My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 365

Warren wasn’t so sure anymore when he heard Kevin’s words and looked at his calm expression plus sombre eyes. Although Assistant Hart had been with him for many years and his execution had always been perfect, but one shouldn’t underestimate Kevin Kyle’s capability If Kevin’s daughter hadn’t been rescued, he wouldn’t be as calm as he was at the moment. He wouldn’t be beating around the bush with him here. Because of Warren Silas’s suspicion that the hostage in his hands had been rescued, he suddenly had a strong sense of uneasiness. He repetitively loosened his grips and tightened them. The hostage was rescued, the evidence to prove his identity and the murder crime he had committed were all in Kevin’s hands. In other words, the tables had been turned, and now everything was in Kevin’s grip.. How could he let Kevin succeed? Instead of being threatened by Kevin, he thought it would be better to take action first and get rid of Kevin. In this way, he could continue to assume the identity of Old Master of the Kyle family Under Kevin’s scrutiny, Warren took out his mobile phone and dialed the number of Assistant Hart. “Hart, where is the child? Warren didn’t verify with Assistant Hart, yet the crafty man had believed that Kevin had the ability to save his own child. But he couldn’t totally be sure, so he called Assistant Hart. Assistant Hart said something on the other end, and Warren’s eyes instantly sank. A trace of panic flashed in his eyes for a split moment before it disappeared. Warren hid his emotion very quickly, but it did not escape Kevin’s sharp eyes. With a smirk, Kevin said, “How is it? Do you believe me now?” Warren Silas was able to replace Grandpa Kyle and blend in with the Kyle family for so many years without being discovered. This meant his courage and ability were certainly unlike any other ordinary people. Since he had lost the hostage and he could not threaten Kevin, but he still had other ways to give Kevin a blow. He turned on the speaker of his phone, “Hart, I didn’t hear what you said clearly just now, could you say it again?” Assistant Hart’s voice came from the mobile phone. “Old Master, the child was indeed rescued, but she was also injured, and the boy who saved her, hehe… I’m afraid he won’t survive as well.” “How many times do I have to tell you before you can remember my words? That child is the bloodline of the Kyle family. You can’t harm her, but you just don’t listen.” The words were pleasant, and the tone was full of sarcasm, Since the hostage was rescued, Warren could only use words to threaten Kevin. Kevin Kyle’s eyes darkened. Before coming in, he had confirmed that little Karen was fine, but he had forgotten to check on Lionel who had brought little Karen home. He didn’t know how the kid was now. Kevin looked at the face in front of him, it was almost the same as his grandfather’s face he remembered from memory…It was hard for him take action on Warren. It was also because of the likeness of this face that they had never suspected that their grandfather had already been replaced for the past 20 years. Kevin closed his eyes slightly, took a deep breath, and forced himself to suppress his the guilt of his grandfather’s passing At this critical moment, it was definitely not the time to miss his grandfather, but to destroy Warren, who had replaced his grandfather. When Kevin opened his eyes again, there was no more emotion in his eyes, what was left was a cold and piercing gleam. His sexy thin lips parted slightly, and he said coldly, “Warren, how do you think I should deal with you?” “Deal with me?” Warren suddenly laughed hysterically and said in a harsh voice, “Kevin, do you really think that I would wait here for you to kill me, and did not prepare for this at all?” Kevin said with a faint smile, “There’s no need to get my hands dirty for people like you.” Warren had hidden his last card very carefully, and Kevin didn’t know much about this. Therefore, he wouldn’t confront him head-on. All Kevin needed to do was to expose Warren’s identity, then others would naturally come and deal with Warren. Those people who would come would be crueler than those under his command. Warren retorted angrily, “What do you want to do?” Warren was not afraid of Kevin’s power. Over the years, his subordinates who were secretly trained by him, were all elites. He was still able to deal with Kevin. What he was really afraid of was the country’s military force who would besiege him. Once his identity was revealed, the files of his previous crimes would be exposed too. If that happened, it would be almost impossible for him to escape. “Haven’t you already guessed? Why do you still ask?” Just now, he had sent a message to Neil Brown about Warren’s real identity. Soon, Neil Brown would come with his people. Everyone knew how steadfast Neil Brown was in dealing with matters. Any criminal who was caught by him would have to suffer. “If you want to kill me, then I won’t be so kind to you anymore.” Since Kevin was ruthless, he would not show mercy also. If Kevin wanted him to die, he would also drag him along. Warren Silas sneered and raised his hand to make a gesture. Suddenly, a group of strong men with weird totems on their faces barged into the room. Kevin Kyle glanced around and made a rough estimation of about a dozen people. Two of them were holding guns and they were pointing at his head. Warren sneered and said, “Kevin, you had planned for everything. But, I only need to give an order, and you’ll meet your death immediately At the face of this situation, Kevin remained calm. His sharp eyes swept over the group of men one by one. From their actions and the totem painted on their faces, he could see that they were from the army of another country. That country’s army punished soldiers who committed crimes every year. The soldiers who were punished were unwilling to revert to being ordinary people, so they were hired by people at high price to serve their masters as mercenary soldiers. It seemed that Warren had been doing a lot of work in secret these years. Just looking at his elite mercenary, Kevin knew he had underestimated Warren. “Kevin -” Karen Daly had been waiting for Kevin in the yard, she had been listening to the activities inside the building. When she heard a clamor in the room, she rushed over at once “Karen, don’t come over. Get out of here quick.” When Kevin saw Karen rushed in, his heart tightened. Kevin Kyle didn’t not flinch when faced with these mercenaries, even if one of them pointed a gun to his head. But as soon as Karen Daly appeared, he instantly panicked. He was fine with being hurt, but he couldn’t let anything happen to Karen. It wasn’t a spacious room. A dozen strong men had surrounded Kevin, and two men were pointing the guns at Kevin “Kevin..” Karen was so worried about Kevin’s safety that she started trembling. “Get out now!” Kevin roared. Karen understood that she would only be a burden to Kevin instead of helping him here. She gritted her teeth and swallowed her worries for Kevin. Then, she turned around and ran.

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