My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 361

The sun was high in the sky, scorching the earth, hot and dry, this was the perfect portrayal of Mia Kyle’s mood at the moment. She bit her lips, took a deep breath, and tried to adjust her mood. No matter what she was going to face, she would not turn back. It didn’t matter if she could handle the challenge or not, she had to take her responsibility. She looked at Kevin Kyle, who was standing next to her. Kevin’s gaze had been on Karen all this time, there was worry in his eyes. Most of the time, Mia was very envious of Karen for having such a considerate husband. When she saw them, she couldn’t help but think of Neil Brown… In the past, she had always believed that as long as she worked hard, and did not give up. Neil Brown would eventually accept her. But today, she didn’t think so anymore. She felt that she was not worthy of him. Even the thought of him, made her heart ached. For the first time, she was so uncertain. Neil Brown’s attitude towards her had suddenly changed. He had refused her countless of times. Did he already know about her identity? The thought that this might be the reason for Neil Brown’s refusal, Mia took another deep breath. She was in such a mess that she didn’t know what to do. If that was the case, could she still be as thick-skinned as she used to be while courting Neil Brown? Mia was so anxious that she grabbed her hair hard, Suddenly, he heard Kevin’s low voice, “Warren Silas may not admit his identity. As for how we would make him admit it, it will all depend on how you talk to him.” “I will try my best.” Mia nodded. In reality, she didn’t know how to face Warren Silas at all. After a pause, she added, “Brother, can I go in alone?” “No way!” Kevin refused firmly without hesitation “Didn’t you say that he is a relative of mine? If it’s true, then it’s better for me to persuade him alone, isn’t it?” Mia said softly, but her tone and eyes were firm. Before Kevin could open his mouth to talk, Mia continued, “I’m all grown up now. There are some things that I must face alone. I can’t be living under your protective wings all the time” Kevin looked closely at Mia. She had indeed grown up. She had her own career and the person she liked. She was no longer the little girl who followed him around in those early years. After a long thought, Kevin felt that he should give her a chance to face some things on her own. Just as he was about to nod his head in agreement, Karen tugged at his sleeve and asked worriedly, “Will it be dangerous for Mia to go alone?” “Sister-in-law, thanks for your concern!” Mia smiled bitterly and said, “But isn’t he a real relative of mine? He has always been nice to me, he won’t harm me.” Kevin glanced at Karen and then at Mia. “Alright. Go ahead. No matter what happens, remember that we are waiting for you here. You are not alone.” “Thank you, brother! Thank you, sister-in-law!” Mia pursed her lips and smiled, trying to look optimistic. Mia nodded and turned around to walk towards the farm villa. She stopped at every step, as if that every step would bring her to the edge of the cliff, which she had no way of turning back She walked for a long time before she reached the place where Old Master lived. As soon as she walked to the door, she heard the loud voice of Old Mater as usual, “You’re here.” Upon hearing Old Master’s voice, Mia suddenly stopped short and took a deep breath. She tried to sound as lively as possible, “Grandpa, I’ve come to see you again.” “You’re my most filial granddaughter. Come in and sit with me.” Old Master was in his usual approachable self. Mia walked into the house with heavy footsteps and saw the Old Master sitting on the lazy chair, while arranging an incomplete Go game on the table. Old Master looked towards her, patted the seat beside him and said, “Mia, come and sit beside me. I’ll teach you how to play this game.” In this instance, Mia was transported back to her childhood when she was in the Kyle family’s big mansion in America. When she saw her grandfather sitting in the chess room, smiling while calling to her, “Mia, come here. Let me teach you how to play chess.” In the past, when she was young, Grandpa had wanted to teach her Go chess, but she was lazy and did not like to do something that needed her to use the brain. She would always give excuses, and in the end, she only learned a little about chess. However, Grandpa still loved her dearly. Whenever she played chess with him, he would always gave in to her and pretended to lose a few rounds, this made her thought that she was actually good at playing chess. “Grandpa.” Mia really wanted to call him like before, but that words stuck halfway in her throat and she couldn’t say it out. She recalled the documents she had read, how he had committed a sin, that he had replaced the real Grandpa Kyle and now even kidnapped little Karen.. The thought about all these made Mia’s heart ached. She was so devastated that she broke out in cold sweat. “Mia, what’s wrong with you? Why the long face?” Grandpa Kyle looked at her with a worried and distressed look. Mia had hoped that her grandfather was still the same person she used to know. She had hoped that all the information Kevin gave her were false… Then she would jump into her grandfather’s arms and snuggle up like a child. But she knew that Kevin would not lie to her. All the information was true. The white-haired old man in front of her was not her kind grandfather, but a cold blooded murderer. not hurt anyone again. If he was willing to admit his crimes, she was willing to bear the sins he had committed. She only hoped that he would not hurt anyone again. Mia did not move forward. Instead, she knelt on the ground and bowed to the Old Master, as if she was giving a kowtow. She knocked her head too hard on the ground and as a result, her forehead bled. Bright red blood streamed down her smooth forehead, and fell on the marble floor, creating a flower-like pattern. “Mia, what are you doing?” Old Master rushed over and tried to help her up, but Mia refused to move. She looked at Grandpa Kyle with tears rolling down from the corner of her eyes. She cried and said, “Grandpa, please! I’m begging you! Please return little Karen to my brother and sister-in-law. Little Karen is their life. If something happens to her, how could they live?” “Mia, what are you talking about?” Old Master’s face turned serious. There was a complex yet malicious gleam in his eyes. He knew that Kevin had come, and he knew that Mia was with them. But he didn’t expect Kevin to have any evidence that proved he had replaced the old man of the Kyle Family, so he didn’t expect Kevin to tell Mia about it. However, Mia’s expression at this moment revealed that Kevin had already told Mia everything he knew.

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