My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 376

“Anyway, my Third Young Master is also the son of the president. It’s not difficult for him to forge an identity. Yet it would be difficult for others to find out about him.” Master Perth laughed half-heartedly. “If you didn’t create trouble in Chatterton Town, I can turn a blind eye. But if you cause any trouble, I don’t care who you are at that time.” After saying that, Neil Brown left in his car. He didn’t want to expose his thoughts to Master Perth. Master Perth watched as Neil’s car left and only looked away after a long time. His lips turned upwards and he smiled confidently and evilly. Mia Kyle, oh no, her real name should be Mia Silas. They were engaged and the engagement was arranged by the parents of both parties. He would never hand Mia over to someone else. Master Perth looked up. From his position, he could see the window of Mia’s room. Neil’s detour from the front entrance to this place, proved that he had been guarding Mia downstairs countless time. Master Perth looked up at the window and sat for a while. Then he drove away. Shortly after Master Perth drove away, Neil, who had already left, drove his military vehicle back to the place. Similarly, his eyes were fixed on a window on the 29th floor. He had really hoped that the person he yearned to see would walk to the balcony casually so that he could at least see her figure. However, after waiting downstairs for two hours, Mia didn’t appear at the balcony as he had wished. After returning home, Mia curled up on the sofa in the living room, and stared at a certain spot without batting an eyelid for a long time. She curled up into a ball and hugged herself tightly. The air conditioner was not switched on in the room. The weather was very hot, but she was cold and trembling. She felt like an abandoned child unable to find her way home. She was not lost, but she had no home. She stayed in the same posture without moving. Her legs were already numb, but she couldn’t seem to feel it. Compared to the pain in her heart, the numbness on her body was negligible. She had wanted to pretend that nothing had happened and follow Master Perth back to Country A for a visit. However, as soon as she got home and calmed down, those things that she didn’t want to think about came flooding into her mind Her parents in the Kyle family had always loved her as if she were their own daughter. Her mother had always liked to caress her head and said to her gently, “Mia, I hope you won’t grow up so soon, so that you can stay with me for a few more years. When I miss you, I can see you anytime.” Her father was also the same. He often said to her, “Mia is a girl and a girl should be raised in a royal way.” Whenever she was in trouble, her father would say to her, “A boys character should be more matured. A girl’s character should be livelier. Everyone loves a lively child.” No matter what trouble she caused, in order not to prevent cold brother from punishing her, her father would always thought of a way to help her escape. Every time, it was her cold brother who was angry. However, her cold brother was not really angry at her. He was a cold-tempered person and he was not very close to anyone. He had been raised based on the education of a typical son of the Kyle family. First of all, he had to learn self-discipline. So when he saw that she had always caused troubles, he inevitably based on what he had learned and used it on her. But he did not really punish her every time, he just wanted to scare her. Mia still remembered once, when she accidentally fell down and injured her knee. There was blood but it was not serious. But her cold brother was worried sick and carried her to the doctor in a dash. In a fit of anger, he replaced the person who had been guarding her, and eventually the person was replaced with Jacky Ball, who was extremely talkative. Although Mia would usually complain about Jacky’s constant chattering, her heart was still heavy when she thought of leaving Chatterton Town and might never see again in the future Although Jacky was a chatterbox, but he was also very careful. He would do his job properly and never need Mia to worry about it. And then there was little Karen. She was also reluctant to leave that little baby girl. When little Karen was a baby, her mother was not by her side, so Mia had showered little Karen with love in the absence of her mother. She had watched little Karen grow up. Thinking that she would never see the lovely little baby girl again in the future, Mia’s heart ached. She wondered how little Karen was doing. After her Brother Lionel saved her, did he take good care of her? Would the experience traumatize her? There was also her gentle and kind sister-in-law. Her brother had been shot and was in a coma, and little Karen had just been rescued. How much could she bear on her own? Mia really wanted to see how things were. She really wanted to do her part. But when she thought that all these things were caused by her own grandfather, she was too ashamed to go. Therefore in a blurred state, Mia just sat there from the early morning to the evening, The street lights had already lit up outside the window. But the lights in her room were not switched on. This made her room eerily quiet. Knowing that the parents of the Kyle family were coming, Karen Daly acquired their plane arrival schedule to the Chatterton Town Airport, and made preparations in advance She arranged Kevin Kyle’s driver to go earlier to pick them up at the airport. She also called the servants at home and asked them to tidy up the room so that Papa Kyle and Mama Kyle can rest as soon as they arrived home. Karen tried her best to do whatever she could think of and what was necessary. She strived to be a qualified daughter in-law. In the evening, Papa Kyle and Mama Kyle arrived at the hospital. It was strenuous on Mama Kyle’s body after flying for many hours. However, they didn’t go home, instead they went straight to the hospital from the airport to see Kevin. As a mother, her body was far less important than that of her son’s. If she didn’t see Kevin’s condition, she couldn’t rest even if she had gone back. Because of her poor health, Papa Kyle’s didn’t tell her what happened when he received the phone call last night. He only said that Kevin had asked them to go back to Chatterton Town. Papa Kyle only told her the real reason for returning when the plane was descending, When she heard that Kevin was injured, Mama Kyle was so worried that she almost fainted in Papa Kyle’s arms. She was so furious that she refused to talk to him. Their son was injured, but he had kept it from her for so long. She knew that what he did was for her own good, but Matthew was their child and her condition was not as bad as he thought.

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