My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 363

 “If all you wanted was to live, you should have just lived well and no one will stop you from doing that. Why did you have to kill innocent people?” Mia Kyle shook her head and said painfully. Since young, she had a strong personality. She often fought and argued with other people. People said that she was a little witch, but she had never thought of harming other people. Everyone’s life is precious, whether they were rich or poor. No one had the rights to control the life and death of others. And she had always thought that he was the kindest grandfather in the world. How could he speak so boldly after killing innocent people? He had said it like those people deserved to die. In the past, he would take her to do good deeds every year, for example taking her to a welfare home to donate money, visit the children in poverty and etc. He had often said that people should do more good deeds while they were alive, so that they could ascent to heaven after they died. He was a person so full of benevolence and morality. But it turned out that under this innocent mask, hid a man with evil and vicious thoughts. He hadn’t just killed someone, but in fact he had killed many. Now he wouldn’t even spare a small child. Mia dared not imagine what would happen to her brother and sister-in-law if something happened to little Karen. She was afraid that even her own death was not enough to repay little Karen’s life. “Do you think I could live well just because I want to? Those people didn’t give me a chance at all.” If he was not driven into a corner, he didn’t need to fake another person’s identity. Mia wiped her tears. Suddenly, she was not so sad anymore. For a person who had long lost his conscience, what more was there to say? No matter how much she said, he wouldn’t listen to her. Now she needed to find ways to get little Karen’s location from him. “Mia, I’m your grandfather, your real grandfather.” As he said this, Warren burst into tears. “You are the only bloodline left of our Silas family.” “Grandfather? You’re my grandfather?” Mia laughed pathetically, tears streaming down her cheeks. “I don’t want a murderer as my grandfather.” If he was still the king grandfather she knew, she would definitely be elated when she heard his words. But now, she only felt coldness in her heart, as if she had fallen into an ice cellar Warren stood up and grabbed Mia’s hand. Agitated, he quickly said, “Mia, everything I had done was for your sake, for you to have a better life. Don’t you understand?” “For my sake? For my well-being?” Mia shook him off and laughed sadly. She was obviously laughing, but tears fell uncontrollably. So she was the reason for little Karen’s kidnap? Unbeknown to her, how many innocent lives had been taken for her sake? She wiped her tears, gnashed her teeth, “The Kyle family adopted me and raised me up. They are my family, and now you have taken away their child. You dare say that you are doing it for my sake? If you had really done it for me, you will return little Karen to us. Don’t let me become the reason for your evil deeds.” “Mia -” Warren was also angry now. He roared, “Do you know why you became an orphan?” “I don’t know. I don’t want to know.” No matter what the reason was, he should not kill or take little Karen as a hostage. Mia didn’t want to hear it, but Warren insisted on telling her the truth. She had to know the truth of everything so that she could make up her mind on who was good guy and who was the evil one. “Mia, your mother was the sister of the President of Country A. She was a princess. Your father, who was my son, is from Chatterton Town. He immigrated to Country A and married your mother. They were originally a loving couple. However, Herbert Ken and the Brown family, those executioners destroyed everything and made you an orphan.” “It was Karen Daly’s father, Herbert Ken who forged evidence and accused your parents of being spies from the Country A. It was Herbert Ken who had handed the fake evidence to the Brown family in the military region of Chatterton Town. It was Neil Brown’s father who secretly executed your parents. Herbert and the Brown family are the murderers of your parents. I did those things to avenge my son and daughter-in-law. What did I do wrong?” Warren shouted all the grievances in his heart at one go, and he didn’t care whether Mia could take it or not. Every word Warren said was like a bomb. Mia was dumbfounded. Now, she didn’t even know who she was anymore. Her mother was the princess of Country A, and her father was Warren Silas’s son.. Neil Brown’s father killed her parents… Neil’s father killed her parents! Neil’s father killed her parents! Neil’s father killed her parents! At the moment, Mia couldn’t think of anything else but this sentence, ringing repetitively in her mind. No, it couldn’t be. It couldn’t be true. Warren had to be lying to her.. She was going crazy and wanted to disappear from the world immediately so that she would never have to face this terrible thing again. “Mia-” “Don’t call me, please don’t call me.” Mia held her head and shook desperately. She didn’t want to hear any of it. She would rather know nothing. But she also understood that she was Warren’s granddaughter and the child of Silas family. Her parents were executed by Neil’s father, and Warren killed the ones who killed her parents. These were facts that she couldn’t accept, but had to… At this moment, she realized how wonderful to be just a child and to never grow up. If she didn’t grow up, she could hide under the wings of her family forever and never need to face these cruel facts. After a long time, Mia finally found her voice. “You are my grandfather. Let me take all the responsibility of what you had done. As long as you hand little Karen over safely, I can beg my brother to let you go. You can go far away and never appear in front of them again.” “Mia, how can you be such a fool? I am your true family, while Kevin is nothing to you.” At this point, Warren still had no sense of remorse. Mia smiles melancholically and said, “Then do you know what I think right now? For me, to even take a breath of air feels like a huge waste!” “Mia, I won’t allow you to talk nonsense.” Warren’s dagger eyes flashed and he said, “The child is Kevin Kyle’s most fatal weakness. It took me a lot of effort to capture her. She is a very useful hostage. How could I ever hand her over?” Upon hearing this, Mia finally gave up on Warren Silas. She cried and said, “Please, please let the child go.” “You’re coming with me. After we are safe, I will consider returning the child to Kevin.” Since Kevin had already discovered everything, he could no longer pretend to be Old Master Kyle. He had to move immediately.

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