My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 383

Even if it was too much for her, Karen Daly had to endure it. Kevin Kyle was her husband, and when he was down, she had to step up. “It is good that we now know the source, but unfortunately there hasn’t been a successful cure for this virus.” Papa Kyle explained slowly to her. Karen Daly was Kevin’s wife. So, no matter what happened, Papa Kyle believed that Karen Kyle has the rights to know the truth. “Dad, do you mean.” Karen Daly shook her head in disbelief. “But Kevin really responded to me earlier. He will be fine. He will be alright.” Papa Kyle continued to say, “Karen, I’m telling you this to let you know that Kevin might take a longer time to wake up and it’ll be a battle. You need to be mentally prepared.” Karen Daly nodded and said very firmly. “Dad, no matter when that will be, I will accompany him by his side and take good care of him.” Karen Daly’s words made Papa Kyle feel relieved, “You don’t have to be too overwork yourself. If you’re tired, go rest up. You can’t break down when Matthew wakes up.” Karen Daly nodded thoughtfully and said, “Dad, I’m fine. But mom’s health is not well. Why don’t you accompany her back to Secret Garden and let her have a good rest for the night? By the way, I’d like you to keep an eye on Little Karen. I’m afraid that she will be sad when she wakes up tomorrow morning and can’t see her dad.” Kevin Kyle’s condition was unstable, and Karen Daly was afraid to leave the hospital. At the same time, Karen Joy Kyle was taken away and then rescued by Lionel. It has been so long since she has seen Little Karen and checked up on her It was reassuring to have Lionel at home to take care of Karen Joy Kyle, but it should be better to have a relative by her side. “Well then, I will accompany her back to rest first.” Papa Kyle was strong, and he could hold on for a few days without going to bed. But Mama Kyle’s health was poor, and she really needed he rest and recovery period. His son’s health was important, and his wife’s health was equally important too. Papa Kyle decided to send his wife back to rest first. By the way, they also wanted to see their precious granddaughter whom they hadn’t seen for months. Since they hadn’t seen her for months, she must have grown taller and more adorable. After Papa and Mama Kyle left, Karen Daly was left to guard Kevin Kyle. In an instant, the whole world seemed to be quiet Without the glitz and irritability, Karen Daly could sit down and accompany Kevin Kyle quietly, talked to him about those things that she usually wanted to say to him, and to be ashamed to tell him. She grabbed his hand with one hand and touched his forehead with the other. She murmured, “Kevin, I really like you very much. I like you so much that if I ever need to leave you, I’m sure I can’t live on my own.” “Kevin, you asked me to design outfits for our little family. I’ve secretly designed it, and I’ll have them sewn soon.” “You told me that you wanted to give me a romantic wedding. I’ve been waiting, waiting for that day to come. I’ve been waiting for you to tell the people around the world that I am your wife, and you’ll treat me well for the rest of your life.” “You told me that you’ll hold my hands and keep walking until we could no longer walk anymore, and you’ll still be with me then.” The most romantic love in the world was not professed verbally through a bunch of “I love yous”, but it would be seen through our many years of being together until we grow old together. Karen Daly didn’t have much experience in love, and her first love ended in betrayal. She once thought that all men in the world were lustful and flirtatious, and she didn’t believe that true love existed in this world at all! Later, she met Kevin Kyle. They got together to be companions in the beginning. However, their relationship gradually turned romantic as they slowly got to know each other. Slowly, they merged into one entity. They could not live without each other anymore. Kevin Kyle had never said words like “I love you” or “I like you” to Karen Daly before, but he showed her his genuine love through actions. Hearing Karen Daly’s confession, Kevin Kyle moved his eyelashes again. Karen Daly was fully attentive towards him, so she didn’t miss it. “Kevin , you don’t need to worry. We are not in a hurry. Let’s take it slow and wake up slowly.” Karen Daly did not want to put pressure on Kevin Kyle. Let him take his time, he would eventually wake up. Besides, Karen Daly also felt that Kevin Kyle’s fingers were moving. He seemed like he wanted to hold her, but his strength was too weak and he failed. Karen Daly held his hand with both hands and placed them on her face. “Kevin, it’s okay. We shall take it slow.” She comforted Kevin Kyle gently. When Kevin Kyle heard her voice, his pale lips moved slightly to respond to her. When she saw his pale lips, she simply bent down and kissed him gently on his lips. She licked his lips and sucked at them a few times, as if she wanted to add some color and life to his lips. As she kissed him, Karen Daly felt that Kevin Kyle was responding to her kiss. He was really responding to her. It is not a hallucination. However, when she was looking at him attentively, he had fallen asleep again. She was worried that everything was just an illusion. But Karen Daly knew that Kevin Kyle was somewhat conscious and that he was aware of what was happening outside. This was more than enough for her. When Papa and Mama Kyle returned to Secret Garden, it was already early in the morning. Sarabelle, the housekeeper, had been waiting for them at the gate to welcome them with few other helpers. Seeing their car arrived, Sarabelle immediately greeted them and said, “Mr. Kyle and Mrs. Kyle, it must be a long and tiring journey” Papa Kyle nodded and helped his wife out of the car without saying anything else. Mama Kyle smiled and said, “Sarabelle, it must be a busy period at home too.” Sarabelle answered decently, “Young Master trusted me, so he asked me to take care of Secret Garden. It’s my responsibility to keep the family and the house well. It is not troubling at all.” “Well, with your help and care, we can be rest assured.” Mama Kyle said very politely. In fact, Mama Kyle wasn’t trying to be polite, but she acknowledged the ability of Sarabelle. Sarabelle had helped Kevin Kyle a lot back in the United States, so she was appreciated by Kevin Kyle a lot then and now. Later, after Karen Daly’s accident, Kevin Kyle replaced all the helpers at home and flew Sarabelle from the United States to help look after Secret Garden. Sarabelle smiled politely and said, “Thank you for your compliments, Mrs. Kyle.” While walking, Mama Kyle said, “It’s getting late. You can go rest up. I’ll go see my lovely granddaughter first.” They hadn’t seen their little rascal for a long time. Knowing that she could see Little Karen soon, Mama Kyle walker much faster, and soon, she left Papa Kyle far behind.

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