My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 359

Karen Daly bit her lips and clenched her fists, she was furious… She wished she could find the person who took little Karen immediately and cut them into pieces, so that they could no longer be human again. “Karen..” Kevin Kyle wrapped the trembling Karen Daly in his arms, patted her on the back, and comforted her gently, “I will bring little Karen back to your side. You go home first and wait for news.” “Are you going to find little Karen? Let me go with you.” Karen grabbed Kevin tightly, as if she was holding on to a life-saver. She was afraid that Kevin would leave her behind. Little Karen was carried away by someone right under her nose. Now that little Karen was missing, she didn’t know what those people would do to her. How could she go back and wait for the news in peace? Kevin’s heart ached when he saw how Karen had lost her wits. In order to prevent accident from happening, he had engaged people to guard around little Karen at all times. Never had he expected that little Karen would be taken away by others under his watch. He was careless and failed to protect little Karen. Consequently, little Karen was taken away and Karen was frightened now. He hugged Karen hard and nodded. “Okay, let’s go to find little Karen and take her home together.” “Okay.” Karen believed that as long as Kevin was around, little Karen would be safe. She would definitely return to them in one piece. In the car, Kevin took out his mobile phone and called Nick Black. He asked in a low voice, “Any result on the information I want? Once the result is out, please send it to the Grey Apartments immediately. Mia Kyle had a unit in the Grey Apartments. She didn’t stay at Secret Garden when she was in Chatterton Town but spent most of her time in her own place. She preferred to live alone, as she could do whatever she wanted. No one would complain if she did not tidy the house, and no one would dislike her for being sloppy When Kevin and Karen arrived at the Grey Apartments, Nick had already waited there with the information Kevin needed. As Kevin’s car arrived, Nick immediately greeted him and said, “Director Kyle, the result has come out. Your guess is correct.” “Okay.” Kevin took the document and looked up. In front of him were high-rise buildings with their outer walls all painted in grey, which was why it was called the Grey Apartments. After glancing around, Kevin turned to Nick and said, “You wait here. I will call you at any time if I need you.” “Okay.” Nick nodded and quickly retreated to one side. Kevin took Karen’s hand and said in a gentle voice, “Let’s find Mia and take her to see that person later.” Karen nodded and said nothing more. She would go wherever Kevin would go, and together they would find their little Karen. It was already afternoon, but Mia was still sleeping soundly in bed. Yesterday, Master Perth had invited her for dinner and they drank together. She accidentally drank too much. Not only had she vomited on Master Perth, but she had also assaulted him.. In the end, she didn’t even know how she got home. The doorbell rang for a long time. Mia, who was sleeping in the room, didn’t hear it or rather, she heard the doorbell but chose to ignore it because her head was heavy and she had an hangover “Sleep, sleep, continue to sleep…” The only thing in her mind then was to sleep. She was not fully sober yet, and her head was dizzy. When she didn’t open the door, the annoying doorbell continued to ring non-stop. Why couldn’t people just understand that she was having a hangover. After a long time, the annoying doorbell finally stopped… Mia turned over lazily and continued to sleep. However, before she could find a comfortable position, Mia heard the sound of a chainsaw, followed by the sound of heavy object falling to the ground. “F**k!” She was so angry that she jumped up. She draped the thin quilt around her body and rushed out, cursing, “How dare you break down my door? You’ll have to pay for this.” She was so furious that she couldn’t wait to throw the person who broke into her house from the 25th floor. But when she saw who the person was, her anger dissipated in an instant She immediately put on a sweet smile and said, “Brother, sister-in-law, it was the two of you. You should have called me in advance so that I can welcome you properly. It didn’t need to be like this.” Kevin glared at her coldly and said in a low voice, “Go pack up your things and come with me right away.” “My head’s dizzy and I still want to sleep. I don’t want to go anywhere.” Mia grabbed her messy hair and yawned, trying to express her tiredness and sleepiness. “I’ll give you five minutes.” Kevin’s voice was as cold as ice and it sent a chill down Mia’s spine. She knew that she had to go out with him today and there was no room for negotiation. She looked at Kevin pitifully, then looked at Karen and muttered, “Sister-in-law, your husband is too unreasonable and overbearing. You have to teach him a good lesson, don’t let him keep this habit of always bullying others.” In the past, when she said these words, her lovely and good natured sister-in-law would definitely help her to scold her brother. But today, her sister-in-law was not in good mood, and she ignored her. Alas… Mia sighed and obediently returned to her room to change her clothes. Before she could take a bath, she was brought out of the house by her cold brother. With her fame, how could she be seen by the fans looking like this, this would instantly tarnish her goddess image in the eyes of her fans. As soon as she got on the car and before she could sit properly, her cold brother threw her a document. Then he said coldly, “Take a look at it first. Ask me if there is anything you don’t understand.” “What’s this?” Mia didn’t want to look at the wordings at all. Just looking at it gave her a headache. However, her cold brother shot her a dagger look. She quivered and quickly opened the document. The name of the document was “DNA test results”, and the test results were of Mia Kyle and Warren Silas. Mia Kyle was definitely her name, so who could Warren Silas be? She didn’t know anything at all, how did she get a DNA comparison? Compared to the shock of the DNA comparison, what was even more shocking was the result of the DNA comparison. The test results showed that she was indeed related to this man named Warren Silas. She was adopted by the Kyle family since she was a child. The Kyle family treated her better than their own children. Once, Mia even thought that she was the biological child of her adopted parents. She had never thought about tracking down the family who had abandoned her. But now… in her unprepared state, her cold brother threw her a DNA report and proved who she was related to. After a long while, Mia recovered from the shock and stuttered, “Brother, what do you want to do by showing me this? Who is Warren Silas?”

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