My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 356

Little Karen looked at her father with her innocent, bright, and beautiful big eyes. She reached out her little hand to pull the corner of her father’s clothes and asked for help. Receiving Little Karen’s distress signal, Kevin Kyle held her in his arms and said softly, “Karen can just play with daddy We’ll get up late tomorrow then go to the amusement park.” “Uh-huh-huh… Little Karen was so happy that she could continue to play with her father and still go to the amusement park tomorrow. Daddy was the best. Daddy loved her the most. As for Mommy… she still ranked the second. However, if her mother was ranked second, would she be sad if she found out about it? In order not to make her mother sad, Little Karen decided that she would loved both her father and mother the same! In the past, it was hard for Karen Daly to imagine how Kevin Kyle would be like as a father. No emotion, short-spoken… A man like this, if a child were to be with him, the child would be so bored. Now as she returned to his side and saw how he had doted on their daughter, Karen Daly realized that she didn’t know this man very well. Kevin Kyle doted on Little Karen as if she was the most precious gem in the world. If he could, he would give the whole world to her. No matter how tired he was at work, every day after he came home, he would take time to chat with Little Karen and enjoyed their time together as father and daughter. At this time, it was almost 12 midnight. Little Karen wanted to play hide- and- seek, and Kevin Kyle immediately accommodated her wish and played with her. Little Karen hid behind a teddy. Kevin Kyle saw it immediately but he continued to pretend not to see her. He said exaggeratedly, “Karen, where are you? Daddy has been looking for you for so long and I still can’t find you.” “Daddy, I am here.” Little Karen smiled happily. Daddy was so stupid, he took so much time to look but he still couldn’t find her. “Wow, my Karen’s here.” Kevin Kyle went over and picked up Little Karen, held her up and twirled around. After twirling a round, Kevin Kyle suddenly blacked out and his vision blurred. The sight of little Karen’s pink cheek became blurred. Kevin Kyle shook his head and closed his eyes to steady himself. His condition was not better than before. He knew the reason, but he was not anxious, he was worried that Karen Daly would see something wrong with him. “Daddy,I want to twirl again.” “Okay, Daddy will twirl with you.” In order not to let both the Karens worry, Kevin Kyle did not show anything out of the ordinary. He would play with Little Karen in whatever way she wanted. “Alright, you two have had enough. If you continue to play like this, it will take all night.” Watching them, Karen Daly felt warmth in her heart. She and Kevin Kyle didn’t have high expectation. Just like this, a peaceful, cosy life as an ordinary family. “Alright, it’s time to sleep.” Kevin Kyle hugged Little Karen and put her into Karen Daly’s arms. “Mommy will take care of baby Karen at night.” “I want Mommy to hug me to sleep.” Little Karen climbed onto her mother’s body and clung on to her comfortably. Karen Daly patted her on the back and hummed softly, “Little baby, go to sleep… My little baby, go to sleep quickly.” After she hummed for a short while, Little Karen, who was exhausted from playing, gently wriggled on Karen Daly’s body before falling into a deep sleep. Kevin Kyle lay down next to her and hugged both of them together. He said in a low voice, “I find that Little Karen is more and more like you when you were a child.” Karen Daly leaned into Kevin Kyle’s arms and chuckled, “Mr. Kyle, have you ever seen how I looked like when I was a child?” Kevin Kyle shook his head and said, “I haven’t seen your baby self before, but I can imagine that you must be the same as Little Karen, naughty and adorable. You are the kind of child that people like.” Karen Daly pursed her lips into a smile and said, “Mr. Kyle, are you trying to make me praise you? In fact, with your talent and good looks, and the numbers of head-turns when walking on the sidewalks have explained it all. You really don’t need anymore praises.” “I don’t care if others praise me.” Kevin Kyle kissed Karen Daly on the cheek and said, “Mr. Kyle only needs praises from Mrs. Kyle.” Karen Daly said, “Don’t fool around. Go to bed.” In fact, she admitted that his words made sense, and she liked it very much Karen had once heard people said that when love blossomed, you would unconsciously amplify the good of your significant other, and see less of their bad. Now, in Karen Daly’s eyes, Kevin was no longer the cold CEO whom she didn’t dare to approach when she first met him. Now in her eyes, he was just her child’s father, her husband, her lover, and her family. A person she wanted to spend the rest of her life with The night passed very quickly, it seemed that the sun rose as soon as they closed their eyes. When Karen Daly opened her eyes, Kevin Kyle had already woken up. He sat by the window and looked at the paper quietly as usual. When he heard Karen stirring, he turned immediately and smiled gently at her. “You’re awake.” “You slept so late last night, are you not sleepy?” This man was like a biological clock. Apart from being sick and unable to get up, she had never seen him got up late even for a day. “It’s hard to change the habits that I have been cultivating for twenty or thirty years.” Since middle school, Kevin Kyle had developed the habit of getting up at five o’clock in the morning. For many years, no matter rain or shined, it had never changed. Karen Daly said with concern, “Little Karen, this little pig, hasn’t woken up yet. You should come and lie down and sleep for a while, or you won’t have her this afternoon.” strength to play with “You are belittling your husband again.” Kevin Kyle put aside the newspaper in his hand and waved his hand. “Come here.” “I don’t want to.” Go over for him to bully her? She would not be fooled. However, even though she said no, her body was very honest… Somehow, Karen just couldn’t resist his tender and somewhat overbearing gaze, and walked to his side. As soon as she approached, he reached out his long arm to pull her into his arms, and let her sit on his lap. Holding her in his arms, Kevin Kyle bent over and kissed her hard. He wanted to prove to her his physical strength through actions. Karen Daly held his hand and looked back. “Don’t mess around. Little Karen is still here.” “Karen.. I really want to…” He called her name. His voice was hoarse and sexy, somewhat alluring. “Huh?” Karen Daly subconsciously pressed her red and swollen lips that had been kissed by him, but she didn’t know how attractive this unintentional action was to him. “Damn it!” Kevin Kyle roared in a low voice. He got up with her in his arms and rushed to the bathroom….

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