My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 377

Mama Kyle was so angry that she didn’t want to speak to Papa Kyle throughout the hour’s drive from the airport to the military hospital of Chatterton Town. As the mother, she was the only one kept in the dark from such a huge issue in the family. How could she not be angry? Papa Kyle held on to Mama Kyle and said helplessly, “Rana, don’t be angry. We are going to meet our daughter-in-law soon. If you are still angry, she will think that you are angry with her.” “I am obviously angry with you. When did I get angry with my daughter-in-law? Nonsense.” Mama Kyle punched him and said, “Karen is such a good child, she gave us the lovely little Karen. I can’t love her enough, how could I be angry with her?” Papa Kyle shook his head and said, “I’m just saying…” Mama Kyle interrupted Papa Kyle and said, “Don’t even try.” Papa Kyle said softly, “Fine, fine, fine… As long as you are not angry, as long as you are in good health, you can say whatever you want.” For so many years, no matter right or wrong, he would give in to her willingly. After all, she was his wife. Karen asked George Ken to watch Kevin in the ward. She had been waiting for Papa Kyle and Mama Kyle at the hospital’s entrance since earlier on. There was a distance between the parking lot and the entrance of the hospital. After getting off the car, Papa Kyle and Mama Kyle had to walk for nearly ten minutes before they could reach the entrance of the hospital. They were not far away when Karen spotted them… It had been a few years. She hadn’t seen them for nearly four years but the couple gave her the same feeling as when she first saw them. Papa Kyle protected Mama Kyle so cautiously as if he was protecting a child, afraid that she would be hurt. “Dad, mom…” Karen took a few deep breaths before she cried out. She was worried that they could not remember her anymore. “Good.” Papa Kyle nodded in response. “Karen .” Mama Kyle stepped forward and held Karen’s hand. She said excitedly, “Child, it’s so great you are back!” As long as Karen could come back, her son would no longer have to endure the pain of missing her and he would no longer have stare at the cold tombstone for half a day each time. “Mom.” Mama Kyle was so kind and considerate that Karen couldn’t hold back her emotions. “I didn’t take good care of Kevin, I let him…” Mama Kyle patted Karen’s hand and said softly, “My child, don’t blame this matter on yourself. It’s not your fault. Matthew would be sad to hear this. You have to know that you are the one he cares about the most.” “Karen, accompany your mom to the ward to see Matthew first.” Papa Kyle could never see Mama Kyle cry, so he interrupted before Mama Kyle started to cry. “Okay.” Karen nodded and led Papa Kyle and Mama Kyle to Kevins ward. “Dad, mom, please come with me.” Mama Kyle had reminded herself countless times that when she saw her son, she must not cry, but when she saw Kevin lying on the bed listlessly. His eyes were closed, his face and lips were pale. He seemed to have no sense of the outside world. “Hale, Matthew is .” As soon as she spoke, Mama Kyle burst into tears. Papa Kyle gently patted her on the back and said softly, “I am here, Matthew will be fine. You and Karen stay here with Matthew. I will go to the doctor to ask about his condition.” Papa Kyle was also worried about Kevin’s condition, but he was the pillar of his family, so he couldn’t break down. “You should ask everything clearly. You’d better not them down. Don’t miss out any details.” Mama Kyle reminded Papa Kyle. “Don’t worry, I know what to do.” Papa Kyle wanted to hug Mama Kyle, but when he saw that his daughter-in-law was still around, he brushed off the idea. In order to take care of his wife who was sickly, Papa Kyle had handed Rovio over to his son. He had been disconnected with the business world for many years. Now, everyone’s first impression of him was that he seemed like an academic, and less like a businessman. However, he was born in the Kyle Family and had delved in the business world with his father since he was a child. He was influential for a while. Although he had retired for many years, it didn’t mean that he was incapable now. Old Master Kyle had been murdered and replaced by Warren Silas, so Papa Kyle had now become the patriarch of the Kyle family. When he stepped out, his men would naturally follow him. After getting a detailed understanding of Kevin’s condition from the doctor, Papa Kyle immediately instructed, “There are still three hours before the golden time for Matthew to wake up. We can’t delay it any longer. We should immediately set up a special unit to study the antidote for the poison in him. On the other hand, send people to find Warren Silas and his men. No matter what, find a way to get the information from them. We must get the antidote.” Papa Kyle’s method was to implement double strategies at the same time. With one more method, there would be one more chance for Kevin to wake up. As for who who would go to the Military Region of Chatterton Town to interrogate Warren Silas, Papa Kyle decided to go by himself. Warren had killed his father, replaced his father for so many years, and made him address a thief as his father for so many years. He should meet this person. “Mom, you health is not good. ‘l ask my brother to send you back to rest first. I’ll stay with Kevin here.” Mama Kyle wasn’t looking so good and Karen was worried. She knew that Mama Kyle was very worried about Kevin. After Papa Kyle left, Karen had been holding her hand to give her some strengths. Mama Kyle smiled gently and said, “Karen, don’t worry. Mom is not that fragile. As for you, you don’t look any better than Matthew. You go and rest while I look after him.” “I’m not tired.” Karen smiled gently. She did not want to leave Kevin’s side. She was worried that Kevin would be scared if she left, so she had to stay by his side to protect him. Mama Kyle looked at Karen carefully. She hadn’t seen Karen for a few years, but she couldn’t see any changes in Karen’s appearance. The only difference she had was a quieter temperament. Kevin was injured and in coma, but she didn’t see Karen panicking. Instead, Karen took good care of him and arranged everything well. If she were Karen, she would not have done so well. A few years ago, when she first met Karen, she liked her very much. Especially when she saw her son change because of Karen, she was even more grateful. No one expected that after that accident, Karen Daly was gone… At that time, none of them doubted the Old Master’s identity, so naturally they did not suspect that the car accident was fake.

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