My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 369

When Neil Brown came with his troop, Both Nick Black’s men and Warren Silas’ men were already wounded. The arrival of Neil naturally meant whichever side he stood would be the victor. Neil waved his hand and said to his men, Take all these men, both lying and standing, and check their identities to see if they have illegally entered the country. Lock them up individually and wait for me to go back and deal with them.” After giving orders to his subordinates, he looked at Nick and said, “Leave here to me and take your men back to treat their injuries.” Neil was Kevin’s uncle, and he was known for his credibility He and Kevin had a good relationship. They had collaborated before, so Nick trusted him. His men were injured, so he should take them back for treatment. After Nick led his men away, Neil removed the socks that were stuffed into Warren’s mouth, he smiled and said, “If you have anything else to say, be quick about it. I’ll give you ten minutes.” “Neil, did you forget what you’ve promised me?” Warren shouted immediately after he got the chance to take a breath When he saw Neil, he saw a glimmer of hope. As long as Neil had feelings for Mia, he would not be as ruthless as Kevin. Neil smiled and said, “May I ask what identity you are using to talk to me? As the Brown family’s elder, or a wanted criminal who stole military secrets and sold them to other countries?” Without giving Warren a chance to argue, Neil continued, “Warren Silas, oh Warren Silas, my father has been looking for you for many years, and so have I, but never have expected that you have always been right by my side.” Warren said in a hurry, “Neil, it’s been so many years. No one remembers the name Warren Silas anymore, so why are you still holding to it now?” Hearing Warren’s words, Neil was instantly displeased. He raised his eyebrows and said, “Warren, who the hell forced you to do all those evil things. It’s time for you to pay for all that you’ve done.” “Neil, I’m Mia’s biological grandfather! You guys had already killed her parents. Don’t tell me you won’t let go of her last family member?” Warren knew that Neil had feelings for Mia. It would be useful to talk about Mia at such a time. However, Neil had always been incorruptible. He had always done things accordingly to justice. The more one tried to meddle with his feelings the more difficult he would be on you. Neil announced, “There’s no such thing as private relationship in my dictionary. I don’t care if you’re Mia’s grandfather or anyone to her. Once you fall into my hands, you won’t be able to get out of here.” Neil really was an unpredictable man. Warren was a little nervous. He didn’t know what else could he do to convince him. Just as Warren was racking his brain to come up with a solution, he caught a glimpse of Mia from the corner of his eye. She looked pale and was walking towards them from the yard. An idea immediately formed in Warren’s mind. Mia was his granddaughter, a treasure that he had been holding in his hands for many years. She was the only remaining bloodline of the Silas family. He couldn’t let his granddaughter marry Neil, whose father had killed his son and daughter-in-law, but Mia was too stubborn. She had chosen Neil, and there was nothing anyone could do to stop her. Even if she knew that Neil’s parents had secretly executed her parents, it might not even be enough for her to give up on Neil. Warren coughed softly and said, ” Neil, I am Mia’s only relative, and you are the person she has always wanted to marry. If you do something to me, aren’t you worried that she will be sad?” “Old Mr. Silas, don’t fucking talk nonsense with me. Mia is Mia. Whether she is the adopted daughter of the Kyle family or your granddaughter, that has nothing to do with me.” How could he not be worried? He forced himself to hide the worry at the bottom of his heart. His father had executed Mia’s birth parents. If Mia knew the truth, she would definitely blame him. Back then, Warren used the identity of Old Mr. Kyle and told Neil about Mia’s real identity. This was why he had avoided her, stayed away from her, and pushed her away time and time again Neil thought that he could watch Mia marrying another man, and he could even congratulate her happily and wish the couple a blissful life together. However, those were just his own assumption. When he saw Zuriel Perth kissed her, his rational collapsed in an instant. He had hurried to her house impulsively and almost took her as his own. Warren favoured Neil’s response. He said, “Don’t you like Mia?” “Do I like her?” Neil’s body suddenly stiffened. He had mixed feelings, but he said indifferently. “I’ve never. Don’t overthink.” Warren pressed on, “Then do you admit that it was your father who had recklessly killed Mia’s parents without finding out the truth?” “Warren, what the hell are you trying to do?” Neil had run out of patience and didn’t want to waste his breath with Warren anymore. He added, “Back then, the evidence that they were spies was solid. Is it wrong for my father to execute a military spy?” “Evidence? The so-called evidence was forged by Herbert Ken. Our father, who was in charge of the military region of Chatterton Town, convicted them based on Herbert’s one sided accusation and secretly executed them.” Warren was growing agitated as he spoke. “Neil, your Brown family is a well known family, are you running away from responsibility?” Neil commanded angrily. “Chesley take this old man back. If he is so good at talking, just starve him for two days. Let’s see if he can keep talking afterwards.” Warren said loudly, “Neil, are you feeling guilty? You’re just a coward for avoiding the responsibility of what your father did. How can Mia even fall for an irresponsible man like you? “Chesley!” Neil roared, “Cover his mouth and bring him back.” “Can, can I say something to him?” Suddenly, Mia’s voice came from behind. Her voice reached Neil’s ears. He froze and couldn’t react momentarily. Warren said anxiously, “Mia, you should have heard what he said just now. It’s time for you to give up on this man.” “Grandpa.” Mia clenched her fists and bit her lips so hard that her lips bled. “This will be the last time i’m calling you Grandpa. I’ll never do it again after this.” Mia had tried to convince herself for more than once, that this man was her kind grandfather. He was not a murderer.

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