My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 366

Nick Black and the others were just outside. Karen Daly hoped that she would run faster to get reinforcements to help Kevin Kyle. She couldn’t let anything happen to Kevin. However, before she could leave, Warren Silas sneered and said. “Without my permission, none of you can leave.” As soon as Warren Silas gave his order, two mercenaries blocked Karen Daly’s way. She wanted to push through them, but the two men were as strong as iron walls. She was pushed back instead. Warren said, “Bring her to me.” Kevin quickly turned around, and rushed to Karen’s side as fast as the wind. He shielded her in his arms. His face changed, and his voice icy cold. “You touch her once more, and I’ll have you dead.” “Both of you have such intimate relationship that it really makes me envious.” Warren said in his usual pretentious loving tone, “Both of you know that I have a kind heart, and so I will do a good deed, and send you and your wife away together! This way, you will not be sad for each other’s death.” “I’d like to see you try…” But before he could finish his sentence, Kevin felt his vision blurred again. He couldn’t see Karen’s face near him, nor could he see Warren’s face at the distance His vision became blurred in an instant, as if it had become a whirlpool, trying to swallow him up. “Damn it!” Kevin cursed in a low voice. Of all the times, for the damn drug to take effect, why now? No, no, no. He couldn’t let anything happen at this moment, not with Karen, he couldn’t risk it. He didn’t want her to get hurt again. Kevin calmed himself down and breathed quietly. He couldn’t let Warren Silas notice anything unusual, otherwise they wouldn’t be able to get out of here in one piece. Karen Daly felt that something was amiss. She held his palm and whispered, “Kevin, I’m not afraid. Don’t worry about me. Afterwards, no matter what Warren Silas does, we will make it out, even if only one of us makes it. Little Karen is still waiting for you at home, you know that, right?” Karen held Kevin’s hand tightly and looked at him in concern. She was aware that something was wrong with him, but she couldn’t tell what was wrong. “Don’t talk nonsense.” Kevin rubbed her head and hugged her tightly. “Karen, I lost you a few years ago. That kind of incident will never happen again.” “Haha.. That’s a touching moment. Then I’ll see the both of you off in another world then.” Warren once again gestured with his hand. The mercenaries held up their guns and prepared to shoot. At this moment, Nick Black and his men rushed in. Nick’s men were all bodyguards of Kevin. They were all skillful, but no matter how good and agile they were, they were no match for guns. Both groups of people were aggressive… Judging from the look, no one would tell which side was more powerful. But when weapons were involved, it became obvious. “Nick, take Karen and Mia out first.” Kevin couldn’t see clearly, but his hearing was quite good. He could still grasp the situation. “Kevin .. let’s go together…” Karen was scared. She was afraid that Kevin would not be able to come back alive if she were to leave with Nick. She could see that Warren had a murderous intention. He would kill them right there and then. “Karen Daly, listen to me!” Kevin’s voice was still deep and gentle, but firm. “You go out first, and I will come to you later.” Karen didn’t want to leave, she didn’t want to be away from Kevin. But she knew that she couldn’t help him at all. She knew that not distracting Kevin would be the biggest help she could do right now. “Director Kevin, you leave with your wife and Miss Mia first. Leave this to us.” Nick Black didn’t want to leave also. He had served Kevin Kyle for many years, and had already regarded Kevin as his everything. If anything happened to Kevin, he didn’t even know what else he could do Warren knew that Karen was the key to his victory. If he could catch Karen, Kevin would surrender and lose the ability to retaliate. The advantage of capturing Karen alive was greater than killing Karen, so he did not ask his men to shoot them immediately. Instead, he was waiting for the right time to snatch Karen from Kevin’s side. He made two more gestures. The mercenaries understood his motives, and they shifted their target from Kelvin to Karen. Kevin’s vision was blurry. There were too many people at the scene and it was very noisy. For a brief moment, it was difficult for him to distinguish the whole situation. “Go on, try to leave.” Warren laughed wildly and ordered, “If anyone here dares to take a step outside, shoot them. Try to do it in one shot.” At this time, Kevin quickly made a mental calculation. There were two guns at the scene, with their skills, he and Nick could snatch the guns before Warren’s men fire the shots. His bodyguards on the other hand, could handle the rest of Warren’s men. When he gave the order, all of them would charge together. With this, they would have a high chance of winning. However, his situation was did not get better. He was unsure whether he could accurately take one of the guns from one of them Bang All of a sudden, there was a gunshot, everyone turned to look, but to their surprise, it wasn’t from the two men with guns. Everyone immediately turned around and looked at the direction of the gunshot. They saw that Assistant Hart was standing outside the house, with a gun in his hand. Assistant Hart said with a strange smile, “Old Master, I’m back. I’ll clean up these ungrateful things for you.” Mia had been in a state of shock until she saw the man working under her grandfather, who she had respected all this time, was actually armed with a gun and wanted to besiege them It was only when she heard the gunshot, that Mia Kyle got back to her senses. She stared at Warren Silas with her beautiful eyes. For the longest time, she had always thought that he was a kind old man. Even when he said that he was not willing to let little Karen go, she was still hopeful. She really wished that it was Kevin who made a mistake. She wished that this was just a nightmare. She wished that when she woke up, everyone was still the same. However, when she saw Warren wanting to kill them, she completely gave up on him. She was angry, shocked, and she was at a loss… There was no time for Mia to think. She suddenly ran towards Warren Silas and hugged him. “Warren Silas, if you had really loved me before, if you still have a little humanity in you, you will stop this madness. I beg you, please!” Why did things turn out to be like this? How did it end up like this? It had been a good life in the past. Everyone was so happy and harmonious, loving parents and filial children… How did it come to this?

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