My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 367

Mia Kyle shouted, “Brother, go now. Hurry! Go!” “No one gets to leave.” It was not Warren Silas who spoke, but Assistant Hart, who had just fired the gun. Without waiting for Warren’s command, he aimed his gun at Karen Daly’s head. He pulled the trigger, and the bullet whistled out. Mia screamed in fear, “No, don’t…!” Karen also saw the muzzle of Assistant Hart’s gun aiming at them, he had pulled the trigger and the bullet was plummeting at a high speed towards them. Without hesitation, she tried to push Kevin Kyle away to a safe distance. However, she didn’t know whether it was because she was too weak or that Kevin’s was too strong. She was being held tightly in Kevin’s arms. At the crucial moment, Kevin blocked the bullet for her. Kevin couldn’t see clearly, but he seemed to hear the sound of bullets whizzing through the air. He turned around and held Karen firmly in his arms. The bullet penetrated his body, causing him to lose his center of gravity, thus dragging Karen a few steps back. “Kevin-” Karen clutched on to Kevin’s waist, as warm liquid dripped on the back of her palm, and the strong smell of blood instantly filled the whole room. “I’m fine. Don’t worry.” He always said that he was fine, and that he was okay… Even when he was in trouble. The bullet went into his body, and his blood was dying his white shirt red. How could he be alright? But this tough man gritted his teeth and said nothing. Did he really think that his body was made of iron, that he was indestructible? Karen wanted to beat him up so that he wouldn’t be so arrogant. She just wanted him to feel ordinary. That he would take the medicine when he was sick, or learn to let go when he should… “Shut up! Don’t you talk anymore. Karen held his waist tightly and looked at the hateful Assistant Hart. The worry on Karen’s face faded away, and she looked hostile. Her eyes narrowed and eyebrows were tightly knitted together, displaying a vengeful intent. Just as she was completely unprepared, Kevin put one arm around her waist and spun around quickly. His speed was so fast that before anyone could react, Kevin Kyle had come over to Warren Silas’s side, with Karen Daly in tow. He moved his long powerful arm and successfully wrapped his arm around Warren’s neck. He hooked Warren with his arm and lifted him up. Kevin said coldly, “Warren, if you wish to live, get your people out of here!” He was definitely not joking. If he exerted some more strength, he could break Warren’s neck. “Old Master..” Assistant Hart wanted to rush over, but he saw Kevin exerting more force on his arm. Warren’s face turned purple and he had difficulty breathing. “Come over if you dare!” Kevin said ruthlessly. Even if he couldn’t see clearly, he was still able to distinguish roughly the position of those people. His eyes narrowed beneath the gold-rimmed glasses. Even though he couldn’t see clearly at the moment, his eyes were still as sharp as ever. Death was a very scary word. Even if some people should have died a long time ago, or were prepared to die, they would still be scared of the impending death. It took Warren a lot of effort to squeeze out a few words. “Hart, all of you retreat now!” Assistant Hart was very reluctant, but he couldn’t openly disobey Warren’s order, and he couldn’t ignore Warren’s safety too He waved his hand to signal his men to retreat to the side and make way for Kevin and the rest. Kevin held Warren with one hand and protected Karen with the other. He carefully made his way out of the place, and said at the same time, “Mia, let’s go.” Mia shook her head and refused to follow. She didn’t want to follow him because she felt that she was not worthy of the family anymore. Her biological grandfather not only took little Karen as a hostage, but also wanted to kill her brother. How could she still go back with them… Mia Kyle was the real granddaughter of Warren Silas, so Warren would not hurt her. Furthermore, Kevin had to first bring Karen and retreat to a completely safe position. His blurry vision was getting worse, and he didn’t know how much longer he could endure the gun shot on his waist, so he needed to hurry to take Karen Daly away from danger. Nick Black, along with several bodyguards, surrounded Kevin and formed a human shield, ensuring the safety of Kevin and Karen. Because of the gunshot wound, Kevin was bleeding profusely. Karen wanted to find ways to help with his wound, but he hugged her slender body so tightly that her whole body was almost glued to his. The distance from the inner courtyard to the gate where the car was parked was not very far, but it took them a long time to reach the gate. Kevin kept his grip on Warren Silas while Warren’s men followed close behind. With their guns in their hands, they had absolute advantage. Karen Daly paid close attention to her opponents at all times, while worried about the injury on Kevin’s body, every step they took was like treading on thin ice. After walking for a long while, Kevin’s Bentley was finally in sight. Kevin let go of Karen, and she immediately stepped forward to open the car door, Once they got in the car and started the engine, it would be difficult for Warren’s people to lay their hands on Kevin. Warren wasn’t ready to let Kevin leave just like that. If Kevin escaped, then Warren would be doomed. Warren gave Assistant Hart a meaningful look and Assistant Hart immediately understood. Then Assistant Hart shot a look at his men. They wanted to take advantage of the moment when Kevin got in the car to launch an attack. Nick discovered their intentions and made a gesture quietly. The bodyguards around him immediately understood what they had to do If they didn’t take the upper hand, it would be very difficult for them to retreat safely. Nick noticed the stones underneath his feet, and then signaled the bodyguards around him. After receiving his instructions, everyone got into position, and kicked the stones at the fastest speed. The stones seemed to grow eyes, and successfully hit the three men with guns. They didn’t expect Nick and the others would make such a move. They were caught off guard and were hit on the vital parts of their hands and bodies. The two mercenaries with guns fell forward and the guns in their hands fell several meters ahead, Only Assistant Hart still held the gun tightly despite being hit. He was angry and humiliated. He didn’t care that Warren was still in Kevin’s grip, and raised his gun, ready to shoot. Nick Black and his men were tackling the other mercenaries. Assistant Hart’s gaze was locked on Kevin. Under the dire circumstances, Karen couldn’t care less anymore. She threw herself at the gun nearest to her, grabbed and pulled at the safety valve. Her target was Assistant Hart. Bang There was another gunshot! A bullet hit Assistant Hart squarely between his eyebrows.

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