My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 354

When Mia Kyle was anxious and didn’t know whom she could find to rant to, a phone call shed hope in an instant, All of a sudden, she no longer felt so flustered, and that everyone around her was a little more loveable. Even Master Perth, who was calling her on the phone, seemed to be more handsome than before. Perhaps Master Perth had been sent by heaven to save her. Otherwise, how could this phone call be so timely? Master Perth invited her for a seafood meal, and Mia Kyle agreed without hesitation More than half an hour later, Mia Kyle arrived at the destination of the date- Rich World Seafood. Master Perth wore a suit today, and his hair was combed neatly. He looked more handsome, formal, and masculine than ever before. Mia Kyle looked at him from top to toe and joked, “Master Perth, you’re dressed like a human today. Don’t tell me you want to pursue me?” Mia Kyle knew that she was excellent and she knew that there were a lot of men who wanted to pursue her. However, she already had someone who she wanted for a long time. These men who had publicly or privately liked her were destined to get their hearts broken. It was not nice to hurt other people’s hearts, but there was no other choices because she was loyal. “Eh… Master Perth let out a sigh of amazement. “I thought I have been courting you for a long time, and you have also promised to give me the chance to do so.” Mia Kyle’s beautiful phoenix eyes widened, and her face was full of shock and disbelief. She had always felt that she was thick-skinned, but she didn’t expect that someone else was more unabashed than her. Was he trying to compete with her? Being misunderstood by such a thick-skinned person, there’s nothing she could do to remove the stigma off her name. How could she not remember when she had agreed to his pursuit? Master Perth casually put his hand on Mia Kyle’s shoulder and walked to the restaurant with her in his arms. He said while walking, “Don’t look at me like that. It’s would make me commit a sin.” Mia Kyle smiled proudly and said smugly, “Just because you said that I’m beautiful doesn’t mean that I will forgive you for talking nonsense.” “It’s my fault. Miss Kyle, please have mercy. Don’t argue with a peasant like me.” Master Perth shook his head with a smile and sighed in his heart. It was really hard for him not to like such a lovely little girl. Besides, their parents had already arranged for them to be married in the future when she was just born. She was his fiancée, so why couldn’t he like her? He was the most qualified person in the world to adore her. “For the sake of you helping me, I will forgive you.” Mia Kyle also reached out her hand to hold Master Perth’s shoulder, but because she was one head shorter than him, she wasn’t able to hold him “Help?” Master Perth asked in confusion, “What did I do for you?” “I was in a bad mood and wanted to find someone to relieve my stress, then you came to me. This is a great help to me.” Mia Kyle took off his hand on her shoulder and patted him on the shoulder. “Dude, call me next time if you need anything. I promise to be there for you at any time.” Dude? Why would she call him this? The highly educated Kyle family members never behaved this way. How was it possible to have raised someone as brazen as her? But as long as it made Mia Kyle happy, so what if she called him dude? He smiled and said, “It’s my honor to help Miss Kyle. How about a drink with me, Miss Kyle?” “Are you thinking of spiking my drink?” Mia Kyle looked at him with a proud expression as if she had seen through his tricks. “The first time we met, it was a misunderstanding. I won’t do anything to hurt you in the future.” Master Perth spoke in a relaxed manner, but his face was serious. The reason why he drugged Mia Kyle that time was that his idea was simple, harsh and direct. He had intended to directly bring her back to Country A by force and make her acknowledge her ancestral roots. But… Later on, he thought that since Mia Kyle didn’t know her own identity and couldn’t accept her real identity, what could he do even if he took her back? She was already an adult. Except for herself, no one could make decisions for her. So he changed the strategy. First, he wanted to get close to her and become friends with her, and then he would try to find a way to let her know her real background. He had to let her accept her real identity, and then only take her back to Country A to return to her ancestral roots. “You won’t have the chance to hurt me again.” Mia Kyle glared at him and said, “Get a private room. I don’t want to be disturbed when I’m having a meal.” “Miss Kyle, this way, please.” Master Perth immediately acted as a waiter and led Mia Kyle to the room he had booked earlier As soon as Mia Kyle sat down, he asked, “Miss Kyle, can you tell me why you are not happy?” Mia Kyle rolled her eyes at him and said, “Women can just be unhappy anytime. Do we need any reason?” “You’re right.” Master Perth nodded and agreed with Mia Kyle. “If you want to get drunk, III accompany you.” “Do you want to do something to me when I’m drunk?” Mia Kyle gave him a knowing look, as if to warn him not to even dream about it. Master Perth smiled and did not refute. He had been with her for a few times, and he also knew about her character through some investigation. He couldn’t say that he knew her character completely, but he knew a little. She was always so proud and confident, and she was never shy to express her personality As a member of the royal family of Country A, her identity was noble. Being proud and confident should have been inherited from her mother. “Master Perth, I know I’m too popular, but it’s not my fault.” Mia Kyle took out a mirror and took a look. She sighed and said, “I just feel sorry for what you guys have done for me, but have never get anything in return from me.” Master Perth, “…” This was overly proud. Mia Kyle smiled at herself in the mirror and said, “However, when you think about it again, you guys have good taste to have a crush on me. If you tell people that a superstar is your goddess, they would at the very least not think that you are blind. At least you know what beauty truly is..” Master Perth, “…” Not only was she proud but also boastful. Did she learn it from the Kyle family? Master Perth did not speak. Mia Kyle was not pleased. She glared at him and said, “Why are you not saying anything? Do you not agree?” Master Perth stared at Mia Kyle. He said softly, “Mia, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. I like you therefore you’re more beautiful than anyone in my heart. I don’t know if you like what I say Mia Kyle said with a smile, “I like it. I’ll reward you!” What a sweet talker, Mia Kyle very happy after she heard what he said. Today, the frustration she had with Grandpa Kyle and Karen Daly, that had been bothering her whole day had also dissipated in that instant. She was human, so she had to be positive and optimistic. She couldn’t just blame the whole world for something she wasn’t happy about. This was Mia Kyle’s motto!

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