My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 380

“Hale Kyle, do you want to lose your son’s only chance at survival? Warren Silas was so angry that his whole body trembled. He pointed at Papa Kyle and scolded him furiously “Warren Silas, you’re wrong.” Papa Kyle went to his side and whispered, “I don’t want to give you any chance to live but I don’t want to be the executioner.” “Hale Kyle, it seems that I have misjudged you!” Originally, Warren Silas thought of Hale Kyle as a weakling, but now he knew that he was a wolf in disguise. He was sinister! Papa Kyle looked at Warren Silas and suddenly smiled coldly. “No, you didn’t misjudge me. You just provoked someone you shouldn’t have.” Warren Silas understood that Hale Kyle was definitely not joking with him. He clenched his fists, gnashed his teeth and said, “I can tell you how to eliminate the HDR toxin.” Papa Kyle chuckled and said, “You want to tell me the way to eliminate it, but would I believe you?” Warren Silas was a crafty old fox and he was full of wicked ideas. His words may not be credible. “Hale Kyle, you..” Warren Silas became more and more flustered because he couldn’t figure out what Hale Kyle was thinking, but he couldn’t think of a powerful way to defeat Hale Kyle. Unfortunately, between his two most capable subordinates, one had been killed by Karen Daly and the other was captured by Neil Brown. Now, he was like a bird with broken wings. He wanted to fly, but he couldn’t Warren Silas sighed. “Now, I don’t have any other way to avoid certain death. I will tell you how to remove the HDR toxin. But before that can you let Mia come to see me once?” At the end of the day, the only person he cared about now was Mia, and his only hope of survival is Mia. This was his last bet. Neil Brown cared about Mia. And he was betting that Mia still had feelings for her grandfather. “Humph..” Papa Kyle chuckled. “Warren Silas, now that things have come to this point, do you think you are still qualified to negotiate with me?” “I’m not negotiating with you. I just want you to pity me and let me see my only family before I die. Even if you don’t pity me, can you bear to not let Mia see her grandpa for the last time?” Warren Silas was a smart man. He believed that Hale Kyle would not refuse anything that had to do with Mia. “I will tell this to Mia. As for whether she will come or not, it is up to her to decide.” Although Warren Silas was sinful, Mia Kyle was innocent. Papa Kyle had never thought that Warren Silas’s evil deeds involved Mia. As long as Mia Kyle was willing, she would always be a child of the Kyle family. Everyone in the Kyle family would still love her as before Pausing for a while, Papa Kyle asked again, “Are you going to tell me about the HDR toxin then?” Even if he did not say anything about this matter, Hale Kyle and the rest would definitely be able to find out. But so what? After all, there was no antidote for this toxin now. Warren Silas cleared his throat and said, “The source of the HDR is from the military of country A. They only gave me the toxin, but they didn’t give me any antidote. Perhaps they were only studying the poison, but they had not discovered an antidote.” Wasting so much time to get such an answer, Papa Kyle’s eyes darkened and he said coldly, “Warren Silas, you’d better not be lying, or ‘ll make you die with regret.” After getting the information from Warren Silas, Papa Kyle and Neil Brown went back to the Chatterton Town Military Hospital together. On the way back, Neil Brown suddenly said, “Brother-in-law, you can go to the hospital first. I need to see someone.” Neil Brown was thinking about that Master Perth, and the third son of the Country A president. They held important identities in country A. If he went to them, maybe they could help him. “Okay.” Papa Kyle nodded and asked the driver to drive back to the hospital. Neil Brown walked to an opposing direction after Papa Kyle left. If he could find Perth, he could locate their President’s third son, and try to extract more information about the HDR Neil Brown had ordered a background check on Master Perth. He knew clearly where he lived in Chatterton Town, and also had his mobile phone number. It didn’t take Neil Brown much effort to find him. Master Perth was not surprised to see Neil Brown. Neil Brown still had Mia in his heart. The reason why Neil came to him this time was probably to ask Master Perth to break off the engagement. Zuriel Perth pondered happily. Neil Brown should really get over it. Mia Kyle was his fiancée. He was younger, more handsome, and more charming than Neil was! And in future, when they are married, Mia and he could… His thoughts were going astray. Now, his relationship with Mia had not even begun, he still need to work hard. He had a long way to go. Although Master Perth was not surprised that Neil Brown would come, he pretended to look serious. He glanced at Neil Brown who was standing outside the door and asked in surprise, “Captain Brown, why are you here? What do you want to see me about?” Neil Brown glanced at Master Perth and barged into the room. He did not change his shoes and stepped on the carpet that Master Perth had just changed. Master Perth was infuriated and wanted to chase him out, but he still said with a smile, “Captain Brown, what a sudden visit. Have I done something wrong?” Neil Brown walked to the sofa in the living room and sat down. He lifted his feet and placed them on the spotless tea table. The dust from his shoes scattered all over Master Perth’s precious tea table. “Captain Brown, don’t you have any manners? You can’t put your feet on the tea table.” Master Perth smiled. He tried to endure it, but he couldn’t stand it any longer. “I know.” Neil replied casually. Besides, he came to visit Perth today for more important things. Why should he care about these small things? Neil Brown didn’t want to beat around the bush with Zuriel Perth, so he said frankly, “Perth, you’re from the country A, so you must have heard of the HDR virus.” Hearing this, Master Perth’s face fell. After a long time, he said carefully, “Captain Brown, I’ve never heard of this so called virus.” “Do you f**king think that I’m blind?” Neil roared impatiently. When Perth heard Neil mention the virus, his face had become crimson. He even dared to speak nonsense, saying that he had never heard of it. “Captain Brown, I haven’t heard of it. You can’t force me to say that I have” Master Perth didn’t want to admit it. Neil Brown smiled and said, “Still denying, eh?” MI really don’t know it!’ Master Perth shrugged his shoulders. He thought to himself, “If you have the ability, try and force me. Neil Brown added, “The HDR virus was sourced from your military. You can’t deny it.” Master Perth still gritted his teeth and refused to admit it “Captain Brown, you said that it was from the military. A nobody like me has nothing to do with the military. How would I know about it?”

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