My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 372

Mia Kyle was so quiet that she was not her usual self, and it was a heartache to see her like this. But Master Perth did not know how to help her. Mia had lived a carefree life for more than a decade and the Kyle family had also protected her well. They had never really let her be exposed to the ugly side of the world. All of a sudden, her most respected grandfather became the bad guy and her parents were killed by her beloved man’s father It didn’t matter if she was just an innocent little girl, anyone else who was in her shoes might not be as strong as her. Mia looked at Master Perth and took two big steps forward. She said, “Although you’ve accompanied me for half of the day, it doesn’t mean I’ll let you take advantage of me.” Master Perth shrugged helplessly. “Miss, as a gentleman, I just want to protect you. I’ve never thought of taking advantage of you. Besides, if I’d really wanted to take advantage of you, I would have done that way earlier, without giving you a chance to run away.” Mia ignored him and ran forward. Master Perth’s voice could be heard behind her, “Slow down. If you fall down, my heart will ache.” “Tsk…” Mia snorted and continued to run. Soon, they arrived at the top of Wollerton Mountain. Tiny lights dotted the view at the foot of the mountain. At the top of the mountain, cool breeze blew. The environment instantly made one felt better. Mia sat down on a big boulder, raised her head and gazed at the starry sky Among so many stars, could two of the stars be her parents? For so many years, did Mom and Dad come and visit her? Did they know that she had lived very well these years, with the love from her grandfather, the care from her adopted parents and the adoration from her brother? In fact, she was happier than many other children. Although her parents weren’t by her side, but her parents from Kyle family loved her like their own “Dad, mom…” Mia called out to her mom and dad in her heart, and hoped that they could hear her in heaven. It didn’t matter if they were with her or not, or if they were really spies, she would still love them. She hoped that they could live a good life in another world. Master Perth sat down beside Mia and said, “My shoulder is here. You can lean on it anytime you want, and my service is free.” “Master Perth, who are you?” He had suddenly appeared around her and attracted her attention. Additionally, his capability was more than she had imagined. “Do you want to hear the truth?” Under the moonlight, Master Perth stared quietly at Mia in an intense yet earnest way. “Of course.” If she didn’t want to hear the truth, she wouldn’t have asked. Who he was, what was the relations between them? Anyway, she had never thought about any kind of entanglements with him. Master Perth said solemnly, “I am from Country A and also the fiance that your parents had arranged for you. However, you don’t have to be bothered about this identity, no one can force you to do what you don’t want to do.” “Really?” Mia sighed softly and said, “Then you must know about my parents. Can you tell me about them?” Master Perth followed Mia’s gaze and looked up at the starry sky. He said in a quiet voice, “When your parents came to Chatterton Town, I was still young and I didn’t have much memory of them. However, I have deep impression of your parents being very much in love with each other and they loved you very much.” They had loved each other and loved her very much. But they were gone. They had left her for too long. She didn’t have any memories of them. She didn’t know how they looked like. She didn’t know if they were tall or short. She didn’t know whether she looked more like her father or her mother “Mia.” Master Perth looked at her and said, “Why don’t you go back to Country A with me? Look at the place where your parents used to live and the place where you were born.” “Okay.” Mia agreed without hesitation. She wanted to visit her parents and see the place where they used to live with her. Another more important reason was that she couldn’t stay in Chatterton Town anymore and she could no longer go back to the Kyle family. There were too many people and things she didn’t dare to face here, so she chose to hide in her shell. In this way, no one could see the pain in her heart and no one could see her weakness, Wollerton Mountain was not too high. When it has passed midnight and the sky was completely dark with no moon or stars, the temperature on the mountain dropped drastically. Mia was so cold she curled up into a ball. Master Perth wanted to hug her and warm her up, but he didn’t dare to provoke this stubborn girl. The two of them sat on the boulder as the cold wind blew. They watched as the sky became completely devoid of light. Then, they saw the first pale light from the horizon. When Master Perth looked at Mia, he saw her sleeping with her knees in her arms, and her face already covered with dried tears. At the same time, she was muttering two words vaguely – Neil Brown! She was a persistent girl. No matter how Neil Brown had refused her, she did not stop her pursuit. However, now that she had known the truth behind the murder of her parents, she could only abruptly cut off the feeling she had towards Neil Brown. She pretended that she didn’t care about Neil Brown. Pretended to be cool and left. Yet no one could understand the pain in her heart. Master Perth accompanied Mia at the top of the mountain all night. After dawn, Master Perth sent Mia back to Grey apartments where she lived. After he saw Mia left, he immediately took out his mobile phone and made a call. After the phone was connected, he said, “Third Young Master, Mia has promised to return to Country A with me.” “Okay. A deep and hoarse voice came from the phone. “How are your injuries?” “I won’t die for the time being.” After a pause, Master Perth continued, “Your big brother had asked the President for permission to let you seek the Princess child in Chatterton Town, but he had secretly sent people to kill you. I have collected all the evidence for this matter. You can report it to the President at any time.” “No need.” Two short words came from the other end of the phone, then the man said, “It’s not the right time to deal with him yet.” Master Perth asked, confused, “Do you mean that we will continue to stay in Chatterton Town?” On the other end of the phone, Lionel heard Master Perth’s words and couldn’t help but look towards little Karen, who was sleeping on the bed. Yesterday, he got a tip off from Zuriel Perth and rushed to save little Karen. When he arrived, he was a little too late and she was injured. Her tender forehead was injured, leaving a plum-like mark. The doctor had applied medicine on the wound, but because the wound was too deep, the mark would stay for the rest of her life. Master Perth thought for a moment and said, “Third Young Master, as long as we return to the territory of Country A, he won’t dare to do anything to you even if he has the guts to do so.” “Let’s wait for a few more days.” Lionel said and hung up the phone. But because he wasn’t paying attention, he pulled the wound on his body and grimaced in pain.

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