My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 373

That Hart – his subordinates were all not scared of death. They were ruthless when fighting and they even didn’t let go of such a small child like little Karen. She was just a little child, but they tied her up, threw her into an iron barrel, and rolled the barrel over… When that happened, little Karen had almost died. Lionel who had always been calm and indifferent, had a distressed look upon his face when thinking of this. Lionel had wounds all over his body, his left arm was cast in plaster and his leg was injured. It was not convenient for him to move at all, but his injuries did not suppress his vengeful aura. He rushed to Little Karen’s bedside. When his eyes fell on the little girl, he immediately became Little Karen’s Brother Lionel, he looked at her so lovingly. Lionel reached out his right hand, tenderly pinched her pink face and said softly, “Little Karen don’t be afraid. Brother Lionel will protect you and chase away those bad guys. I will never let them hurt you again.” Hearing his voice, little Karen’s long eyelashes fluttered. Then she opened her big beautiful eyes and looked at Brother Lionel in a fearful daze. After staring at Lionel for a long time, she suddenly opened her mouth and cried hysterically, tears were streaming down her face. Lionel gently touched her forehead and said softly, “Karen, don’t cry. Don’t be afraid. Brother Lionel is here with you.” After hearing Lionel’s voice, little Karen stopped crying. But she could only stare at him, her eyes fearful and confused. She closed her eyes and looked at him again and again. After a while, little Karen twitched her mouth and was about to cry again. “You’re not my Brother Lionel. You’re a bad guy, my Brother Lionel would protect me. You are bad guy, go away.” Little Karen’s Brother Lionel was much more good-looking than the boy in front of her. He was not as ugly as this boy was. This boy’s head was covered with white bandages, with only his two eyes and a mouth exposed. He didn’t look like her Brother Lionel at all. He looked like the big bad guy who had taken her away from the amusement park that day. Little Karen raised her chubby little hand to rub her eyes and burst into tears again. She cried and shouted, “I want daddy, mommy, Brother Lionel, I don’t want you, bad guy…” Lionel was a smart guy. He understood quickly what had to be done to help the little girl. Without thinking, he reached out and ripped the bandage off his head. Then he frowned at little Karen and said, “Little Karen, look at me properly. Am I not your Brother Lionel?” After removing the gauze, his handsome face was exposed. Although there was still a wound on his face, little Karen did not need to look carefully. She had already recognized that he was her Brother Lionel After this, little Karen suddenly became less scared. She raised her two small arms and said softly, “Brother Lionel, I want a hug.” “Yes, a big hug for you.” Lionel stretched out and gently pulled little Karen into his arms. He held her delicately, as if he would break her into pieces if he exerted a little more strength. “Brother Lionel, I don’t want to be taken away by the big bad guy. The big bad guy is so fierce. He will hit me, I am afraid.” Little Karen nestled in Lionel’s arms, rubbing her little head and runny nose against his chest. That day, she had been playing with her parents at the amusement park, and they were about to take photos with the Ice Princess. Suddenly, she had been taken away. The bad guys took her away and she couldn’t see anything. She only knew that they kept walking. Later, she was brought to a places and there were many bad people gathered together They seemed so terrifying to her! They looked at her like hungry monsters, waiting to devour her! She had been so afraid. She wanted her daddy and mommy, She wanted Brother Lionel. But they were all not there to comfort her. She could not do anything. The little child had been tied up with ropes and she had no strength to resist at all. Later, those bad guys had placed her into the iron barrel. Then they covered it with a lid and kept her in that dark and scary place Later, they rolled it over and she too, rolled around in the barrel. The iron barrel was cold and hard, and Little Karen was only a small child. Her tender head hit the sides of the iron barrel and she felt such immense pain. But the bad guys outside were still rolling the barrel around, and they were laughing! Later, she felt that she could not breathe, and she lost consciousness. She came to, not long ago. She saw flashing lights and heard Brother Lionel calling for her. He would chase away the big bad guys and protect her. Lionel’s shirt was getting stained by little Karen’s snot and tears. He did not mind, but gently stroked her little head and he said softly, “Brother Lionel is here, I won’t let any bad guys take harm you again.” “Did you get hurt because you helped me beat up the bad guys?’ Little Karen could not ignore the wounds on Lionel’s face. She blinked her big bright eyes and spoke softly. After a pause, Lionel said, “I fell and got injured, I was not hurt by the big bad guys. I am Superman and I will not be defeated!” He couldn’t let little Karen know the truth, otherwise she would doubt his ability to protect her. He wanted her to feel completely safe when she was with him. How could he fall down and get so injured? And yet Brother Lionel said that he was her Superman. Little Karen rolled her eyes. She scoffed! This Superman was not that great! She then sniffed and said in her childish voice, “I miss daddy and mommy, I want to see them!” Holding the little girl in his arms, Lionel whispered to comfort her, “Yes, you daddy and mommy have gone out to do other things. After that, they will come back to you. But now, you have to be obedient. You have to listen to the doctor and take your medicine. You have to listen to Auntie Sarabelle and eat properly, then sleep well. When you wake up, you will see daddy and mommy again.” “Okay, okay..” Little Karen nodded vigorously. “Yes, I will. I want to sleep now.” Little Karen lay back on the bed and closed her eyes tightly. Her pink lips were parted slightly, as if she was counting in silence. After about a minute or so, little Karen suddenly opened her big eyes and looked around, as if she was searching for her parents. Lionel rubbed Karen’s head and said with some amusement, “Karen, it’s sunrise now. It’s time for you to get up.” Little Karen blinked her beautiful big eyes. “But I want to continue to sleep!” She thought. After some sleep, she would be able to see her parents the moment she opens her eyes.

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