My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 374

Lionel knew what little Karen was thinking in her head, so he added, “You can go to sleep later at night. When you open your eyes the next morning, your mom and dad will appear by your side. “Alright then! I will get up quickly, eat quickly and sleep quickly, so that I can see mom and dad sooner. Little Karen was smart and lively, but she was just a child. She childishly thought that as long as she did things fast, time would also pass faster. “What a silly child.” After saying so, Lionel saw little Karen big eyes tearing up. and he regretted what he said immediately. She was just a child, there was nothing that she could do. She just looked at him with her innocent eyes, which made him feel very guilty. Why did she have to suffer so much? In the hospital, at the Military Region of Chatterton Town. The doctor had given a timeline of 24 hours. If Kevin Kyle could not wake up in 24 hours, then it was very likely that he would never wake up again. After the surgery, a whole night had passed, but Kevin Kyle did not wake up at all. Time was still ticking, it seemed to be spinning away quickly. Time did not care. It did not care who the person lying on the sickbed was, and it did not care how much they needed it to go slower. Time went on with its own rhythm, unknowing, uncaring, unbiased, never stopping. Karen Daly looked at the clock on the wall. Kevin Kyle had been lying in the ICU for twelve hours now. Half of the given time has passed. “Karen, why don’t you have a rest for a while and leave this to me,” George Ken looked at Karen Daly, coaxing her in a worried tone. She had stayed with Kevin for the whole night at the hospital, and did not take a moment’s rest. Early in the morning, she had spoken to the doctor and a nurse for more information on Kevin’s status. She was going on overdrive, never pausing to rest. Karen shook her head in response to George’s request. She said, “Brother, please patrol outside the ICU to look after Kevin for me. If I don’t come back, please don’t allow anyone else to come in.” It was not that Karen Daly was being paranoid, but she had to be careful and could not make any mistakes. Kevin Kyle had not woken up from his coma yet. He was still in a critical state. If someone took advantage of him again, then… she didn’t dare to think about that scenario at all. George Ken nodded. “You can go and listen to the doctors discuss his condition. I’ll take care of him here. Don’t you worry.” “Okay.” Karen nodded and left. Several attending doctors were discussing about Kevin Kyle’s critical condition. Karen wanted to listen in on their conversation she could understand the situation better. She wanted to know how she could help. The doctors concluded that there were two reasons why Kevin Kyle was still caught in a coma. The first was that he had been injured badly by the gunshot and he had lost too much blood. There other reason was that he had been was poisoned by a toxin called “HDR”. It had been lurking in his body for a while. The HDR was a colorless, odorless and tasteless toxin that would poison the body slowly. There would be no symptoms in the body when the poison is first introduced into the body However, after being in the body for six months, various symptoms would begin to manifest. Some people had experienced a decline in bodily functions, some lost their sight… The possibilities are endless… “Why are you talking about so much nonsense?” After listening to the doctor’s words, Neil Brown, who was also participating in the discussion, shouted impatiently, “I want you to save him. No matter what he was poisoned with or how much blood he has lost, only want to see this result – Kevin Kyle awake and well!” “Uncle, leave this to me. You have been here the whole night. You should get some rest.” Compared with the irritable Neil Brown, Karen Daly was much calmer. Karen knew that she had to stay calm in the face of Kevin’s illness. Only this way, could she move forward effectively The doctors sitting in the conference room were all well known all over the world. They each had their own reason to participate in Kevin Kyle’s medical diagnosis. If Karen did not stop Neil Brown from interrupting the discussion, it would affect the doctors’ performance. Karen knew that they had to all keep their focus on on how to save Kevin Kyle. He had lost too much blood, but they had found a match earlier. He was now being treated with a blood transfusion. That issue was being abated as they spoke. Now, it was necessary for everyone to work together to figure out an antidote for the HDR toxin. They must rouse Kevin Kyle as soon as possible. A few days ago, Kevin had fainted for the first time. The doctors had administered an antidote and it did wake him up. However, the toxin was still not fully eliminated from his body, and the situation was getting worse. After the meeting, Neil Brown followed behind Karen Daly. Then he said, “Warren Silas has been sending people to tail my sister and brother-in-law in secret. He had been blocking their access news from here, to prevent them from knowing anything about his plans. Matthew is extremely filial to his parents. He would bear all problems on his own and not trouble his parents, so he too did not tell them about the situation here.” “But now the situation is critical. It is still unknown when Matthew can be roused from his coma. So I have decided to inform my brother-in-law last night.” As he spoke, Neil Brown raised his hand to look at the time. “They left New York after receiving the news. They will arrive at Chatterton Town this evening. You need to be prepared for this.” “Yes, thank you, uncle,” Karen said courteously. Kevin Kyle’s parents were very kind beings. They had sincerely accepted Karen Daly as their daughter-in-law after spending some time together, and doted on her. Warren Silas on the other hand, had been pretending to be Grandpa Kyle. He pretended to accept Karen Daly into the family on the surface, but in the dark he had done so many wicked things to her. It was because Kevin Kyle’s parents were very kind to her that Karen Daly felt guilt in her heart. She had not taken good care of Kevin Kyle, causing his parents to have to worry. Neil Brown added, “Although I am technically Matthew’s uncle, we are almost of the same age. The way we treat each other, we are more like friends than an uncle and his nephew.” He was both Kevin Kyle’s uncle and friend. What’s more, he could not let his sister worry about her son. If Kevin had encountered any danger, Neil would do anything to help him. Therefore, he could not accept Karen Daly’s thanks. It was his obligation as an uncle and friend. Karen Daly smiled gently and said, “Actually, Kevin’s condition is relatively stable. As long as my brother and I are here, we can manage. If you have something else to attend to, you can go.” Kevin was still in a coma, but his condition was relatively stable and the medical team was able to keep it under control for now. Neil Brown had been thinking about Mia Kyle, in his heart. He did not know how she was doing, but.. Karen continued, “Uncle, Mia really likes you. I think.. between the fact that her grandfather is actually a murderer, and the fact that she had to leave you, having to leaving you was the one that truly broke her heart.”

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