My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 362

Over the years, he had hidden everything from Mia Kyle. He had never thought of letting her get involved. He had hoped that she could live her life without trouble and never had to see the ugly sides of the world. However, that damned Kevin destroyed his entire plan… The Old Master clenched his fists and said sternly, “Mia, get up first. If you have anything to say, let’s talk slowly.” Mia knelt upright and handed the DNA test results to Old Master with both hands. She asked in a hoarse voice, “Warren Silas, please tell me, how are we related?” Warren Silas! Those two words rocked Old Master hard. Even if he had fully prepared for this to come, he was still shocked when the words came from Mia. When the others suspected his identity, he could get rid of them without any hesitation. However, the person in front of him was the only bloodline left of the Silas family, his only family. There was a flash of panic in the Old Master’s eyes and this did not escape Mia’s eyes. She was now more certain that the man in front of her was Warren Silas, the person who had biological relation with her, and not Grandpa Kyle, the respected elder of the Kyle family. “Mia, listen to me, get up first. Let me treat your wound.” Old Master studied Mia with his sly eyes in order to catch any slight changes in her expression. Mia remained knelt and refused to listen. She insisted on getting the answer, “Please tell me, who are you? What’s the relationship between us?” “Mia, what are you talking about? I don’t understand.” He couldn’t admit it. Once he admitted it, it would mean that he was a fake. It was okay to admit that he had replaced the old man of the Kyle family, but he must not admit that he was Warren Silas, Otherwise, he would not only face the fury of Kevin, but also the whole country’s pursuit. If it weren’t for the fact that he had no other choices, and was being driven into a corner, how could he have lived in this world with someone else’s identity? In this world, everyone was an independent entity. Everyone had their own ways to live their lives. No one wanted to be a substitute and hide behind other people’s lives. Mia said in tears, “Warren Silas, please stop pretending. You are not my grandpa at all. You are a bad person, and a murder. It was you who kidnapped little Karen. How could you do this to such a young child. Are you even human?” The Old Master said angrily, “Mia, I’m your grandpa. How could you say that? I have loved you for so many years. The others can doubt me, but not you.” “I really wished that you hadn’t loved me so much these years.” Had he not loved her so much, he would have been just a stranger to her. Then, no matter what he had done, it had nothing to do with her, and she wouldn’t feel sorry for him. “Mia, how could you say that? I have really wasted all my love on you all these years.” Old Master shook his head with a painful expression of being misunderstood and wronged. “I know you won’t admit it.” Mia threw another document at him, wiped her tears and said, “Look at what you have done. No one can tolerate what you have done. Why can’t you behave yourself after so many years? Little Karen is not even four years old. You kidnapped her to threaten her parents. If you still have a little humanity in you, you wouldn’t have done that.” “Mia “Mia-” “Don’t call my name!” Mia screamed. After saying that she cried even harder “I don’t care if anyone blames me or scolds me, anyone but you, because you are my…” He almost blurted the words, but Warren Silas managed to stop in time. Once he admitted the relationship between them, he would admit that he was Warren Silas. This was definitely not what he had wanted to happen at all. Mia Kyle bit her lips and said, “You may deny your identity, But, please hand over little Karen back to her parents.” Since Warren Silas didn’t want to admit his identity, then she could only ask for the second best. For now, the most important thing was to get little Karen back. “Mia, little Karen is my great-granddaughter and I love her ever so much. Why would I even kidnap her? As long as he refused to admit, and little Karen was not with him, no one would know whether Kevin or him was lying. Mia was so anxious that she roared, “Warren Silas, you must have your own child too. So you should be able to understand how a parent feels and how much they worry about their children!” Once she mentioned about children, Old Master was instantly engulfed in clouds of anger and resentment. Of course he had his own child, but his child was killed at such a young age. Not only that, his daughter-in-law was also killed, leaving behind an infant who was still nursing. Every time he thought of this, Warren Silas was full of grudge. He hated the murderer so much that he wanted to drag the man he had killed out from the grave and whip him once more. Only then could he find some relief. Since Mia had already affirmed that he was Warren Silas, there was nothing he could do to make her believe him. So the only thing he could do was to simply tell her everything and let her know who her family, and who her enemy was. “Mia, if you want to know the truth, then get up first. I will tell you everything.” Warren Silas sat back into the lazy chair, picked up the cup of cold tea and took a sip. Mia struggled to stand up, but because she had knelt for so long, her legs were numb and she almost fell down. However, she gritted her teeth and struggled to maintain her posture. Warren Silas stared at her for a long time. After a long while, he said slowly, “Yes, my name is Warren Silas. I killed the old man of the Kyle family and underwent plastic surgery according to his appearance. I replaced his identity and continued to live as him.” He had planned this for five whole years before his plan became a reality. He had gone undercover beside Old Master Kyle to learn his habits, learn to speak like him and imitate his ways… He didn’t take action until everything was ready It was due to the fact that he had prepared for ch a long time and changed his appearance to look exactly like Old Master Kyle, that he had had Hale Kyle and Kevin Kyle fooled “Why, why? Why did you do that?” Mia’s voice trembled. It took her a long time to complete her question. “Why?” Warren Silas snorted, and then a murderous intent appeared in his eyes. “Because I wanted to live. I wanted to be reunited with my child, and wanted to hug my grandchild.” Back then, when he had just replaced the true Old Master Kyle as the brand new Old Master Kyle… He had informed his son to reunite with him in Chatterton Town. But he was one step too late. When he arrived, the couple had already been secretly executed.

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