My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 384

The child’s bedroom that Kevin Kyle specially designed for Karen Joy Kyle was next to the master bedroom, but she had almost never slept in this room before. Before Karen Joy Kyle went to kindergarten, Kevin Kyle would take her with him wherever he went. Little Karen would not be away from him for more than three hours at a time. Because she didn’t have a mother then, Karen Joy Kyle was very attached to her father. She often followed her father around. Whenever her father was on a business trip, he took her with him. When her father held a meeting, he took her with him. There wasn’t one occasion where Kevin Kyle would not allow her to tag him along. In recent months, as many masters have come up and kept him busy, Kevin Kyle was left with no choice but to have Little Karen stay home, so she would sleep alone in her own bedroom. Sometimes it was the nanny who would accompany her, sometimes it was her lovely little aunt who accompanied her, and sometimes it was her Brother Lionel who accompanied her. Tonight, the person who accompanied Karen Joy Kyle was her favourite Brother Lionel. Brother Lionel was worried that she would have nightmares again, so he sat beside her bed, grabbed her little hand, and read bedtime stories to her softly After she had fallen asleep, Lionel tried to withdraw his hand. However, as soon as he moved, Little Karen suddenly opened her eyes, and she looked extremely insecure and uneasy. Lionel hurried to grasp her hand, lowered his head and whispered in her ear, “Little Karen, don’t be afraid. I’m here with you. I will chase all the bad guys away.” Hearing the gentle voice of Brother Lionel, Karen Joy Kyle blinked her eyes and closed her eyes to sleep again. She subconsciously grasped Brother Lionel’s fingers in her sleep, as if she was worried that Brother Lionel would leave her when she was not paying attention. Lionel looked at Little Karen’s tender face and pinched her cheeks a little. Then, he saw the wound on her forehead. After the doctor applied some medications, the wound dried up. However, because the wound was too deep, it looked like a burn mark. This will definitely leave a scar on her pretty face. Karen Joy was a very beautiful girl. She often said that she was the cutest and loveliest baby in the world, and she would proudly announce that she was cute every day. If she looked into the mirror one day and saw the scar on her forehead, she would be very sad. When Lionel was lost in thought, he heard deliberately soft footsteps coming from the corridor outside the room. The sound blocking system in the room was very good. Normally, an average person couldn’t hear such light footsteps, but he had received various training before since he was a child, so his hearing was surprisingly sensitive. He held his breath and listened quietly to the sound outside. He heard the sound of footsteps approaching closer to the bedroom, and the sound of footsteps seemed foreign to him. “It’s so late now. Has someone broken in? What do they want? Is there anyone else who wants to take Little Karen away again?” No matter what, he would not let anyone hurt Little Karen again. Mama Kyle was eager to see her granddaughter. She walked very fast, but she was worried that she would disturb a sleeping Mia Kyle, so she slowed down her pace. Papa Kyle could only shake his head and sighed when he saw her sneaking up like that. Mama Kyle knew that Karen Joy Kyle’s room was next to Kevin Kyle’s master bedroom. She walked to the door and listened carefully. There was no sound in the room, so she thought that Little Karen must be sleeping. As she did not want to disturb Little Karen, Mama Kyle held her breath and opened the door quietly. She extended her head slightly beyond the door to peek inside. When she pushed the door open, Mama Kyle did not see Karen Joy Kyle. Her sight was blocked by a moving figure. She saw a tall, young boy beside Little Karen. She was shocked to the core. Mama Kyle was so worried that she retreated her steps backward. If Papa Kyle hadn’t reach out in time to hold her, she might have fallen to the ground. “Who are you?” Papa Kyle held his wife in one hand and looked at Lionel coldly. At the same time, he looked behind Lionel to look for Karen Joy Kyle. “Wahhh, wahhh —-” Little Karen’s loud cries came from the room. Without paying attention to Papa Kyle’s question, Lionel turned around and ran towards the child. Lionel’s hand had dropped Little Karen’s hand suddenly when Kevin Kyle’s parents came in. Hence, she panicked instantly and woke up crying. When she opened her eyes, she did not see anyone. She began to cry even more. Lionel picked up the little girl, patted her on the back gently and comforted her, “Little Karen, don’t cry. I’m still here.” “I am afraid. There is a big bad guy who caught me..” Karen Joy Kyle trembled in Brother Lionel’s arms and spoke softly with tears in her eyes. “I’ve already fought off those bad guys and they will never get you again. But hey, look who’s here.” Brother Lionel had never met Papa and Mama Kyle in person before, but he recognized them from the photos. Little Karen often showed him photos and introduce all the family members to him before… He had recognized almost every single family member through those photos, besides Karen Daly. Lionel did not like to talk to strangers. In fact, he was okay with socializing with others, but the fake identity he used in Chatterton Town described that he was a person who struggles with social communication. He could treat others coldly, but he couldn’t do so to Little Karen. When he saw the little, cute girl, he wanted to take good care of her. He wanted to take care of her and protect her, not only because she was his savior, but also because the little girl was too cute and naive. When he saw her, he couldn’t help but just want to protect her. Lionel did not answer Papa Kyle’s question, but his actions proved that he was not a bad person. “Little Karen, it’s your Grandma! Do you still remember me?” Mama Kyle took a few steps forward and really wanted to hug her granddaughter who had not seen her for a long time. They hadn’t seen their young grandchild for more than half a year, but they often used video calls to communicate. Karen Joy Kyle should be able to recognise them. Little Karen’s face changed and became less fearful, she blinked her big bright watery eyes and looked at the two people in front of her seriously. After a while, she smiled sweetly and said, “Grandpa, grandma…” “You’re so smart.” Mama Kyle embraced Karen Joy from Lionel’s arms. When she saw the wound on Little Karen’s forehead, she was heartbroken, “Little Karen, how did you hurt yourself?” “There were some big bad guys that caught me. Brother Lionel beat the bad guys away already.” As she spoke, she looked at Brother Lionel lovingly. “So this must be Brother Lionel?” Papa Kyle asked Karen Joy and looked at Lionel at the same time. Lionel definitely left quite an impression on Kevin Kyle’s parents. “Well, yes…” Karen Joy nodded. “Grandpa, he is my Brother Lionel. He will protect me from all the bad guys.” Papa Kyle was wise. He could tell if Brother Lionel was a genuine person who really cared for his Little Karen or not. Besides, he trusted that Kevin Kyle would not simply allow any Tom, Dick, or Harry to be by Little Karen’s side so closely..

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