My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 382

 In a vast space of darkness, Kevin Kyle heard Karen Daly’s voice. Her voice appeared to be growing louder and nearer to him. Her soft and gentle voice calling out for him gradually brought him back from the dark unknown. He heard that she was calling him. He heard that she was talking about Little Karen. He heard that she spoke a lot about them. He felt her warm tears dripping on his face one drop after another, which hurt his heart. In this life, what he didn’t want to see the most was her tears. He hoped that he could make her smile freely and he hoped that he could bring her happiness. Kevin Kyle tried hard to respond to Karen Daly. He wanted to tell her to stop worrying as everything would be fine soon, but he couldn’t make a sound and couldn’t open his eyes. He couldn’t give her any message. He struggled hard and tried his best with all his might, but it seemed that it didn’t work. He still couldn’t open his mouth nor his eyes. He still couldn’t make any movements. He could only worry in his heart. He clearly knew that Karen Daly was worried about him, but he couldn’t do anything. This sense of helplessness was the same feeling from losing her a few years ago. He didn’t even know where he was and didn’t know why he was lying here. He didn’t know why he couldn’t speak, and he didn’t know how long this feeling of helplessness would last… Kevin Kyle was clueless, but he did not give up. He was working hard and trying to make a little response. He must let Karen Daly know that he was fine. Karen Daly was still sobbing softly. Her crying was hurting him so badly. “Karen, don’t cry!” He tried to move his lips to tell Karen Daly, but he still couldn’t make a sound. However, Karen Daly, who was crying sadly, did not miss the signal that he gave her this time. When her eyes were blurred with tears, she seemed to seen his lips move slightly Karen Daly grabbed Kevin Kyle’s hand excitedly and said, “Kevin Kyle, did you hear me?” Kevin Kyle did not answer, but she did not give up. She pursed her lips and continued, “If you hear me, please move your lips. It doesn’t matter if you can’t make a sound. You can try to move your lips and let me know that you have heard me.” Karen Daly hoped that Kevin Kyle would give her a little reaction and reassure her. She needed to know that she wasn’t hallucinating earlier. After saying this, Karen was so nervous that she held her breath. she widened her eyes and stared at Kevin. Finally, she saw him moving his lips slightly. Although his movements were very small, Karen Daly could see clearly that Kevin Kyle was responding to her. He really heard what she said, so he gave her a response and asked her not to worry so much. Karen Daly bent down excitedly and kissed Kevin Kyle’s pale lips gently. “Kevin, I know you’ve heard me. I’ll call the doctor right away to check on you. Don’t worry, I’ll always be with you all the time. You’ll be fine.” Kevin Kyle could react to her words. Karen Daly saw glimpses of hope again and she was so happy that she felt like she had conquered the world. Karen Daly called the doctor in a hurry and told him what had happened earlier. The doctor was also very excited after hearing it. They do not expect that Kevin Kyle would be fully conscious and awake soon, however, little movements and his reactions could be considered as signs of gaining consciousness. If Kevin Kyle could respond to Karen Daly, it could prove that Kevin Kyle could hear Karen Daly’s words, which was a good sign. Mama Kyle, who was resting in the resting room, heard the news and quickly rushed over. “Is there any good sign from Matthew?” “Yes.” Karen Daly nodded vigorously. She held on to Mama Kyle’s hand, and said excitedly, “Mama Kyle, Kevin just heard me talking to him, and he responded to me.” Mama Kyle was also very excited when she heard it. She danced like a child and said, “Great great, our Matthew is fine.” As she spoke, tears welled up in Mama Kyle’s eyes again. It’s so good that their Matthew was alright! That was great! At this time, Papa Kyle happened to arrive at the hospital. When he arrived at the ward, he saw his wife crying and his heart ached as well. He hurried up to hug Mama Kyle then gently wiped off her tears, “Why are you crying?” “Hale, Matthew is fine now.” Mama Kyle nestled in Papa Kyle’s arms and wiped her tears. “Matthew responded to Karen earlier. The doctor also said that this was a good sign. He will wake up soon.” Papa Kyle hugged her tightly and sighed, “Matthew is fine. You should be happier. Why are you crying? “Knowing that Matthew can wake up, I am overjoyed. I was too happy that I cried.” In the past, Mama Kyle did not like crying so much. Many years later, perhaps she may have gotten used to Papa Kyle’s constant love and support, she became someone who was emotionally expressive. Papa Kyle wiped her tears for her and said softly. “You can stay here with Matthew. I have something like to say to Karen personally, Mama Kyle didn’t say much, she just nodded instead. “Karen..” Papa Kyle looked at Karen Daly and said after a pause, “Can we go out a while as I have something to tell you.” “Okay, Papa Kyle.” Karen Daly nodded and followed Papa Kyle obediently, feeling a little uneasy and nervous She clearly remembered that Warren Silas, who pretended to be Grandpa Kyle, had talked to her alone before. She still remembered how harsh his words were. At this moment, Papa Kyle was looking for her and wanted talk to her alone too. What did he want to say? Does he want her to leave Kevin Kyle too? Karen Daly shook her head. No matter what happened, no matter the obstacles, she would never leave Kevin Kyle. Kevin Kyle told her that in the future, no matter the hardships, they will support each other and walk alongside one another. When Papa Kyle opened his mouth to speak, Karen Daly knew that she was overthinking. Papa Kyle was Kevin Kyle’s biological father, and he was not an imposter. Kevin was the only child of his and his beloved wife. Kevin’s happiness was naturally their biggest wish. Even if they did not approve of Karen Daly, as long as their son chose her, they would compromise and would never do anything to her behind her back like what the impostor grandfather had done. Papa Kyle said seriously, “Karen, I have already interrogated Warren Silas about the source of the HDR virus. I have also asked someone to check the legitimacy of the news and source of the HDR virus.” “Dad…” Karen Daly saw the serious look on Papa Kyle’s face and instantly felt butterflies in her stomach. “Just tell me what you want to say. I can bear it.”

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