My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 381

“It doesn’t matter if you don’t admit it.” Neil Brown stood up steadily, and patted on Master Perth’s shoulder. “There’s also the President’s third son here in Chatterton Town, right? Since you are just an oblivious, insignificant person, then I should be asking him instead.” Master Perth smiled mischievously and said, “Captain Brown, go look for him then. What does this have to do with me?” Neil Brown glared at him, turned around and left. “Perth, don’t try to play tricks with me, or you won’t be able to leave Chatterton Town in one piece.” Master Perth let out a courteous smile and responded, “Captain Brown, I don’t dare to play tricks in front of you. You’d better go. I won’t see you off.” After Neil Brown left, Master Perth immediately made a phone call. As soon as the call was connected, he said in a hurry, “Third Young Master, Neil Brown has just asked about the HDR virus. I don’t know where he got the news from!” The HDR virus was originally formulated by the military of Country A as an antidote to the HHR virus, but it was unintentionally developed into a semi-virus. The HDR virus was ten times more powerful and stronger than the HHR virus. The military initially tired to destroy it, but unfortunately it had been leaked out. At present, researchers had not developed an antidote or a specific way to curb the spread of the HDR virus, so.. if someone used this kind of virus to harm civilians, there would be a negative impact on Country A’s reputation Because of this, it was impossible for Master Perth to admit this matter in front of Neil Brown. If he admitted it, the effect on Country A… was absolutely unbearable for him. A hoarse voice came from the other end of the line, “Go investigate and see what’s going on.” Master Perth paused for a moment and said, “I heard some news before, but I didn’t think too much about it. Now that Neil Brown has brought the matter up personally, I guess that Kevin Kyle has been infected by the HDR virus?” Hearing that Kevin Kyle might have been infected with the HDR virus, Lionel immediately turned his head to look at Karen Joy Kyle, who was sleeping uncomfortably on the bed. Karen Joy Kyle was particularly clingy today. She followed him wherever he went and did not want to stay apart from him. In the evening, he finally coaxed her to sleep. She didn’t stay asleep for a long time before she woke up again. She might have had a nightmare. She was so scared that she flung her hands in the air. Her mouth was fluttering and her little body keep trembling. Poor Little Karen woke up twice, and her eyes were filled with tears… Lionel knew that she must have been affected by the shock on the day she was kidnapped, and there was still a shadow in her little heart that hadn’t dissipated. When she fell asleep, she would have nightmares, but Karen Joy Kyle was still trying to have a good sleep… Because she remembered that Brother Lionel said how her father and mother would appear in front of her after she has a good sleep and wakes up. Looking at Karen Joy Kyle, he thought of what Zuriel Perth had mentioned earlier. If Karen Joy Kyle’s father really got infected by the HDR virus… Lionel immediately ordered, “Please find out the truth and if there’s anything we can do to help, we will try our best to help.” Hearing his master’s order, Master Perth’s face was full of confusion. Was this teen-aged boy the same Third Prince, the third young master of their President’s family, who had never meddled in other people’s business all his life? In the past, he always told them that they only needed to do their own duties and mind their own business. But recently, he became nosier and meddled in other people’s business Why was this so? Master Perth could only complain in his mind, as he didn’t have the guts to talk to the Third Prince. He might seemed young, but he was much more excellent than his two elder brothers in all aspects. Perhaps he was too excellent, or maybe because he was the youngest in his family, the President treated him better than his two brothers. It was precisely because of the special treatment that he received, his jealous elder brother took advantage of his departure from Country A to Chatterton Town. His brother had ordered an attack on him when there was no one around to protect him. Fortunately, he was lucky enough to escape death and survived. Otherwise, they didn’t Know how to explain the matter to the President when he returned. In the hospital in Chatterton Town military region. Karen Daly watched helplessly as time slipped by. It has already passed the most hopeful initial 24 hours for Kevin Kyle to wake up from his coma. She couldn’t do anything, She could only see Kevin Kyle lying on the bed helplessly. and she couldn’t do anything to help. Her anxiety and powerlessness were like two mountains pinned down on Karen Daly. She was almost out of breath and felt suffocated. She wanted to grab Kevin Kyle and shake him vigorously “Kevin.” She grabbed Kevin Kyle’s hand and held it tightly. “Do you want to leave me and Little Karen alone? Don’t you want us anymore? If you really don’t want us anymore, you still have to wake up and tell us.” How could he go so far as to let her worry about him all the time, but he just didn’t wake up. Did he really want to leave her and Little Karen behind? She knew that he would never do that. She deliberately said this to him to infuriate him! Perhaps he could get angry and then jump up when he heard her say these words. She clearly knew that this idea was childish, but she still did it anyway out of sheer desperation. Sh couldn’t think of any other way to wake him up. Karen Daly sniffled, pursed her lips tightly, then said, “I called Little Karen today. She said she missed her mommy and daddy, and she hoped to see her daddy by her side when she wakes up tomorrow morning. You love her so much, you wouldn’t want to see her sad.” He love his daughter so much and loved her like a treasure. If he could hear her, she knew he will try his best to wake up. Karen Daly believed that Kevin Kyle would definitely hear her words, so she continued to find topics to talk to him, hoping to wake him up. But after a long time, Kevin Kyle still didn’t give her any response. In fact, he didn’t give her any response or cues at all, as if he really couldn’t hear what she was saying. As she saw him lying quietly in bed with his eyes closed for so long, Karen Daly felt as if someone was stabbing her with a knife in her heart She had endured for 24 hours already and tried her best not to cry. She told herself that this family needed her and she had to be strong. Therefore, she had always been strong and well-organized. She distributed the work to everyone and have them do what they should do. She didn’t seem to worry about Kevin Kyle at all. In fact, she just hid her true feelings. Because she firmly believed that Kevin Kyle would wake up within 24 hours However, when twenty-four hours had passed, Karen Daly suddenly broke down. She held Kevin Kyle’s face and looked at him sadly, “Kevin, if you don’t wake up, Little Karen and I will never forgive you.” She choked and finished her words. Her teardrops rolled down from her eyes. The tears were warm as they dropped on Kevin Kyle’s face like raindrops. Karen tried to regain her composure and wiped her tears, and she looked away from Kevin Kyle. She did not realize that his eyelashes had just gently flickered twice!

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