My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 379

Neil Brown smiled as he answered Hale Kyle’s words, saying, “Brother-in-law, Warren Silas, that old man, has offended a lot of people. Those who are looking to kill him can probably form a line from here to the city. If his identity is exposed and he is released, he will be like a rat crossing the street. Everyone will be looking to beat him up.” Neil Brown knew the purpose of Hale Kyle’s words. He knew that Warren Silas must have understood it as well. Everyone knew about the despicable things that Warren Silas had done. He had done too many evil things and was driven into a corner. Only then did he think of using someone else’s identity to continue living, Although he had disappeared for many years and many people had forgotten him, as long as the Kyle family and Neil Brown released the news of his true identity, the people he had offended previously, would come to Chatterton Town to find him. If he was caught, he might really have no chance at escape and might even be chopped into pieces. Hale Kyle wanted to use this against him, to force him to hand over the HDR antidote for Kevin Kyle. “Haha..” Warren Silas sneered, “Hale Kyle, if you let me go, will thank you very much.” He arranged for Amelia Gray to stay by Kevin Kyle’s side for so many years before he managed to poison Kevin Kyle silently. He put in so much effort to arrange it for so many years, and it was not easy for him to succeed. How could he hand over the antidote just by hearing Hale Kyle’s words? As long as Kevin was still poisoned, as long as they could not find a way, Hale Kyle would not dare to lay a finger on Warren Silas. They had to take good care of him. Otherwise, if something happened to him, no one would know how to save Kevin Kyle. Kevin would only be a living corpse for the rest of his life. Hale Kyle knew what Warren Silas’ weakness was but Warren knew how to counterattack. He wanted to save his own neck, whereas Hale wanted to save Kevin. At such a young age, Kevin Kyle had been in charge of Rovio. Kevin’s life was much more important than the old man’s. Warren Silas knew that Kevin Kyle’s life was much more important than his was, so he knew that the person who would win in the end would definitely be him. “You don’t have to thank me. You deserved it.” Papa Kyle didn’t seem to understand the meaning of Warren Silas’ words. He turned to Neil Brown and said, “Can you let him go?” “You are my brother-in-law. I will certainly respect your decisions.’ Neil Brown waved to beckon the soldiers who were guarding Warren Silas. He said, “Mr. Silas has been living here for a night and has suffered a lot. Take him for a good meal and then send him away. By the way, inform the sea routes in Chatterton Town to strictly check for anyone who is leaving Chatterton Town. Don’t lose Mr. Silas.” “You’re too kind, Captain Brown. I’ll thank you.” At this time, Warren Silas still believed that the two of them were merely acting. They would never really let him go, so he followed the soldiers away. After a few steps, Warren Silas stood still and suddenly turned around, trying to grasp the true motive between Hale Kyle and Neil Brown. But he was disappointed. There were no clues on Neil Brown and Hale Kyle’s faces. They were talking about something else happily. Warren Silas couldn’t figure out what they were thinking, so he couldn’t help but feel a little nervous. Did they really want to let him go? Had they found a way to eliminate the HDR poison? Although he was a little uneasy, the crafty Warren Silas did not show it. He must take let Hale Kyle compromise first, or he would die Warren Silas nodded and smiled at them. He said, “I didn’t expect that I could walk out after entering the cells at the Chatterton Military Region. Thank you again.” Papa Kyle still said calmly, “Please go. We won’t see you off. Warren Silas smiled again and tried his best not to panic, but the smile on his face was not there for long. Every time the soldiers followed him, he felt more uneasy They were using psychological tactics, but at this time, he couldn’t guess what the other party was thinking. But this didn’t mean that he was at a disadvantage. Warren Silas followed the soldiers out slowly. He walked very slowly. He hoped that they would call him back. But they walked for a long time and they had almost reached the outer gates of the detainment center. Warren Silas still did not hear Hale Kyle’s voice. If he stepped out of the Chatterton Town Military Region, it would mean that he would lose all the power that was “protecting” him. Once he goes out, he would not know who would capture him, and he didn’t know how he would die. At least, at this moment, he couldn’t go out. He couldn’t leave the military region no matter what. He wasn’t ready to deal with it yet. Warren Silas took a deep breath and looked back at Hale Kyle again. His face was still calm as usual, and his eyes were deep. He couldn’t see through what he was thinking. Warren Silas had always thought that Hale Kyle’s only cared about his sick wife. Hale had not participated in the operations at Rovio for a long time. He was no match for Warren Silas at all. However, when he saw Hale Kyle today, Warren Silas found that he was wrong, and he was very wrong. He really underestimated Hale Kyle. The old master of the Kyle family had established Rovio, and Hale Kyle had been with him since he was a child. Hale did have his own talents and capabilities. What’s more, his son, Kevin Kyle, was also a good example. If Hale Kyle had bad genes, how could he have such an excellent son like Kevin was? Warren Silas said, “Hale Kyle, the reason why you came to me today is that you want to know how to eliminate the HDR. Why don’t you be frank and stop playing with me?” “No, I don’t want to ask you about the HDR toxin.” Papa Kyle stood with his hands clasped behind his back. He looked coldly at Warren Silas with his deep eyes, as if he were a god who was high up in the sky. “Don’t you want to know how to remove the toxin?” Warren sneered. “Do you really think everyone else is a fool?” Father Kyle stared at him and said with a faint smile, “Warren Silas, don’t think too much. I’m really here to let you go.” Papa Kyle was indeed serious about having Warren Silas released. However, his purpose was not simple. He wanted Warren Silas to die, but not die easily. He wanted him to be tortured and suffer and slow and painful death Hale Kyle’s father had been killed and replaced by the despicable Warren Silas, and his son had also been poisoned by him. Warren Silas had done so many terrible things, so how could he let him die so easily? It was better to let Warren live than die, and he did not have to kill him personally. As long as Warren Silas was released, his other enemies would naturally have ways to deal with him.

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