My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 364

Luckily for him, he had prepared for this and had already had an escape plan. Once his identity was exposed, he could leave as soon as possible. He wanted to take Mia Kyle with him and leave Chatterton Town. Then, he could change his identity again and start a new life. As for the child, if she was lucky, she might survive. If she was unlucky and died, that was her fate. If there was anything to blame, it would be her fate to be the child of Kevin Kyle and Karen Daly. “What do you mean that you will consider returning the child?” Mia Kyle bit her lips and stared at Warren Silas. His words surprised her, and changed her perception towards him. He had disguised himself as Grandpa Kyle, pretended to be a good person, and had done that for more than 20 years. His intention was horrible. Now, just thinking about it creeped her out. In the past, when they went to the welfare home to visit those orphans, he had the brightest smile on his face. Did he think about killing people while wearing that smile then? “Mia, come with me first. We can talk about other things later.” After all, Mia was the only bloodline left of the Silas family. He worried about leaving her behind and could only be relieved when he took her with him. Mia shook her head and stepped back. “I’ll only go with you under the condition that you let little Karen go. After that, I’ll go anywhere with you.” Warren added, “Mia, I’ve told you, come with me first. We’ll talk about other things once we get out of here.” “If you don’t hand little Karen over, how do you think you’re going to leave?” Mia wiped her tears and said, “You know my brother and his temper. His daughter is in your hands. You can’t escape even if you have wings.” Warren sneered and said, “Fine. We’ll see who is the more capable one.” If little Karen hadn’t been taken by Warren as a hostage, Warren would worried that he might not be able to defeat Kevin Now, with such a good pawn in his hand, not only could he control Kevin, he would also have nothing to worry about. “Well then, let’s see if you can even get out of here.” Suddenly, Kevin’s cold voice came from outside the door, and then his towering figure appeared in front of them. Next to him was Karen. He held her hand tightly. Every step he took his expression showed his deep care and love for her. Warren looked over and scanned the both of them. They were undeniable an eye-catching couple. The man was tall and handsome, and the woman was slender and beautiful, they were a perfect match for each other. The more they were suited for each other, the more disgusted Warren felt. Warren fixed his fierce eyes on Karen. At the moment, he wanted nothing more than to turn his stare into knive and stab her. If this woman had not suddenly appeared in Kevin’s life, then the person who married Kevin would be Mia. The person who would give birth to Kevin’s child would be Mia. If Karen did not show up, and if Mia married Kevin, then the incidents in the past few years would not even occurred. If he hadn’t been behind those affairs, then he wouldn’t have exposed himself. He wouldn’t have let Kevin suspected him or even got hold of evidence against him. Now, even her most beloved granddaughter wouldn’t accept him as her grandfather. The reason for what had happened up till today, had everything to do with Karen. He still remembered Karen and her wits in the board meeting. Facing him and other directors, she was strong and independent. But in front of Kevin, she pretended to be weak He blamed himself for not killing her a few years ago. Instead, he was threatened by Samuel Daly to hand her over. If he had known that she would be so lucky, he would have definitely gotten rid of her. He would never allow her to come back to Kevin alive. “Brother -” Mia was unnerved when she saw Kevin and Karen entered. She was fearful and worried. She didn’t know what she was worried about. Perhaps she was worried about little Karen’s safety, or she was worried about the safety of her “grandpa”. Although he had done all kinds of evil deeds, he had really loved her all these years. Just like what he had said, anyone could blame him and scold him, but not her. She hoped that he would regret his actions, and hoped that he could hand little Karen over to her before Kevin acted on it. As long as little Karen was fine, Warren might have the chance to survive. “Mia, do you know all the things you didn’t understand before?” It was Kevin who asked this. His voice was gloomy, but it also revealed his concern for Mia. Mia Kyle bit her lips and nodded hard, Kevin Kyle added, “Then step back with your sister-in-law. 1 have something to talk to him alone.” Mia and Karen looked at each other. Both of them knew what they had to do. They did not ask anything and left. Only Kevin and Warren were left in the spacious living room. They looked at each other. Warren suddenly smiled and said, “Kevin, do you still want your daughter to return to you alive?” Kevin looked at him with a faint smile on his lips, but he didn’t intend to respond to Warren’s words. Kevin’s silence and the faint smile on his face puzzled Warren. He was unable to decipher what Kevin was thinking Warren thought for a while and said, “If you want your child to come back to you and wife in one piece, just give me all the evidences in your hand. And promise me that you won’t pursue these matters anymore.” After listening to Warren, Kevin laughed in a deep, low voice. “Warren, Warren, Warren, you’ve schemed and planned everything. However, why didn’t you expect that I would trust my daughter’s safety and waste my time here with you here?” Kevin wasn’t a man who would sit and wait for things to happen. Mia’s coming to persuade Warren was just one out of the many ways to find little Karen. Just as his men were tracking Assistant Hart, and while Mia was deliberating with Warren, he had received a message and had confirmed that Lionel had safely brought little Karen home. “Ha ha…” Warren laughed, and his body trembled slightly. “Kevin, do you really think that I am an old fool?” In order to catch the child, Assistant Hart had planned for a long time and had already made careful arrangements in all aspects Before Assistant Hart left, he had vowed that Kevin couldn’t find his daughter even if he were to search all over Chatterton Town. He didn’t believe that Kevin had such ability to find his daughter in such a short time Warren thought that the reason why Kevin lied to him was that Kevin wanted to get some clues out of him. He was not muddleheaded yet. How could he fall for such a trap? “You’re right.” Kevin Kyle looked at Warren Silas. Beneath his glasses, there was a terrifying chill in his eyes.

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