that Mia Kyle was his sweetheart. As long as Mia Kyle was happy, she could do anything. Her biggest wish in her life was to pursue Neil Brown, win his heart, marry him and become Mrs. Brown She used to say it repeatedly, and she thought they all knew. “Mia, I’m already so old, I don’t have much time left. My only request for you is to not marry Neil Brown. You can do anything else.” Grandpa Kyle was reasonable and emotional Mia Kyle had a lively personality. She looked like a carefree little girl, but they all knew that she was very filial to her elders and would not do anything that would make them sad. “But I just want to marry Neil Brown. I can obey Grandpa on everything else.” So what if she could promise anything. She only cared about this matter. As soon as Mia Kyle said this, Old Master Kyle was so emotional that he couldn’t stop coughing. “Grandpa..” Mia Kyle hastened to calm Grandpa Kyle, feeling anxious and uneasy. People said that a marriage had to have the blessings of their families to be truly happy. It was never a secret that she wanted to marry and pursue Neil Brown. No one in the Kyle family had ever stopped her. She thought that they had approved of her decision. But why? How could her Grandfather, who loved her so much, strongly oppose the relationship between her and Neil Brown? Mia Kyle didn’t understand at all. Did her Grandpa also think that she was just a foster child, therefore was not worthy of a good family like the Brown family? Was she not worthy for a man as excellent as Neil Brown?” “Grandpa, don’t be angry. Let’s talk about it slowly.” Mia Kyle tired to soothe Grandpa Kyle. She felt sorry for making Grandpa uncomfortable. “Mia..” Grandpa Kyle finally calmed down and patted Mia Kyle’s hand. “Listen to Grandpa, okay? That’s my only request.” “Grandpa, can you tell me the reason?” She wanted to hear the reason from her Grandpa personally. As long as she could find out the reason and remove the knot in her Grandpa’s heart, he might agree to let her pursue Neil Brown. “Mia, I have already said it, don’t ask for the reason anymore.” He wanted Mia Kyle to live carefree. He wanted to keep her away from the grievances in the past. “Miss, Old Master is doing this for your own good. Just listen to Old Master.” Assistant Hart, who had been standing beside them, could not help but speak when he heard the conversation between the grandfather and the grandaughter. Mia Kyle raised her voice and said, “For my own good? You want to turn my life upside down but don’t even want to tell me the reason. Is this for my own good?” If it was really for her own good, shouldn’t he support her in doing what she wanted to do? To let her be bold enough to pursue the person she liked, to pursue her own life, and to live a good life with the person she liked. Her parents, brother and sister-in-law. All of them married the people they liked, didn’t they? Even an ordinary life would be blissful as long as the two persons loved each other and spend the life together. “Miss, Brown family..” “Hart.” The Old Master shouted and cut off Hart’s words in time. “Old Master, Miss is a grown-up now and she can take on her own responsibility. There are some things that she should know and will let her live her life with no hidden secrets. Mia Kyle didn’t want to listen, so the only way was to tell her the truth. He didn’t believe that after she knew the truth, she would still want to pursue Neil Brown. He had already expressed his opinion about this matter to Old Master long ago, but Old Master just refused to listen to him and said that he would never let Mia Kyle know about it. If she did not know what had happened in the past, she would not give up on Neil Brown. This was not what he wanted to see, nor was it what the Old Master wanted to see. “What’s the matter?” Mia Kyle blinked her beautiful phoenix eyes and stared at Assistant Hart wide-eyed, hoping to know the reason why her grandfather forbided her from being with Neil Brown “Hart, have you forgotten who the master is here?” Old Master Kyle glared at Assistant Hart, and his eyes were as sharp as knives. “Old Master, it’s my fault. I shouldn’t have interrupted.” Assistant Hart took two steps back and lowered his head to hide the unwillingness in his eyes. “Grandpa…Mia Kyle stamped her foot in a hurry and said, “You don’t allow me to be with Neil Brown, but you won’t tell me the reason. Do you want me to be a puppet without my own thoughts and can only be controlled by others?” “Is Grandpa such a person in your heart, ?” As if he had been greatly hurted, Old Master Kyle closed his eyes and feebly waved his hand. “You can go now. Do what you want to do. Whether am dead or alive has nothing to do with you anymore.” “Grandpa.” Mia Kyle was very sad. Grandpa’s words were like a sharp sword soaked with poison, piercing into her heart, hurting her so much. It was the first time that she felt so powerless and distressed since she grew up. In the past, no matter what she did wrong, Grandpa would always smile and touch her head. He would say that it didn’t matter. All was good as long as Mia Kyle was happy. This time, was it because she didn’t do what Grandpa had asked her to do, that’s why Grandpa didn’t want to pamper her any more? “You should go. Let me quiet down. You should calm down and think about it too. Think whether your Grandpa would hurt you!” Old Master Kyle said with his eyes closed. It seemed that he didn’t want to look at Mia Kyle anymore. Mia Kyle said stubbornly, “Grandpa, I won’t leave.” Grandpa Kyle was so emotional that he coughed violently again. After coughing for a long time only did the coughing fits subsided. He opened his mouth again and said, “You don’t want to listen to me and you don’t want to leave. Do you want me to die of anger?”.

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