My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 358

It was a disaster! At this time, these were the only words in Old Master’s head. Kevin Kyle was not a human being, yet he was more ferocious than a demon. The old man had tried his best to plan every step he took, and every step he took was well-organized. He had thought that even if Kevin Kyle knew that he was not the Old Master of the Kyle Family, he still would not able to find out about his real identity. But Kevin Kyle discovered it in a very short time. What did Kevin Kyle do to find out his real identity in such a short time? As soon as his identity was exposed, he would be in great danger. There was no place in the entire world that would accept him. Seeing the Old Master so pale and powerless, Assistant Hart comforted him and said, “Old Master, don’t worry. Kevin Kyle may have guessed who you are, but it doesn’t mean he has evidence. As long as there is no evidence, no one can pin you down. Think about it, your appearance has changed a lot. The old man of the Kyle family has also died, and no one can do anything to you.” After hearing what Assistant Hart said, the old man thought for a while and agreed with him. Kevin Kyle had no evidence to prove his identity, therefore he was still the respected elder of the Kyle family, the oldest of the Kyle family After calming down, Old Master could finally think properly. He asked, “By the way, where is the child?” Assistant Hart sneered and said, “I had asked my people to hide her well. Even if Kevin Kyle flipped the whole of Chatterton Town upside down, he would still not be able to find her.” Old Master added, “Keep the child hidden so that Kevin Kyle can’t find her. But don’t hurt her, or I’m worried that Kevin Kyle will hurt Mia. “Old Master, you should know Kevin Kyle’s character better than I do. Miss is the adopted daughter of the Kyle family, and she is Kevin Kyle’s beloved sister. Miss doesn’t know anything, so Kevin Kyle will never hurt her.” They had known Kevin Kyle for many years, and they all knew that Kevin Kyle was a person who valued relationships, hence they decided to use the people around him to threaten him. “Then you take the necessary steps. But don’t go too far. After all, she is just a less than four years old child and doesn’t know anything.” Old Master sighed. He was old and he was no longer as tough as he was when he was young He hope to commit less sin so as to have a better after death. Sometimes he would wonder if it was really necessary for him to do such things. Mia Kyle had her own life. She had grown up had her own world view. She could make money to support herself… And was no longer the little baby who was still learning words. Assistant Hart was agitated, “Old Master, miss was also a child that time. If you hadn’t arrived in time, she might have been killed as well.” Old Master was speechless It was for this very reason that he had eliminated all the people who had hurted his loved ones one by one. He didn’t let them have a good ending. It was also how Samuel Daly got to know his dirty secrets. “Old Master, I will be careful. Don’t worry.” It was not easy to catch Karen Daly and Kevin Kyle’s precious daughter. If he had let her go without doing anything, then why would he spend so much effort in the first place? Old Master had definitely aged, and his physical strength was not as strong as before. Recently, it was Assistant Hart who had been helping him a lot. He waved his hand and said, “Hart, I want to be alone. Go and do your work.” “Old Master, have a good rest.” He had long wanted to see that child. Little Karen and Faye Reed were both in his hands. For this, he believed that he could handle Kevin Kyle. While Assistant Hart was thinking of vicious plan one after another, his mobile phone rang, He stared at the numbers on the screen for a long time before he picked it up. When Assistant Hart answered it, he heard the voice of the other party, “The Third Prince wants to see you. Right away, the sooner, the better!” “Humph… Assistant Hart snorted, and his eyes flashed with impatience and malice. “Back when the young Miss and I almost died in a foreign land, none of the royal family had come and helped us. If it weren’t for the Old Master, we would have long been dead. I bet they only come to find us after realising that we are living a good life. They see value in us, and now they want to bring us back?” The other party sighed and said, “Old Hart, no one knew that the Princess’s family had been exterminated in Chatterton Town. They were executed in secret, and you and the young Miss were missing. When the royal family in Country A realized that Princess’s family had gone missing, we sent a lot of people, money, and resources to find her, but we didn’t find any clues. We searched for a few years but to no avail.” “If you couldn’t find us then, you should just regard us as being dead already. Why do you still want to find us now? Master Perth, please tell the Third Prince that I am no longer a member of your country. The royal family is no longer the object of my loyalty. Only Old Master and the young Miss are my masters.” Assistant Hart hung up the phone after he finished talking. So what if he was a member of the royal family in Country A? Now he had already gotten citizenship in another country, and he was no longer a citizen of Country A. In his memory, when he followed the princess’s family to Chatterton Town 20 years ago, the President only had two sons. His third son was only born many years after, and he had not even seen him before. Why would he respond to the so called Third Prince when the prince summoned him? He was very loyal to his master. No one could sway his loyalty easily with perks. Now all his thoughts were on dealing with Kevin Kyle. He could not let him reveal the Old Master’s identity. He had to help the Old Master hide his identity so that the Old Master and Miss could stay safe and sound. When little Karen was taken away, Kevin Kyle immediately ordered people to lock down the amusement park. No one was allowed to enter or leave, but after a thorough search, there was no sight of little Karen. The person who kidnapped little Karen seemed to be able to fly and disappear within a short period of time. Karen Daly was a bundle of nerves, but she couldn’t do anything. Little Karen was just standing beside her. But within that few seconds when she wasn’t looking, little Karen was gone. Was the fake Old Master really that capable? How did the Old Master know their every move? When she thought of this, she turned to look at Lionel who was silent. He was missing for a few minutes after little Karen was being taken away. No one knew what he had been doing. Could he be the one who had secretly informed little Karen’s kidnappers? Karen Daly didn’t want to suspect him, but things happened all too sudden. She was worried about little Karen and couldn’t help but to overthink. Perhaps Karen Daly’s gaze was too direct and intense, Lionel caught her gaze and turned to look at her. Their eyes met, and tension arose. After one look at her, he did not say anything, but turned around and strode out.

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