My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 378

Not long ago, Mama Kyle received news that Karen Daly, who had been “dead” for several years, had suddenly returned. When she heard this news, Mama Kyle wouldn’t believe it was true. She once thought that her son could not give up on Karen Daly, and that he merely found a substitute who looked similar to Karen. But now, when Mama Kyle saw Karen in the flesh, she was very sure that this person was indeed her daughter-in-law who had “died a few years ago. A person’s appearance and name could be forged, but the person’s temperament and character from the inside was hard to fake. Warren Silas had been an outstanding actor, he was great at pretending to be the old master, but there were still some minor differences that did not deceive her. Back then, both she and Kevin Kyle’s father had noticed that the old master was different. But because Warren Silas had the same face, they all thought that perhaps he was getting older and hence changed his character slightly. No one thought that he had been be replaced, and they had been deceived for so many years. Mama Kyle patted Karen Daly’s hand kindly as she said, “Karen, are you interested to more about Matthew’s childhood?” Karen nodded vigorously. “I really want to know how he was like when he was a child, but he won’t tell me.” She was interested in Kevin Kyle’s childhood. She wanted to know if he was always so cold ever since he was young. She had asked Kevin about his childhood several times in private, but he kept silent and never brought up a single word to her Mama Kyle gripped on to Karen’s hand as she looked at Kevin Kyle lying on the sickbed. She said slowly, “When Matthew was very young, he was actually a misbehaving child. He was naughtier than other children. He was always up to no good!” “Does Kevin know about this?” Karen also turned to look at Kevin Kyle. She really couldn’t imagine how a serious man like him would look like when he was naughty. Mama Kyle nodded, smiling sweetly as she reminisced, “He fought and quarrelled with other children. Every time, he would beat up the children of other families so hard!” It seemed like something Kevin Kyle would do. He had to do his best no matter what it was. He was good at work, good at life and he would never lose a fight. As she spoke, the smile on Mama Kyle’s face disappeared, She then said witha tinge of sadness, “But Matthews childhood was cut shorter than the other children’s. He was more mature than they were. He knew that I had poor health and that his father had to spend more time taking care of me, so he took on the responsibility that he should not have, at his age.” Mama Kyle continued, “When he was young, he not only went to school every day, but also learnt his family’s trade after school. When other children were still in the arms of the their mother, he learnt how to take care of his mother and sister.” Karen Daly silently listened to Mama Kyle reminiscing about Kevin Kyle as a child. She looked at Kevin lying silently on the hospital bed, and her heart was beating painfully. It was because of his mother’s poor health that he did not enjoy childhood like any other children. He was forced to grow up quick and shoulder the responsibilities that surpassed his age. He learnt how to take care of his mother and sister at such a young age. When Karen married him, he would never refuse her requests. He also assumed the responsibilities of a husband willingly. He regarded Karen Daly as his child” too and loved her with utmost affection. Later, Mama Kyle was still speaking, but Karen couldn’t hear her words anymore… The only sound she could hear was the ticking sound from the clock on the wall. The golden 24 hours for Kevin to awaken was slowly slipping away. The ticking of the clock turned into the jeering of the devil, threatening to take away his life.. The devil cast covetous eyes on him, laughed wildly. “His life is mine. If I take him away, none of you can stop me.” Gradually, the devil’s face turned into Warren Silas’ face. He smiled and said, “Don’t waste your time and money. I have already told you that the poison has penetrated deep into his bones, and he will definitely die.” Karen Daly suddenly jumped up, grabbed the glass on the table, and smashed it on the top of the wall. She shouted, “Warren Silas, if you talk nonsense again, i’ll skin you alive.” Mama Kyle hurriedly grabbed Karen and asked, “Karen, what’s the matter?” Mama Kyle’s voice was like cold water pouring on Karen Daly’s head, waking her up from her living nightmare. She shook her head. “I… I’m fine.” It had been many hours since little Karen had been kidnapped, Karen Daly’s mind had been in an extremely tense state, hanging on the verge of collapse. If she didn’t keep telling herself that Kevin was down and the family needed her support, she wouldn’t be able to hold on until now. And yet, Kevin Kyle didn’t show any sign of waking up from his coma at all. Papa Kyle and Neil Brown had just arrived at the Chatterton Town Military Region and were yet to see Warren Silas. Neil Brown led the way as he spoke, “Warren Silas knows that there is no way to hide. His execution is inevitable, and he will drag us down with him. I think it’s very difficult to get any information from him.” Papa Kyle snorted and a mysterious smile appeared on his face. I haven’t questioned him yet. Don’t come to a conclusion too early.” Neil Brown smiled, “You’ve been out of the business world for many years. You’ve been living in seclusion for these years. I thought you only cared about my sister’s health, not about anything else.” “Matthew is your sister’s only child.” Papa Kyle said simply Kevin was the product of their love, and also their only child. He loved his wife so dearly, so how could he not care about his son? He had been strict with Kevin Kyle since he was a child. As Kevin was an only child, Papa Kyle wanted him to be self sufficient and independent. During the conversation, the two of them had arrived at the cell where Warren Silas was locked up. Warren Silas was a notorious national traitor decades ago. He was a wanted criminal who had been hunted for years by the state. The place where he was currently being detained was an impenetrable cell in the military region of Chatterton Town. Warren Silas was hunched in the corner of the cell. When he heard their footsteps, he slowly raised his head. When he saw that it was Neil Brown and Hale Kyle, he was not surprised at all. “Hale Kyle, you’re here.” Warren Silas smiled, with a face full of wrinkles, but it couldn’t hide the smugness on his face. “Yes, I am.” Papa Kyle’s tone was very calm, as if the person in front of him was not his enemy who killed his father. Overnight, Warren Silas’ head of white hair seemed to have grown whiter. He looked much older, but he still didn’t repent for his sins. He smiled and said, “Hale Kyle, you have been my son for more than 20 years. Don’t you know my character?” Papa Kyle ignored Warren Silas’ provocative words. Arguing with him would be futile. Papa Kyle looked around and said slowly, “Neil Brown, your cell is too small. Mr. Silas is very old. It’s better to release him, let him go live a peaceful life in his old age.”

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