My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 355

Time usually passed by quickly, but more than half a day had passed, and Karen Daly felt as if it had been a century. She had thought of many ways to distract herself, but to no avail. Her mind was full of thoughts about Faye Reed. Faye Reed was no longer alone. She had a child in her belly. What if… Whenever she thought of what would happen to Faye, Karen Daly could not help but gasp. She wished she could rescue her immediately. But she knew very well that she couldn’t be impulsive at this time. If she ignored Kevin Kyle’s warning and rushed to find her, not only could she not save Faye Reed, she might even fall into her rival’s hands. She had experienced how ruthless the old man who had pretended to be Grandpa Kyle was, so she should be clearer about the situation than anyone else. If something happened to her, Kevin Kyle would be the most worried one. He was so busy every day and had so many things to worry about. She could not help him with other things, so she tried not to create trouble for him as much as possible. This was the only way she could help him. After waiting for a long time, Karen Daly finally saw Kevin Kyle’s car coming home. She rushed to him at the speed of light. Because she ran too fast, she tripped on her feet and fell forward. Fortunately, Kevin Kyle reacted quickly and held her waist in time, so that she did not fall flat on the ground. Kevin Kyle rubbed her head and said with amusement, “How old are you? Do you want to fall down like Little Karen does?” She was in his arms, very close to him. She could feel his warm body temperature and hear his steady heartbeats. Today, a whole day’s worry had been erased the moment when Kevin Kyle returned. Karen Daly could see hope and feel warmth again. She snuggled in Kevin Kyle’s arms and was about to speak when she heard Kevin Kyle’s low and seductive voice over her head. “Karen, don’t worry, Faye Reed is fine.” “Did you find her?” But why couldn’t she get through to Faye Reed’s cell phone? Did Kevin Kyle lie to her in order not to let her worry? “She has always been fine. It’s Hart who was lying to you.” Kevin Kyle hugged Karen Daly and lowered his head to kiss her forehead. “Karen…” “Hmm?” “Do you believe in love?” Believe in love? Isn’t the relationship between them love? Karen Daly suddenly did not understand. She did not understand why Kevin Kyle would ask such a question. She blinked her beautiful big, crystal eyes and looked at Kevin Kyle in confusion, hoping that he could explain it clearly Kevin Kyle parted his thin lips and said in a low voice, “Karen, if I’m not with you and Little Karen one day, you will definitely live a good life, right?” “Kevin, what on earth do you want to say?” Hadn’t he already known that if he said this to her, she would be worried? Kevin Kyle shook his head and said bitterly, “After listening to that recording, I keep thinking, Grandpa used to love me so much, but I didn’t even realize that he was being replaced by someone else.” “Kevin, no one would have thought that such a thing would happen. Grandpa didn’t think of it, neither did you… Grandpa wouldn’t blame you.” Karen Daly stretched out her arms and held Kevin Kyle’s waist tightly, wanting to give him some strength to support him. Karen Daly could feel the pain in Kevin Kyle’s heart. After she regained her memory, she remembered that she had lived with the person who killed her mother, Samuel Daly, for so many years. She had been cheated by him and called him Dad for so many years… Every time she thought of that, Karen Daly felt so distressed! And Kevin Kyle had called this bad guy who replaced Grandpa Kyle as his Grandpa for more than 20 years, respected him, and obeyed him… In the end, this was the truth he discovered “Karen.” “Hmm?” Kevin Kyle held Karen Daly’s face and looked at her with burning eyes. “This made me understand that humans are very strong. No matter how important a person you lost was, you can still live a good life.” “Kevin, I can’t live without you. Little Karen can’t live without a father.” Karen Daly didn’t like what Kevin Kyle had said. It was as if he was giving her his last farewell. “Daddy, mommy, I’m here.” After mentioning Little Karen, Little Karen’s soft voice suddenly broke out. They looked down and saw the tiny Little Karen, standing beside them and looking up at them curiously. She had already been there for a long time, but because she was too small, her father and mother could only see each other’s existence, so she was naturally overlooked by her parents. “So my Karen’s here.” Kevin Kyle picked up Little Karen and kissed her pink cheek. “Do you miss Daddy?” “I missed Daddy, Mommy missed Daddy more than I did.” Little Karen slumped on her father’s shoulder and said softly Today, her mother had been looking at the front door constantly. She had been looking at it all the time and had completely neglected her. She must be thinking about her father. Hearing Little Karen’s words, Kevin Kyle was instantly overjoyed. He laughed loudly and said, “Well, both my Karen’s are so cute. I’m very happy today.” Little Karen held his father’s face, gave him a smooch, and said happily, “Daddy, Mommy said she wants to take me to the amusement park. I want you to go too.” Kevin Kyle asked patiently, “Do you want me to go to the amusement park with you and mommy?” Little Karen nodded her little head with all her might, waved her little hands around, saying, “Daddy, Mommy and Karen go together!” “Okay.” Kevin Kyle agreed without hesitation. After thinking for a while, he thought that it was better to be spontaneous. He decided they would go today. He looked at Karen Daly and said, “Shall we go today?” The husband and wife had long agreed to bring Little Karen out to play, but they had not taken any action yet. Since Kevin Kyle had brought it up, Karen Daly had no reason to disagree The main point was that she felt that Kevin Kyle had suffered too much stress recently. She wanted him to relax so that he could have the energy to deal with the next battle. Although Little Karen was young, she had many ideas. She already had a destination in mind. She hoped that her parents could accompany her to a large amusement theme park, which had just been opened. It was evening when they left. When they arrived at the theme park, it was already late. They would first stay in the hotel within the theme park, and then take Little Karen to play the next day. Staying in a themed hotel and looking at those decorative dolls that she could often see on TV, Little Karen felt as if she was in a fairy tale world and did not want to sleep even until the middle of the night. “Karen, if you don’t go to bed, you won’t be able to get up and go to play tomorrow. Are you sure you don’t want to sleep yet?” Karen Daly rubbed Little Karen’s head and asked gently. “I still want to play, and also want to play in the park…” Little Karen grabbed her hair, with a conflicted and sad look on her face. Her father was playing with her. She still wanted to play with him, but she also wanted to go to the park to meet other children tomorrow. What should she do?

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