My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 357

Although it was not a festive holiday, there were still a lot of tourists in the amusement park. One could easily be drowned in the sea of people. Kevin Kyle held little Karen in one hand and held Karen Daly in the other. This family caught many people’s attention wherever they went. There were even tourists who wanted to take photos with little Karen However, just one look from Lionel, who was not far behind little Karen, would scare away those who wanted to take pictures with her. Little Karen was still young, so she could not play the thrilling activities. Therefore, their destination in the amusement park was the children’s area. Before arriving at the children’s area, little Karen saw the merry-go-round ahead of her and said excitedly, “Dad, I want to ride a horse.” Kevin Kyle glanced at Karen Daly and saw her nodded in agreement. Then he said, “Okay, let’s go to ride the horse. The merry-go-round could only accommodate two people on each horse. Kevin Kyle sat on one of the merry-go-round horse with little Karen in his arms, while Karen Daly sat on another horse at the inner side, serving as their professional photographer, taking photos and recording their every moment. While taking photos, Karen Daly unintentionally glanced over at Lionel, who was standing nearby. He maintained a stern face. It was only when seeing little Karen that his eyes would soften Lionel didn’t look like a child from an ordinary family. Why would he be willing to be little Karen’s follower? Karen Daly was extremely curious about Lionel. She wanted to know where he came from and why he had been injured. Did he really stay with little Karen to repay her kindness? Or was he avoiding something? Was he only staying to get protection from the Kyle family? These questions has already been thought through countless times in Karen Daly’s mind, but none of them could be answered. However, it didn’t matter if it was to repay kindness or to avoid his enemies, as long he really cared about little Karen, Karen Daly couldn’t care less about his purpose. After playing on the merry-go-round, little Karen sat on her father’s shoulders and suddenly felt like she had grown taller. She could see things that she could not see before. She pointed to the front and excitedly clapped her chubby little hands. “Mom, Dad, I want to play with the ice princess.” Karen Daly looked up at her and smiled gently. “Okay, as long as our baby is happy today, we can do whatever you want. Mom, Dad, and Brother Lionel will accompany you for the whole day today.” To take pictures with the ice princess, she could change into a dress as beautiful as the princess’s. Therefore, Karen Daly accompanied little Karen to the changing room. Because there were too many people who wanted to take photos with the ice princess, the queue in the changing room was long. Karen Daly and little Karen waited for a long time before it was their turn. “Little Karen, I’ll help you change first.” Karen Daly patiently changed little Karen’s dress for her. “Wait for me for a while, I will get change quickly.” “Oh, okay.” Little Karen stood beside her mother and nodded obediently. Karen Daly’s dress had to be put on through the head. She picked up the dress and quickly put it on. When her head came through, little Karen, who was still standing beside her seconds ago, had disappeared. “Little Karen, where did you go?” Karen Daly had not put on the dress properly but she couldn’t be bothered. She ran out holding the hem of her dress. “Kevin, did little Karen come out?” Upon hearing Karen Daly’s words, Kevin Kyle jumped up almost immediately. He turned around and rushed to the changing room. After looking around, he did not find little Karen. There was only one exit in the changing room, and there were no windows. Kevin Kyle and Lionel were waiting for them right outside. If little Karen had come out, they would definitely see her. Little Karen was not in the changing room, and they did not see her come out So there was only one possibility. Little Karen had been secretly taken away. Kevin Kyle tried his best to recall anyone who passed by him a moment ago, and remembered a woman in loose clothes with a big belly passing by. Little Karen had to have been brought out by her. In just a few seconds, those people were able to kidnap little Karen. It seemed that they had already had this planned. Kevin Kyle immediately took out his mobile phone to make a call and ordered coldly, “Lock down the whole park immediately, no one is allowed to come in or go out.” As long as little Karen was still in the park, he would turn the whole park over to find her. He must not let those people take little Karen away. As soon as Kevin Kyle finished his order, his mobile phone rang. It was a phone number that he was all too familiar with. The phone number belonged to a person he had called grandfather for over twenty years. As soon as Kevin Kyle answered the phone, he heard the familiar voice “Matthew, I see that my great-granddaughter is getting cuter and more adorable by the day. That’s why Hart had her brought to me to accompany me. I believe you don’t have any problem with that right.” “You are old and won’t live for long. If you wanted to see my child, could I say no?” Kevin Kyle suddenly smiled, and his eyes were as sharp as an arrow, ready to shoot. Old Master’s slightly arrogant voice came into the phone again. “It’s good that you don’t have any opinion. Then go ahead with your busy day. I’ll help you to take good care of little Karen for now.” Kevin Kyle smiled lightly and said, “Warren Silas, thank you for taking care of little Karen for me first. Little Karen is still young and ignorant. Please forgive her if she makes a mistake or says something wrong. And, Mia Kyle is at Chatterton Town now, I shall take good care of her too.” Karen Daly was confused by Kevin Kyle’s words. She didn’t know what Kevin Kyle was saying. In contrast, the fake Grandpa Kyle on the other end of the phone was extremely shocked. His hand, which was holding the phone, trembled fiercely. It was so shaky that he couldn’t even hold the phone and with a thud, it fell to the ground and broke apart. “Old Master, what’s wrong?” Assistant Hart hurriedly held the wobbly Old Master. Just now, the old man was so happy when he reported to him that their plan had been successful. But now the old man’s face suddenly turned pale, as if the other party had found his weakness instead. “He, he knows… No, it’s impossible… Old Master kept shaking his head. He absolutely could not believe that Kevin Kyle had found out about his identity so quickly. Assistant Hart asked worriedly, “Old Master, what’s going on?” “Kevin Kyle knows my secret. He has found out about my identity in such a short time… No, it’s impossible… He is just trying to trick me. It is impossible for him to discover my secret in such a short time.” Old Master kept talking to himself. When he heard Kevin Kyle call out the name “Warren Silas”, he was already on the verge of a mental breakdown. He had tried his best to conceal his identity for more than 20 years. It could be said that he had hidden it very deeply, and left no evidence for others to track. How did Kevin Kyle find out about it in such a short time?

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