My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 375

How could Neil Brown not understand Karen Daly’s words? However, given the current situation, if he had gone to see Mia Kyle, he would probably only make her feel more heartbroken. As for him, all he needed was to know that Mia Kyle was fine He said to Karen, “Don’t worry about me. The most important thing now is to ensure Matthew makes up. I can delay all other things.” Although he said so, as Neil Brown drove away from the hospital, his destination was still the Grey apartments where Mia Kyle lived. The weather was still very hot and the air seemed to be hazy. It took Neil Brown more than an hour to arrive at the Grey apartments. When he arrived, the scarlet sports car he saw yesterday was parked outside the apartment. That Master Perth was sitting in the car, twirling a cigarette in his hand, smoking. He exuded arrogance. Neil spun his car around quickly. It swerved gracefully on the road and screeched to a sudden halt. Neil had stopped his car at a heart-stopping inch away from Master Perth’s car. Master Perth turned his head and looked over, with an irritable smile on his face. “Hey, I was still wondering who was it. It turns out to be the famous Captain Brown of Chatterton’s Military Region. Is the wind strong today? It’s really not easy to blow you all the way here.” Neil Brown ignored his annoying words. He switched off the engine, lit a cigarette and took a puff. Neil brown was ignoring him, but Master Perth didn’t stop. He continued, “No wonder you are the famous Captain Brown. You’re so handsome even when you light a cigarette. I’m very happy to see you. It’s not surprising that my Mia, who is so young and ignorant, has been obsessed with you for a while.” My Mia! These words flashed towards Neil Brown’s ears like a lighted fuse. He moved his hand quickly and threw the lighter in his hand at Master Perth. His brain told him to stay calm, but once his temper flared up, his body’s first reaction was explosive. By the time he realized what he had done, the lighter had already been flung furiously at Master Perth. Master Perth instinctively dodged it, and the lighter hit the hood of his sports car with a loud thud, forming a dent. When Master Perth saw that his shiny sports car, which costed him millions, had been scarred, his heart ached. He frowned in feigned sadness and shook his head. “Neil Brown, you may hurt me, I can endure it. But you hit my ‘wife, and I won’t let you go.” Neil Brown had been ruthless towards Master Perth’s Mia Kyle, but he had decided to forgive him after seeing how heartbroken Neil had been too. However, since Neil Brown smashed his beloved car, his “wife”, he couldn’t and wouldn’t accept it. He spent millions of dollars buying his “wife”. Although it was not a big deal, he had also saved up thriftily to purchase the car. It was still money! Neil Brown was still smoking casually. He said, “I’m just teaching you a lesson. Only then will you know to watch your words.” “Neil Brown, I merely said that she is my Mia, and yet you are so jealous. She will eventually marry me when she returns to country A. Will you be blowing up our wedding?” Master Perth was furious with Neil Brown, this military scoundrel. “What did you say?” Neil Brown raised his eyebrows, his eyes burning with anger. “Perth, do you want to die here in Chatterton Town?” “In the Chatterton Town, everyone knows that you’re a great warrior. There’s nothing you don’t dare to do. But are you sure you would dare kill me?” Master Perth sneered, Neil Brown, your father had executed Mia’s birth parents and her grandfather is now in your hands. Now, would you also not let her fiancé go? I really don’t know what the Silas family owes the Brown family to deserve this fate.” Hearing this, Neil Brown suddenly felt suffocated by a heartbreaking sensation within him. He had watched Mia Kyle grow up. He watched her grow from a baby girl, learning how to speak, until she was a charming and talented young lady. Her position in Neil Brown’s heart was far beyond anyone could imagine He always hoped that she would always be as carefree as she was when she was a child. She was not afraid of anything. He had thought that she would always live like this. There was once, he had not seen her for a year. When he saw her again, he found that she had grown from a immature little girl to a beautiful young lady. Her every move was charming and attractive. Only at that moment, the idea of marrying her came like a flash of lightning in Neil’s mind, and it frightened him at that time. It was not long after he had those thoughts, when Warren Silas, who pretended to be the Old Master of the Kyle family, singled Neil out and told him about Mia Kyle’s true identity. Then, he finally understood that it was impossible for him and Mia Kyle to be together, for the rest of their lives. He thought that as long as he was indifferent to her, she would give up on him. Even if one day she knew the truth of her parents’ death, she would not be in a dilemma. But the little girl was so stupid. For a few years, he ignored her again and again, but he still failed to make her come to her senses. Neil Brown did not know how to answer Perth, so he could not help but take another two puffs of his cigarette. He was trying to suppress his agitation. Master Perth added, “Neil Brown, Mia has promised to go back to Country A with me. If you sincerely hope that she will lead a good life in the future, then don’t appear in front of her again and let her leave with me.” Neil Brown put out the cigarette and turned to look at Master Perth. “Did she really agree to go back with you?” “Based on her fiery temper, if she doesn’t agree to come back with me, I won’t be able to force her. And you should also understand clearly why she wants to leave the Chatterton Town and go back to Country A with me.” Seeing the look of defeat etched across Neil’s tired face, Master Perth finally felt a snippet of joy. Hearing Master Perth’s words, Neil took out another cigarette and was searching for his lighter. Only then did he realize that the lighter had been smashed into pieces when he hurled it at the car. Master Perth handed over his lighter and said, “Captain Brown, here you go, no need for thanks.” Neil Brown didn’t take the lighter. He placed the unlit cigarette in his mouth. He added, “I heard that the third son of Country A’s president is also here in Chatterton Town?” Master Perth shrugged his shoulders and said with a smile, “As expected, your intelligence is accurate.” Their third young master had not come to Chatterton Town with Master Perth and his subordinates. He did not bring anyone with him. Moreover, he smuggled over using a commoner’s identity. Except for several important people from the palace of country A, no one else knew about this. Neil Brown’s military intelligence was far more powerful than they thought Neil raised his eyebrows and said calmly, “If he entered our country illegally using someone else’s identity, you know the consequences better than I do, if he is caught.”.

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