My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 353

“Grandpa..” Why would Grandpa say that to her? How could he not know how much she loved the Kyle family? If one day, she and anyone of the Kyle family members were to stand at the edge of the cliff but there could be only one person to live, she would not hesitate to let them live. She didn’t know who her parents were. She only knew that she was raised by the Kyle family. If there was no Kyle family, there wouldn’t be a Mia Kyle today. Assistant Hart couldn’t stand it anymore. He stepped out again and said, “Miss, you should go first. Both of you need time to calm down. Take some time to think about it.” “Then I will go first. Grandpa, take care of yourself. Don’t be angry at me.” Mia Kyle glanced at Grandpa Kyle, who had his eyes closed. She bit her lips and turned away reluctantly. Old Master Kyle slowly opened his eyes as he heard Mia Kyle’s footsteps getting further and further away. He looked longingly at Mia Kyle leaving. She was his only family member, the child that he had been taking care of since she was a baby. He watched her grow from a baby to a child, then into a beautiful little girl. He watched her succeed in her career, and became more and more dazzling… He knew that he would leave her sooner or later. But before leaving her, he wanted to pave a path for her that was sturdy and smooth so that she would not fall no matter where she went. However, there were too many unexpected things in the world. His initial plan went astray after Kevin Kyle married another woman. If Kevin Kyle didn’t marry Mia Kyle, he could have married any other woman, but it couldn’t be Herbert Ken’s daughter. If Herbert Ken hadn’t handed the evidence to the Military Department of Chatterton Town, Mia Kyle’s parents wouldn’t have been secretly executed, and Mia Kyle wouldn’t have become an orphan Assistant Hart turned to look at Old Master and said worriedly, “Old Master, Kevin Kyle has already found out about you replacing the real Old Master of the Kyle family, he will not let this slide. If you don’t tell Miss about these things, she may be in danger.” However, Old Master’s point of view was different from that of Assistant Hart. He shook his head and said, “Mia doesn’t know anything, Kevin Kyle will love her like a sister. If you tell her everything, what should she do?” Assistant Hart still didn’t agree with Old Master’s decision. After thinking for a while, he said, “Then Kevin Kyle…” Old Master snorted coldly and said, “Even if he knows that I’m not his Grandpa, so what? As long as I still have this identity, Kevin Kyle will not dare to do anything to me.” Assistant Hart thought what Old Master said was reasonable. He asked again, “Old Master, what should we do next?” Old Master replied, “Then do as you say.” Assistant Hart added, “Old Master, the child of the Kyle family, she is the best weapon for us to control Kevin Kyle.” Old Master shook his head again and said, “She is still a child who is less than four years old, and she carries the bloodline of the Kyle Family.” Assistant Hart was dissatisfied with Old Master’s reply. He raised his voice and said, “Old Master, don’t forget that even if you had replaced Old Master of the Kyle family and became a member of the Kyle family for more than 20 years, you are still not a real member of the Kyle family. The child has no blood relation with you. The only person who has blood relation with you is Miss.” Listening to Assistant Hart’s words, the old man was silent for a while. After some thoughts, he said, “Since Kevin Kyle has already found out there is no need for us to be conservative anymore. Do what you should do. You don’t need to report everything to me.” “Yes, Old Master.” Assistant Hart answered respectfully with glimmer in his eyes. Kevin Kyle’s weakness was Karen Daly and Karen Joy Kyle. As long as they had either one, Kevin Kyle would not be able to fight back. As long as they took care of Kevin Kyle, who else would have the ability to compete with them for Rovio? Hale Kyle? The man had not managed Rovio for a long time. He had no mood for handling business, his whole mind was on his sick wife. Just as he was thinking about Hale Kyle and his wife, Old Master asked, “I haven’t heard about Hale Kyle and his wife for a long time. How are they now?” Assistant Hart said, “Old Master, don’t worry about this. Rana Brown’s health is getting worse. Hale Kyle takes care of her almost all the time. As long as Kevin Kyle doesn’t inform them of the current situation, they wouldn’t have the mood the care about the affairs here from overseas. Besides, as long as Kevin Kyle is defeated, Hale Kyle is not our opponent at all.” “Don’t forget that even if he is not interested in doing the business, he is still a member of the Kyle family. He has a father who founded Rovio and a son like Kevin Kyle. How bad can he be?” Assistant Hart thought that Hale Kyle was no match for them, but the Old Master thought otherwise. Hale Kyle had no intention of doing business, but that didn’t mean he didn’t have anything up his sleeve. If his son failed, Rovio would fall into the hands of others. At that time, no matter how unwilling Hale Kyle was to handle the business, as long as he stepped out, there would be many supporting him too. At present, other than Kevin Kyle, there was another person who was a great threat to them. That person was Old Pierson, who knew everything that had happened at that time. After walking out of the villa, Mia Kyle stood still and looked back. She couldn’t see her grandfather anymore. She didn’t know if her grandfather was still angry. Thinking that she had made him unhappy, Mia Kyle felt very sad. She took a deep breath and looked up at the sky. The sun was hanging high in the sky, the glare of the sun made her teared. It was still the same clear sky, the same people, the same Kyle family, and the same Grandpa, but after more than half an hour in the villa, everything seemed different to her. The Kyle family was no longer the Kyle family that she had lived with, and her grandfather was no longer the same person that used to let her do anything she wanted. It seemed that the sky was no longer the blue sky she seen before. All of a sudden, Mia Kyle felt so lonely. When she felt sad, she didn’t even have a person she could talk to about. Neil Brown? At this time, Neil Brown was still the first name that entered Mia Kyle’s mind But could she find him? Even if she spammed his phone, Neil Brown might not even pick up her phone, let alone listened to her troubles patiently Jacky Ball? Jacky Ball was too talkative. If she talked to him, she would guess that in the end, she would be the one listening to his troubles instead. She didn’t know if she had done something bad in her past life that in this life, she had a follower as boring and naggy as Jacky Ball Her brother and sister-in-law were even impossible. Recently, they had more than enough trouble to deal with She couldn’t be so insensible and added more trouble for them.

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